This page makes it easier to navigate various posts on this blog.

If you want to read the first 6 months of posting on this blog as a book, with comments and extra material, go to my personal website.

General comments and questions” is for any and all questions and comments not directly related to other blog posts.

Where I stand:
The “About” page gives a summary of where I stand including my doubt write-up.
My positions” gives further clarification.
Group think” – my answers to why I exited the church as I did.
When I met David Miscavige” – what started my doubt.

Why leave” – why people have left or are considering leaving the church.
Three wishes” shows what people wants to see changed in the church.
What do you want to read about on this blog?” – Your requests go here.

The Scientology philosophy:
What does Scientology have to offer after all?” – the answer: Integrity.
The Good” – my wins from Scientology.
Your gains from Scientology” – Your wins.

On spreading the tech:
LRH4ALL” – make LRH tech freely available on the Internet, easily searchable.
Monopoly on freedom” why the church should not have monopoly on the tech.
Open Sourcing Scientology” – Freeing the philosophy of freedom.

On getting something done:
The ideal scene” – how an ideal Scientology organization would look like.
The next challenge: Tolerance” independent communities need tolerance.
Dear OT” calls for OTs to wake up and smell the coffee.
OTs: Unite!” – the start of Project Freedom.
The silver bullet” – make the church accountable for its abuses.

On personal integrity and differentiation:
Personal integrity” – on being true to oneself.
Fixed ideas” – on auto-rejection and auto-acceptance of data.
On differentiation” discusses… yes, differentiation.
Oh, the arrogance” discusses fanaticm and arrogance.

On the outpoints of the Church of Scientology:
The obvious outpoints” – the problems with the media handlings by the church.
On disconnection” – the church is lying and practicing of disconnection.
Buttoned up church – glam for the bucks” – church weaknesses: PR and money.
High pressure tactics” – the church squeezes its parisioners out of desperation.
Masters of Argumentum ad Hominem” – OSA’s tactic of character assasination.
Unfit for duty” – why David Miscavige is unfit to lead.

In the news” – my exit covered by TV and main Norwegian newspapers.
On Norwegian radio” – a 20 minute talk on my exit (in Norwegian).

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