Shifting gears

After leaving the Church of Scientology on 2009-08-07, I started blogging a week later. Six months ago, in the beginning of November I started The Scientology Forum ( to create a neutral ground for courteous discussions on Scientology.

While it has been good to have something different than a nay-saying-board or a critic-quenching space, it is still less productive to talk than to act. Many discussions on TSF have brought light on important subjects within Scientology. Sure, there are those who post there to preach and to sell a thesis rather than participating in a debates to learn and to grow. But the wealth of valuable exchange of viewpoints have produced some interesting epiphanies amongst the participants.

The Internet atmosphere regarding Scientology leans heavily toward stopping the abuses perpetrated by the Church of Scientology. While this is important, I know I work best on the positive, constructive side rather than opposing and trying to stop something bad. I like creating artwork and music. I like to write. And I like to help people. These are what makes life thrilling for me. When I focus on helping others, life is the most enjoyable.

The realization I am trying to convey here has been accented by people like Terril Park who is constantly sending out success stories from Scientology delivery outside of the church. And the growing number of delivery units servicing people with positive Scientology.

I will be giving the Scientology Forum to someone else. I will focus on helping people I like. And life will be more fun.

For those attending the OSLO round-table conference on May 16, I have something up my sleeve. I need a few more trained Scientologists for a potentially big task. If you are one, please consider yourself urged to attend.

Life is amazing when you follow your heart. May you have an amazing future.

  1. Boyd H.
    2010-05-03 at 01:16

    This is exciting, I’ve been thinking the same thing myself recently. A delivery center is good and even better if auditors are trained there too because training means long term viability.

    A qual could certify auditors as legit from a given training center. The entire problem as I see it is DM not allowing delivery centers to sprout up on their own steam. LRH allowed this in practice and policy so why not DM?
    Because once standard tech is allowed to be practiced, everyone will leave for the “outside” orgs or Miscavige will be forced to change. At the same time, people who stay in his church get more daring about questioning his squirreling because they have a fallback option. It’s the best of every world.

    • 2010-05-04 at 10:58

      I think it is possible to have a Virtual Auditing Center that may operate globally. I have already logged many hundreds of hours auditing through phone or Skype. I think it is an idea whose time has come. Its effectiveness needs to be formally evaluated. Thanks, Vinaire.

  2. Maria
    2010-05-03 at 11:35

    The forum has served its purpose and you are right of course, talking about is a shadow of taking action.

    You have often taken the brunt of critical rants about O.T.s

    In my books you really are O.T. and in you I see the hope and future we all dreamed of.

    Words are poor substitutes for thanking you.

    Thank you again.

    • 2010-05-03 at 12:19

      Maria, you are fuel to my motivation. I deeply thank you for all that you have done so far in that regard – it may be more important than you can easily see. We should stay in tight comm.

      • Maria
        2010-05-04 at 02:06

        Thank you Geir, and what you have said really means a lot to me. Yes, we should stay in tight comm.

  3. Joe Howard
    2010-05-03 at 14:25

    I’m with you. A small group is forming in my area and just yesterday and old friend wrote me asking for advice about picking up his NOTs auditing, incomplete since the mid-80s. Helping people with Scientology is, after all, the whole purpose in the first place!

    • 2010-05-03 at 19:00

      Yupp. We should get together and do some planning.

  4. 2010-05-03 at 14:38

    For once, I’m speechless.

    • Axiom142
      2010-05-03 at 21:22

      Hmmm, I’ll take that one with a pinch of salt!

  5. Claire Swazey
    2010-05-03 at 16:22

    Well, he didn’t say he’s sending the forum away, so I kind of don’t see why you’d say “the forum has served its purpose”, Maria. No offense. As long as there are people, there is communication. People change, new people come into the mix, others leave, others have new experiences and forum posts will reflect that.

    • Maria
      2010-05-04 at 02:04

      Claire — I am totally surprised you have taken what I said this way. There was no disrespect intended. At all. Only the deepest respect for Geir’s decision and tremendous thankfulness that he took the time out of his life to create the forum and see it through its growing period. And I truly believe that it has served its purpose, often in unexpected ways.

  6. Axiom142
    2010-05-03 at 21:24


    I know what you mean, I think. I personally have always done much better when I have a positive purpose to build or create something than when I am opposing or destroying something. The CoS and those who have corrupted Scientology SHOULD be opposed and stopped but this will be an inevitable consequence of reaching those who currently support it and helping them to face reality and wake up.

    This forum has served a purpose, but this purpose isn’t done yet. Simply allowing people to communicate with each other can work wonders. The CoS deals in lies, spreading the truth is the best way to counter the evil done by this organisation.

    Although I have not contributed as much as I would have liked to your forum, I hope that it will continue to exist and provide a safe haven for Scientologists to communicate freely and to learn and grow.


    • 2010-05-03 at 21:35

      I sure hope the forum will thrive and grow further with another owner and remain an important middle ground for information and discussions about Scientology.

  7. Marta
    2010-05-04 at 00:50

    Good for you, good for you! Thank you, Geir, from the bottom of my heart. Your keen logic and inimitable communication style helped me relax into really “looking” at the subject of the CoS at a key time. The forum, although I didn’t post there often, was the first place I posted – helping me gain my voice (still working on that!) See ya around the places and spaces!

  8. Chris
    2010-05-04 at 04:02

    Hope you’ll still contribute to the forum from time to time Geir.
    Thanks for everything Geir.

    • 2010-05-04 at 07:01

      I will contribute 🙂

  9. freelisboa
    2010-05-04 at 09:12

    The best way to handle the lies and abuse in the C of S is to demonstrate the truth and what Scientology really is.
    To continue exposing and communicating on different tone levels can help to bridge the communication with C of S members who, frankly speaking, I suspect they are mostly around the fear and terror band.

  10. LO
    2010-05-04 at 17:55

    Wow, beautiful…exciting times ahead of us.I know it.
    In my youth I used to sell 50 books per week, starting 14 people on has-course (all alone). I never had problems to disseminate, even brought 7 people with 2 cars over a distance of 600 km to start their Has-Course. Also today it’s not a problem to disseminate Scientology if you could route the people to a service unit that is one.
    6 years ago I brought 6 people into an Org (officially they had about 120 staffs), there were no staffs there just the sup and a receptionnist. Few months later all my selectees were blown.
    So I thought to be smarter next time. So I brought 4 people for different services again at once (boo.. were the staffs stressed by this big amount of traffic).
    But as I was smarter this time I called the Org about 4 times to be sure the auditors would be ready and everything organized for my selectees to see the right terminals etc… I was very proud of my cleverness and it was promised the auditors are ready and they’ll get the right tech. Wow I felt like a genious.
    You know what happened ??
    Guess ??
    No auditors for 2 of the selectees and the other 2 got plain out tech.
    I gave up. Finally I’d to apologize to 6 people having brought them into a C.O.S.

    BUT THIS TIME I KNOW IT WILL WORK, as we, the independents, know what the tech is and can deliver it.

    I herewith ask to become appointed as an FSM for the new service Units that’ll will pop up un the near future.

    LO 🙂

  11. Bunkai
    2010-05-04 at 19:47

    And you have yet to answer any of these questions:

    “What would a cult-free Scientology Independent org look like?”

    “As the Jewish Community has become a major factor in confronting genocide, how could the Scientology Community become a major force in awakening people to the abuse of cult dynamics?”

    These questions are largely ignored on the forum. The reason I believe is that most Scientologists don’t believe cult dynamics exist in Standard Tech.

    And THAT is the reason why I humbly post and ask to come to Oslo and get turned down flat.

    • 2010-05-04 at 20:21

      You are not the target public.

  12. 2010-05-04 at 22:55

    Cannot wait!!

  13. Theo Sismanides
    2010-05-14 at 10:35

    Isene, thank you so much for doing this. This is the one major shift that is needed right now. Passing the blog on somebody else is the right action in order to free up attention units and get into action.

    Greece is here Isene. We are not many Independents here but we have gotten audited (3 of us) by Ignazio and there is a 4th Scientologist right now who can be with us. And there is more but they have to be talked to by me.

    However, the cool theta breeze blowing from Scandinavia right now, and actually by you, I postulate with you that it is going to be the leading force for Europe. The Medirannean is getting too hot, to think.

    Scandinavia is cooler. I have been to Denmark.

    However, together with Ignazio Tidu our auditor, class VI, we could organize things and help.

    I also can help. I am very interested in what we can do in Europe since there is a lot of suppression now coming down from EU.

    Cheers Isene and let’s do it.

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