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Your gains from Scientology

By request from one reader of this blog, please share what you have gained from Scientology by adding a comment to this blog post.

I will be particularly stringent in enforcing the rules of this blog for those commenting here. There will be no warnings for breaking the rules, only deletion of inappropriate posts. You are safe to share your gains or wins as no invalidations will pass the filter.

  1. Someone
    2009-10-13 at 15:43

    May I ask why the censorship?
    What if a person gained a lot by going through a negative experience in Scientology? Isn’t that valid for the person, the way she turned it into something positive?

    • 2009-10-13 at 18:06

      This blog post is about the gains – as long as people post their gains, all is well.

      • Someone
        2009-10-13 at 19:29

        my biggest gains were in all the people i met, as i love reaching out to new people and communicate with them. these people also kept me there (besides the lowering of my reasoning, due to hard life circumstances, caused by my choices too, of course) as a sign there were good things in scientology. i also had gains when i wanted to leave and no meter acused it ๐Ÿ™‚ (i still think it’s an incredible machine and i know it was a matter of time or a slight fear in my mind and the meter would reveal my intentions). the biggest gain of all was to get out of there. what a trap! other gains are related to realizing more clearly how my previous mental and emotional structure saved me from brainwashing at a certain point. but all this i realized it by observing and feeling, and talking to myself. i am really good at figure figure ๐Ÿ˜‰ i got to know an incredible reality i didn’t even suspect it could exist and i admired people even more, for the dedication and sacrifice for something they believe in, be it true or not. Scientology is a mirror of LRH’s mind and i can only admire him, even disagreeing with a bunch of things. i think brightness of mind is toooo close to madness. i am thankfull for the experience and i wish each person to be happy with any method that serves them and works for them, because that is all that matters, but never at cost of others’ happiness otherwise it’s a lie. i was sleeping! that’s how i got in, in the first place. i have been waking up since then, but i also was before and continue doing so. i also had gains any time i disagreed with the knowledge i had to absorb, for each time it happened i was redefining my position. once again, i can only be thankfull. i was lucky by all means.

  2. Axiom
    2009-10-13 at 16:41

    Iยดve had a fantastic resurgence in case gain and wins since I started to inform myself regarding what is happening in Scientology!!!:) First to get rid of all this suppression that has been going on for so many years!!! The last years Iยดve applied LRH PTS/SP Tech to try to understand my situation in life and my relation to the Church and repeatedly Iยดve come to the conclusion that each time when Iยดve disconnected I felt soo much better! Now since bearing this loss of true LRH tech for several years Iยดve thru my recent research realized what has been wrong in the Church. This has resultet in two things; a true revitalization of my purpose to go up the Bridge plus a strong desire to help handle the situation and to forward the clearing of this planet!!!:)

  3. MR
    2009-10-13 at 17:41

    It manifest in me first, the sense of peace and harmony. It grows and then I can use it outside with my 2D and friends and family. I have gained the ability to analyze more freely and thus make better decisions. On the admin tech side, I have used LRH tech to better my business and my skills as a manager. Scientology is really a tool, the best tool one could have, but it depends on you how it is used.

  4. Tom
    2009-10-13 at 18:19

    I have gained a lot. Way to much to outline in a single comment. But I will share just one thing. When I joined staff at a Cl V org shortly after graduating from college, my father was extremely upset. It was eventually classified as ‘rabidly antagonistic’. Through the application of the PTS\SP tech, I gained personal knowingness and certainty about our relationship, and through the FULL application of tech, we were able to reconcile our viewpoints, and continue a positive father\son relationship, without compromise of integrity. I had to yell and scream for standard tech to be applied, but in the end it was totally worth it, and not just selfishly for me.

  5. Hubbardianen
    2009-10-13 at 18:38

    I’ve not had much auditing, but I’ve had incredible experiences from the sessions I’ve had. I certainly realize there’s something to it.

    One of the most interesting things Hubbard has written is the explanation of evil, the combination 1. Man is good 2. The purpose of man is cause. 3. Havingness goes down when he does overts 4. Combine 1-3, and the only way to finally “reach out” (be cause) after having done too many overts, is to make a new overt.

    I’ve definitely expanded on my dynamics and not only think about myself as much as I did before. There’s lots more wins of course, I think Scientology provides a way to handle life in a better way.

  6. Maria
    2009-10-13 at 20:57

    Awareness: This was in stages. It started with suddenly being aware that my perceptions had become vivid, intense and very much alive. As if I had been watching life on a shitty little black and white TV and suddenly I was perceiving in 3D color with dolby sound. Then awareness of the vibrancy of life all around me. Then a deep sense of connection and empathy. Appreciation: A sense of gratefulness and love for the people and creatures in my life, and an understanding that they are universes in and of themselves, sharing with me, creating with me. Creativity: A massive surge in creativity and aesthetics. Learning: A great love of learning and a capacity to learn, rapidly and with confidence. Tolerance: An abiding love of others, and a willingness to let them be who they are without need to interfere or change them. Humility: I am on my path to my own truth, and it does not lessen the truth of others. Each time I have thought, โ€œI have the truth at lastโ€ I have learned that the truth stretches out before me. It looks endless to me. I hope it is.

  7. All the young dudes
    2009-10-13 at 20:59

    Actually extensive assists I performed, (from the assist pack), cured my sister of an arthritic condition. As for myself, numerous assists and past life auditing healed a severely broken leg. (I was facing an operation,etc). Today I have no limp or pain and I healed twice as fast as was predicted.
    The first course I ever did (The comm course) helped me socially as I had some fear issues. (Couldn’t maintain eye contact etc).

  8. StarsAwait
    2009-10-14 at 00:13

    At Flag I got a floating TA on my Drug Rundown correction. It felt like I had a body within my body, and it had just shifted over to the side for a minute. It was a permanent change, and very tangible. At the same time I saw a bright light and sensed wetness and knew I was at birth. It lasted a second. I sat there and experienced a deep peace for a whole minute. I looked up and the auditor told me my TA was floating, and I think it was a big float because it took forever for him to indicate it to me.

    This time period would have usually been a very rough patch in my life but for the next two weeks nothing could touch me. I had problems but I didn’t care about them, but I wasn’t ignoring them. That higher level of stability is still with me today but it doesn’t still feel like the first two weeks. I’m calmer than most people I know.

    On objectives the room rocked violently from side to side, and on dirty 30, the last process, I couldn’t stop crying for several minutes at the end. Ethics and study tech and lots of stuff from lectures is the rest of it but there’s a lot more too, like big lasting gains from M1 co audit. But the most impinging change is probably TR’s.

  9. ClearlyMistreated
    2009-10-14 at 03:42

    My “Clear” win was a miracle. The instant it happened the volume turned up in my ears like someone was turning a knob. Colors were more vivid. My mind was quiet for the first time–no more noise. I found a confidence and stubbornness that I never had before. It’s been almost 15 years and it is still that way. The voices that used to call me “stupid” or tell me it was all useless never came back. Of course, I was told in no uncertain terms by the Church that I wasn’t Clear, but that’s another story…

  10. Otto
    2009-10-14 at 04:27

    I gain by playing a better game with all those very simple basics (ARC triangle, tone scale, 2-way comm, stable datum, assists, study tech, etc.). My biggest gain was when I verify one past live, I am no longer just raw meat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My latest gain is the discovering (thx to Geir et al) that all those outpoints that I saw and suppressed were real and that my personal integrity is Senior to the CofS management which is not Scientology.

    This website is important, it neatly confines this: “For God’s sake, get busy and build a better bridge!” – LRH

    • Hubbardianen
      2009-10-14 at 08:07

      Cool. How did you verify it (unless you think it’s too private).

      • Otto
        2009-10-14 at 17:11

        I verify it when I had the oportunity to travel in the country of the incident (which is neighbor to where I live in this life ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I find some very specific and unique places and marks that I see in the incident and I have not been there before.

        To me past lives were not very real to me until this.

        • Hubbardianen
          2009-10-16 at 16:04

          Cool. I guess something happens in-between-lives. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. 2009-10-14 at 06:53

    My most recent gain, done in the freezone, is what I call “freedom”. It is an awareness characteristic. Free to be, do or have. Free to make my choices, or not. Freedom to assume an attitude, and have it be real to others. Or not assume an attitude, by choice.

    Along this road have been many, many, many incredible wins, from tiny things like a numb shoulder fixed with Dianetics, to the expansion into the fifth dyanamic, to an awareness of Infinity, in self and others. There are just too many to mention.

    So I will stay with “freedom”. It is the end of the bridge, after all.

  12. 2009-10-14 at 06:55

    My most recent gain, done in the freezone, is what I call “freedom”. It is an awareness characteristic. Free to be, do or have. Free to make my choices, or not. Freedom to assume an attitude, and have it be real to others. Or not assume an attitude, by choice.

    Along this road have been many, many, many incredible wins, from tiny things like a numb shoulder fixed with Dianetics, to the expansion into the fifth dynamic, to an awareness of Infinity, in self and others. There are just too many to mention.

    So I will stay with “freedom”. It is the end of the bridge, after all.

  13. madmerris
    2009-10-15 at 12:32

    I came in the door knowing NOTHING about people, the comm course gave me huge wins there! I read many of the books and applied anything I could comprehend. I wasn’t real comfortable at the Org…could smell the fear there…so I didn’t do much there in the way of courses…
    In the freezone I found an auditor…a really GOOD auditor…dianetics got rid of a cronic condition I’ve had all my life….Even better..I felt my tone and confront come WAAAAAAAY UP! I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel…and the good news is that it’s not a train!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. sherrymk
    2009-10-15 at 21:51

    1) from the original comm course Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist course 1973, when real TRs were taught and included upper indoc. Greatest TR gain..TR2..nothing is finer than getting a proper ack to one’s communications or giving a proper ack to someone else’s communications.
    2) All basic Scientology Zero processes/assists. Invaluable in my opinion. Stuff from the Introductory Assist/Process book. I’ve helped many people using the basic stuff.
    3)My auditor training before GAT. I trained to Grad V and loved to audit. Had tremendous gain as one does when they study something they’re interested in. After GAT I trained to GAT Class IV and lost all interest. Didn’t sound like LRH auditing.
    4)Getting de-PTSed from church management after receiving the only standard 10 Aug interview I’d ever gotten. It was done on me by another OTVlll friend of mine. This was before I decided to relinquish support of current church management. The SP found? You guessed it…

  15. Jim Logan
    2009-10-16 at 15:37

    To summarize my too long list of gains I’ll say that I know how to know. That has opened up any field of study, any person I meet, any problem of life, any action, any thought and life itself in all its manifestations.

  16. OTambassadortoo
    2009-10-16 at 21:07

    Simple but true: I am. Past is gone…. future AWITS!!!

  17. 2009-10-18 at 13:17

    Study Tech is extremely powerful: ( thank you LRH ). Ethics and the Conditions have become powerful tools in my life. So much more. – Can’t wait for the CoS to liberate itself from evil forces who are in control.

  18. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-18 at 19:04

    God, this thread has brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Geir, and all of you who shared your wins. Been a loooong time since I’ve heard this sort of thing, and didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it.

    Mine? Learning how to study (learn). Assimilating the difference between ethics and morals, which felt like a missing part of my brain had been returned to me so I could finally THINK.

    Numerous blow-out sessions, which would temporarily catapult me into the stratosphere before I settled back down to a higher chronic tone, and which gave me glimpses of the way I iz s’poze to be alla time, and ain’t yet…:D But that it’s there – it is available to us now, thanks to LRH.

    Eased relations with others. A strong desire to see others unchained, too. A new and more fierce “unreasonableness”. Much more trust in my sudden flashes of knowingness, even though they have no “logical data stream” to “authenticate” them…

    And for when my life goes off the rails a little, when people are annoying me, when I start to feel icky in general, I have carried away from Scientology possession of the priceless magic incantation which lessens or banishes all problems:

    “OK. What are my overts?” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 2009-10-18 at 19:34

      Your overts goes into the “Why leave?”-thread (I’m kiddin’)

      • Nom de Plume
        2009-10-19 at 22:48

        Ha ha! Good one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. 2015-05-02 at 02:05

    From being a suppressed person, .5 in tone scale, heavily depressed to 2.5 tone; all the concepts I’ve learned feel like wins to me.

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