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Unfit for duty

In talking to a friend of mine regarding my Doubt write-up, he gave me a very simple view on why he thinks David Miscavige is unfit to manage the Church of Scientology.

My friend is a very bright guy, a Scientologist in good standing. He noted: “I have observed falsified statistics presented at international events by David Miscavige“.

He went on: “There can be only two possible explanations for this: 1) He doesn’t know the statistics are false, or 2) He is blatantly lying. In case of #1, he is unfit to lead the church as it is his responsibility to know the true statistics of the group. If #2 is true, he is obviously also unfit for duty“.

You don’t need the ultimate calculator in order to deduct that there are no where near 8 million Scientologists world wide (this would amount to 47000 Scientologists in the field of each and every church). Even the Tampa Bay area cannot muster more than 9,523 Scientologists. And then there is “Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the world”. Just one simple example shines the light on that lie: The All World Gayatri Pariwar has existed parallell with Scientology and grown many times faster. And as an extra; you only need Wikipedia to see that there are not 234 countries in the world.

Maybe you have seen similar false statistics reported by church management? I am opening for comments to this blog post so that the reader may submit their own examples.

My guess is that most Scientologists know very well that church management is lying. My second guess is that most of them are unfortunately also suppressing that knowingness or knowingly looking the other way.

Time to look. Time to really take a look.

  1. concernedScn
    2009-08-16 at 23:43

    From the Freedom Mag:

    60 million books and lectures distributed in the
    past two years—more than the combined total in
    the first 50 years of Dianetics and Scientology
    The number of books sold is another manipulated statistic: many Scns have purchased multiple sets of “Basics” packages at the behest of the Church, in an effort to re-sell them to people “in the field”.

    I personally know of 12 public who purchased 10 (or more) sets of Basics, and still have yet to re-sell or “distribute” them. And dozens more parishioners who purchased 2-3 or more sets of Basics that they still haven’t sold to others in the field.

    This was happening largely at the beginning of 2008. Orgs were calling public (like myself) and pitching the idea as an “investment”. I know many public who bought 10, 15, or even 20 sets at “discount prices” so they could re-sell them (for a profit). Some others were co-erced, purchasing these packages to handle an “ethics cycle” in the org.

    I know many staff members who purchased several sets on credit cards after being convinced that they could be sold easily, but were unable to sell them. Almost nobody sold any of these packages–a large majority of these sets, to this day, sit in parishioner garages.

    Thus, this claim that 60 million books have been “distributed” over the past 2 years is very misleading and a false measure of “expansion”.

    In addition, a full investigation needs to be done on the “Library campaign” (which supposedly put the entire Basics lineup of books into every library in the USA). I know of several libraries in the SoCal area that do not have *any* of the new Scn Basics books. Parishioners paid all kinds of money to put these books into libraries and there is little evidence that it ever happened.

  2. concernedScn
    2009-08-16 at 23:52

    Just another comment on this: the Basics are comprised of 18 books and 280 lectures (298 books/lectures total in 1 Basics package) – per the Freedom Magazine.

    The claim of 60 million books and lectures being “distributed” over the past 2 years translates into roughly 200,000 Basics sets.

    Considering the fact that there are supposed to be “millions” of Scientologists…200,000 Basics sets is a very low number for a 2 year period. And this isn’t even factoring the extra sets that many parishioners have in their garages or books that were donated to libraries.

  3. MexicanAmigo
    2009-08-17 at 01:33

    I don´t know why the comments section on your “Personal Integrity” article are disabled.
    Totally agree with your views.
    First my salute to you to have the guts to publically announce your desicion.
    The reaction on your friends is normal as they are aware of the consecuences of “supporting” you. They feel they would loose his chance to go free; which is false.
    In my case I start to tell the truth of what is going on to my scientologist friends and they agree with me rapidly. But I understand the FEAR of others.
    I, long ago, denied all critisism on scientology management; even tought I was aware a lot of things were wrong.

    But the eyes opening point was when key figure high level ex S.O. members from whom I have readed in Magazines (Marty mainly)start to speak up. (I have long, long time wondering, and worried a little bit to be sincere; where people like Marty and Rinder were and how they were)

    I mean; this WAS THE point.

    You´ll see; I have a high level of training and is simple to see this:
    Ater all this years serving mankind, the Scn goals, and being surrounded by all kinds of checking by the most trained people on the planet; suddenly this guy result to be a criminal? (Marty)
    I make myself the same question 3 years ago when I read the whole data on the expulsion of MAYO.
    How can a person be there unnoticed for years and suddenly “is a rat”.
    Only by been in such a position that nobody checks him.
    Are you following me on the root of this last statement?
    So this relates to Personal Integrity and your article on this:
    Only exposing all wrongdoings and keeping on doing so will bring a little hope of real, deep change in Scn management.
    We all have a responsibility on this; buy mainly the more high ranking execs who haven´t speak yet.
    People of many countrys have trusted hard; deep inside his heart on these people. After all: they are trained, they were with LRH, they are on purpose, they have a workable technology.
    People on our planet needs his Personal Integrity.
    Dont say more; dont say lees; just what really happened.
    I am a member of Scientology in good status who has gotten a lot of good products (people helped and conditions bettered).
    But; the church of scientology (as it´s handled now)IS NOT IN GOOD STANDING WITH ME.
    Quite different.
    I hereby formally name TRAITOR to EACH ONE who knowingly have contributed to this f*k*ng mess.
    That´s it.

    Tku again

  4. 2009-08-17 at 11:22

    Hello, there is a bit of data that I would like to add to this discussion.

    First of all: The library campaign really is a scam. I have checked in several libraries in Germany – the rule of thumb is that only these libraries supply Dianetics that legally are required to have these books (e.g. regional libraries), not the regular libraries. Even in the case of regional libraries, that are legally required to have copy of all works that are published on the territory, there are numerous libraries that do NOT have any books from the latest basics, for example the regional library of Berlin (you can check at http://www.voebb.de) only has a very very old version of Dianetics. Yet Miscavige claimed at the last birthday event that all libraries in the US and in Europe had the new basics. This was clearly a lie.

    Another thing is where Miscavige showed how many truckloads of news were dedicated to Scientology on the Birthday event, and how many minutes of air-time. Trouble is: DM forgot to tell people that most of the news were bad PR for the organisation.

    Well, the mere fact that Dianetics was rereleased twice now since Hubbard’s death suggests that the technology has been tampered with. It is claimed that the books were rereleased due to transcription errors etc… this means, that in all these years that LRH was head of the church would not have noticed these errors in the published books? Also, 30 years ago students were told the tech as in those books was 100% correct and if they did not understand what was written THEY were at fault and having MUs. That doesn’t change the fact that you would have gone to ethics if you started to raise your voice about you having found a “mistake in the tech”, 30 years ago, too.

    There is no way you can scientifically debate any of the points that L. Ron Hubbard made in his books when being a Scientologist who wants to stay in good standing with the church. This has always been a serious issue, not only since Miscavige. Miscavige is only taking advantage of the concoction that Hubbard made around Dianetics to establish his oppressive regime on Scientologists worldwide. If you take a close look, it’s plain to see that already LRH constructed his ideology in a way that stifles criticism. If you do not agree with the tech, you have MUs. If you refuse to get audited as a wog because you do not believe in the reactive mind, it is the reactive mind itself that is acting because it does not want the engrams to be “cleared”. KSW is designed to stamp out any doubt as to the workability of the technology. And for good reason – the claims that L. Ron Hubbard made about the state of clear in Dianetics are outrageous.
    You are an OT VIII, the highest level you can achieve in the church and I am not doubting that you may have had some fabulous wins on your way up the bridge. You are in a unique position being someone who can evaluate for himself whether the claims Hubbard makes about the state of clear are correct.
    Hubbard writes in Dianetics, Book 2, Chapter 1 “The Analytical Mind and the Standard Memory Banks”:

    “Every percept – sight, sound, smell, feeling, taste, organic sensation, pain, rhythm, kinesthesia (weight and muscular motion) and emotion – is each properly and neatly filed in the standard banks in full.”

    he also writes a page further:

    “Now part of the standard banks is audio-semantic, which is to say, the recordings of words heard. And part of the banks is visio-semantic, which is to say, the recordings of words read. […]
    The content of the speech files is exactly as heard without alteration


    The amount of material which is retained in the standard memory banks would fill several libraries. But the method of retention is invariable. And the potentiality of recall is perfect.”

    This is testable. Since you are an OT VIII, without a reactive mind hampering total recall, you should be able to remember and recount the dialog of every movie that you have seen in your life, every book that you have read, every conversation you have had. So these abilities.. do you have them?

    • 2009-08-17 at 11:44

      I do not have total recall. Not that I ever expected to get that on the bridge that I have done. I tend to never expect things – as I can’t see much value to expectations at all (except to set one up for disappointments) Thanks for the data on the library campaigns. Back to the data collection from readers.

  5. Anonymous
    2009-08-17 at 12:53

    Church of Scientology representatives claimed in many press releases:
    “- There are 8,071 Scientology Churches, Missions and groups in 165 nations, double the number five years ago.”

    There are however only 472 listed Orgs and Missions in 58 nations according to the list obtainable via the church locator on the official website of the Church of Scientology.

    It is therefore another highly doubtable statistic.

    • Jarl
      2009-08-17 at 14:08

      You must remember the “groups”. First, consider that there are Dianetics groups which have not risen to the level of a mission or class V org yet. Secondly each Scientology org is supposed to have associated groups like CCHR, Way to Happiness, Say Yes To Life Say No To Drugs, etc. under Division 6C, with the same people running them, so each org would count as more than one group.

      I believe that the number of 8,071 is probably a correct number of orgs, missions and groups that have ever been started, but that many of those are now closed or in hibernation. For example, the North Carolina church of Scientology has recently closed and have their phones disconnected, but I think they still count it as an org.

  6. LO
    2009-08-17 at 19:46

    At an Event some Years ago Miscavige told that the church has 64000 Volunteer Ministers Worldwide. At an later he suddenly had around 26000 Volunteer Minister worldwide, and this year at Birthday event he talked about 196 000 Volunteer Ministers worldwide, bigger than the red cross. I think he doesn’t really check the figures in his speeches. If you would ask your org how many volunteers would be ready in 24 hours in case of a local or distant catastrophe, and where they have their rescue material stored and how many finances are put aside, then you wouldn’t believe it. Normaly osa is trying to find sponsors for the volunteers to go, and not many volunteers are ready in 24 hours. The red cross has volunteers (rescue workers) all over the planet that can go in no amount of time, have material and finances ready.
    Some years ago Miscavige told at an event that in Italy when the Olympic winter games took place, the church of scientology was asked to help with their volunteer Ministers. This was a blatant lie, as a young Girl that traveled there and wanted to help as a volunteer by the Games told, it was no volunteer work but they were placed far away from the main activities in a side street and the only thing they had to do was to bodyroute people to a bookstand and there were some booksellers trying to sell Lrh Books. She came back very disillusionned,sad and complaining about that one of the bookseller has been harassing her sexually.
    At a later event Miscavige showed just some short pictures of the volunteers that have taken part by the olympic Games. I knew it was a joke !
    This year we met a good old friend that was part of an activity in which the leader got a freedom medal for it. He told that the data given in the speech by miscavige wasn’t true and the results that were promoted weren’t there, that in fact the activity was a big mess and at he end a failure (sorry that I don’t give the specifics, but i want to protect the involved persons), nevertheless miscavige promoted it as a big win and thousands of people that have been connected with Lrh Tech.
    Some months ago I Spoke with someone up in the management (he called us to sell something)how many Scientologists have done the Basics worldwide. He meant about
    Sorry I could go on, propably I’ll write that Stuff later with only real facts and some analysis of the real stats.
    But as a suggestion for everybody reading that ask following questions to staffs
    that are calling you or when you are in interviews:
    – How long are you in Scientology ?
    – Where are you on the bridge ?
    – why dont you advance on the bridge in time of Golden Age as it shouldn’t be
    a Problem
    – When did you start with your basics and how far are you now ?
    – How many real first starts does your Org have ? (not intro services completed-
    as this stat is a nonsense like if you tell somebody about scientology then
    you gave an intro service – Miscavige uses to tell at events about millions
    of intro services completed but never about first starts as there are not a
    lot, just ask your org ).
    – If you get Phone calls from Usa and you know the guy should be sleeping ask
    him why he is not in bed and send him to bed by refering to the way to
    happyness and tell him he should call at his real working time.

    – When you are asked to pay money for the TV ads ask how many real First starts
    were made by the campaign. Tr3 on it and tell you give some money when he
    comes up with the real number of an org. Ask how many first start did Malmö
    have last week ? Ask about the real stat of ideal Orgs. How many Wdah did
    Berlin Org deliver last week ? Or how many people (Bis=Bodies in the shop)were
    on services that week ? The guys that are calling from int know those figures
    by heart. Be not suprised them becoming reactive when you tr3 on it .

    For the last months I was asking those questions and you will not believe the reactions you gonna get. Just do it and the think for yourself

  7. Heather
    2009-08-18 at 02:03
  8. Rebel Too
    2009-08-18 at 19:10

    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for having the courage to broadly publish your Doubt formula. I know of several OTs that have received it by email, myself included. It was a very thorough, well researched condition write up.

    Regarding falsified statistics. At the May 9th event 2008 it was announced that the org where I was on staff was at “over capacity” in the Academy. I jumped when I heard that and exchanged looks with our OES who just shrugged. Our academy was no where near capacity. It was the first event I got up and left completely disgusted by. Shortly after that, I began doing my own research on the internet and left the “church” after almost 40 years of total dedication and reaching OTVlll.

  9. Yannick
    2009-08-19 at 13:31

    About the library campain, here in Belgium there was some commotion in the media about that several months ago. Practically every library in the country had received a full set of the basics, but unsolicited (so COS had not contacted the libraries in advance to find out if they were interested). Most of the libraries were not interested in the set and sent a notice to the publisher that they could come and pick them up again. A few decided to put one of the books in the catalog and put the rest in storage. So COS is just sending out shitloads of basics sets, apparently not considering that most libraries just don’t care for them.

    • TroubledOne
      2009-08-26 at 03:50

      First off, I would would like to commend you Geir. You have incredible courage and I hope it creates a ripple effect and the tech can again be delivered to the public the way LRH intended it to be. I too am a SCN but do not with to be connected to the Church. I am afraid I will lose my comm line with my mother (OTIV) if I speak out. It shouldn’t be that way…

      I ran into someone who was in Hawaii and came across a library book sale. All the new basics were for sale for $0.25 cents a book. Any books not sold were to be destroyed. The libraries remove books that do not get checked out over time…Really quite sad.

  10. Yeahyeahanotheranon
    2009-08-21 at 07:35

    @Rebel Too [..]At the May 9th event 2008 it was announced that the org where I was on staff was at “over capacity” in the Academy. I jumped when I heard that and exchanged looks with our OES who just shrugged. Our academy was no where near capacity. It was the first event I got up and left completely disgusted by.[..]

    When you think more about it, were you really that surprised? Didn’t you suspect that all wasn’t well with all the other numbers. Just doing the math on the “clearing the planet” rolingthunder speaches shows it is impossible.
    The number of active scientologists is not enough.
    The average lifetime of a human meat body is not enough.
    The number of services/completions don’t add up to match what’s supposed to have been done.
    The donations.. we see that new buildings are aquired, but nothing major happens to them. We see TV adds (pretty crap tbh) that only run for a few weeks. We don’t even have the superpower building done yet (SP building, fitts real well).
    Malmö ORG opened with fanfares…yeah, opened, but how’s the traffic?
    Every stone one turns over hides another foul underhanded diversion.

    And it’s not only in its present form Scienology is stinking with oddities. Looking back it’s always been this way. Perhaps not on such a wide range as now but look at where the disease is the worst. Trace it back and you will find the scource…(hint: it’s the top management). It just spreads from there and has been for a long time and COB, while ultimately responsible for the current state, isn’t to blame for the inception of it all. The rot was already there.

  11. Heather
    2009-08-28 at 20:48

    I’ve heard a number of former Scientologists say they were told by the Church that it had never lost a law suit.


    That list is nowhere near complete.

  12. 2009-09-06 at 19:35

    Tnx for nice blog. It’s really interesting, I’m continue to read your blog and waitning for your next posts =).

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