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High pressure tactics

On August 14, an Executive Directive was sent to all OT Ambassadors, OT VIIIs and those on OT VII demanding them to attend mandatory IAS briefings.

The PACIFICA BASE ED 275 marks the new wave of high pressure tactics from the Church of Scientology. Not only are the IAS briefings mandatory, the OTs are demanded to raise their IAS status to the next level.

The Executive Directive commands the OTs to come to the West US Membership Office and see the Maiden Voyage IAS event (event video #4) in full – even if they have seen it before. Then it states as action point #2:

“2. Come to the WUS Membership Office to be interviewed in order to raise your status with the IAS. Contact the WUS Membership Office or come in right away. It is beyond urgent that you do this within the next 5 days.”

The third action point is to bring 3 other LA Scientologists into the IAS office to be interviewed.

The three point action plan was to be done before Thursday the 20th of August 2009.

I have spoken to Scientologists who have been commanded into heavy ethics actions in order to hand over their credit cards.

With the rate of desperation now in the CoS, it’s only a matter of time before cave-in.

(Edited 2009-09-22: Source not reliable to verify Sec Checks done to enforce IAS donation compliance. Another source verifies heavy ethics actions, though – with metered interviews asking for personal financial information and far more private information).

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  1. RJ
    2009-09-21 at 02:08

    Wow Geir talk about desperate efforts!

    Can we say extortion!!!!

    Well with each such action comes an equal and opposite reaction. What calls itself the “Church of Scientology” is not free of the laws of inertia and I’d say about now they are reaching what would be considered terminal velocity!

  2. Heather
    2009-09-21 at 02:46

    I rejoice that Miscavige is engaging in such idiocy as it gives the most senior scientologists another opportunity to see that he is suppressive of them.

    At the same time, I feel badly for all those scientologists who must be under intolerable pressure. I’m praying that they will choose freedom over submission.

    • Jim Logan
      2009-09-22 at 01:32

      Good prayer. I’ve the same one. I’ve hope springing eternal in my breast. We’ll get there.

  3. Margaret
    2009-09-21 at 03:12

    In some ways, the last forty years have been a pendulum swing. Things were sort of “anything goes” in the 70s, until that turned into a nightmare for the church (FBI, G.O., 5-minute Clears, etc.) … and then in the 80s the pendulum swung over to “slam in standard policy and tech” and the Golden Age of Stat-pushing. And that’s the new nightmare.

    Stat pushing existed in the 70s, but it was largely harnessed. It took on a whole new level in the 80s and 90s, and today it’s just off the charts. And we have a guy running the church who’s apparently chronically in “anger” and “hostility” … except when he’s socially in “unexpressed resentment” up on the stage.

    Geir, you said channel frustration toward action. What can one do? I actually really want to go up the bridge and go OT … I’m interested in doing LRH’s bridge, not someone’s squirreled version. And I want to help get some semblance of moderation and sanity in the Church.

    Any suggestions?

    (Also being posted on Marty’s blog.)

    • 2009-09-21 at 17:01

      There are groups that seem to deliver more standard tech than in the church. I would research possible nearby groups.

  4. Chris
    2009-09-21 at 05:04

    Jesus Christ!!!If they’re doing to the public OT’s why not just make them join the SO already!!
    With regards to the new Maiden Voyage event,you wouldn’t happen to know of a link to it would you Geir?
    I need a good laugh tonight,albeit one that’s nervous…

    • 2009-09-21 at 17:02

      Don’t know of a link to that event 😦

  5. Chris
    2009-09-21 at 05:07

    Though if it honest to God is just another incredibly stupid massive regging event please tell us for obvious reasons 🙂
    We don’t need more secondaries.

  6. TRUTH
    2009-09-21 at 05:23

    Why these OTs don’t ask, Show me an LRH Policy that demands these donations or where does LRH even talk about IAS or Ideal Org donations? As LRH says “If it is not written is not true”.

    I hope more of these OTs wake up soon and take the “or else”.

    • 2009-09-21 at 17:04

      If they only would be so brave as to use the Verbal Tech Check-list bulletin. Much authority pressure over a long time tends to corrode that bulletin.

  7. Soderqvist1
    2009-09-21 at 05:43

    The OT Program to Destroy Class V Orgs is a further indication that they are really desperate for Money and customer!

  8. overdriver
    2009-09-21 at 13:48

    Than comes the planet…

  9. Thatsnotmyname
    2009-09-21 at 18:07

    This really started getting out of control in the 90s and just got worse and worse. I went to several “briefings” where the doors really were locked – not metaphorically but actually. Jeff Pomerantz was a master of these events. He would usually start by asking who had had their life saved by scientology. (If not everyone put their hand up he’d re-phrase the question to “prove” that scientology had saved all our lives. “So what would you NOT do for something that has saved your life?” He would get very ANGRY. Angry about the psychs, the German Government – if that was the perceived problem at the time etc. (He obviously figured we were in Fear or thereabouts on the tone scale!)

    The message was always pushing the help button “Look how much your donations have done – hurrah! VERY WELL DONE!!! Now we need to raise $x million for this next vital action. You need to disagree with the physical universe!!! (i.e. get yourself into as much debt as possible) and you can say you were one of the few OTs who did it….” always employing group control techniques like loudly applauding anyone making a donation to make it “safe” for others to, positioning those who spunked their credit cards as “freedom fighters”, “the desperate few” and so on. It was high-pressure selling at its very worst. You were made to feel guilty as shit if you didn’t cough up, and hailed as a hero if you did. Many of us tried to steer well clear of these briefings, but it was relentless. Lunchtimes or study break-times were no sanctuary. Eventually going to the org at all just becomes too much grief and hassle. That’s the actual product of the IAS – no more students and PCs. It’s just not worth it, they disappear for “reasons best known to God or registrars” (Sorry can’t put my hands on the ref, but that is an LRH quote). Nice one Miscavige.

    • RJ
      2009-09-22 at 01:20

      Thatsnotmyname, the quote you mention comes from the Student Rehab List. The full question is “Kicked off course for reasons best known to god and registrars?” which happens now more often than not when your yearly membership to the IAS expires or you didn’t donate to one of the many and sundry donation drives.

      This is where the extortion comes in. Now before you are allowed to progress further on the “Bridge” you have to donate to all these causes.

      • thatsnotmyname
        2009-09-22 at 10:01

        Thanks RJ for the source of the quote. The pressure to pay up is truly ubelievable. I actually thank God now that I am NOT on VII or VIII. Imagine trying to Solo audit under the continous PTPs and pressure. Can’t imagine too much case gain accurs. (How the hell did you do it Geir?) Look again at that wording in the ref Geir quoted: “beyond urgent that you do this within the next 5 days”. BEYOND URGENT??? That implies life or death. That is a THREAT pure and simple.

        • 2009-09-22 at 13:21

          How I did it? I was being a Maverick 🙂

          • Chris
            2009-09-24 at 01:55

            What do you mean exactly?
            Did you allow the 6 month sec checks on yourself?

            • 2009-09-24 at 03:05

              I had the 6 month check all the way through OT VII.

              • Chris
                2009-09-24 at 03:34

                But what do you mean about being a “maverick” though?
                Just how the hell did you survive,lol?

              • 2009-09-24 at 04:43

                Maverick: One who does not abide by rules.

                I’m stubborn, that’s how I survived 😉

              • Chris
                2009-09-24 at 23:34

                Haha,so your own self determisism saved you.
                Story of the rehabilitation of the universe.

  10. Anonymous for a reason
    2009-09-22 at 00:01

    I totally agree with you, Thatsnotmyname.
    Overselling gets worse by the months now, eh?
    But where, i.e. how is the future in organized scn?

  11. thatsnotmyname
    2009-09-22 at 13:22

    To Anonymous for a reason, I believe a large part of the answer to your question is contained on this very web site, and the well-written article by Joe Howard here: http://www.scientology-cult.com/new-model-for-scientology.html There are very many fine and highly trained people in the field who know the tech works and needs to be saved and protected, who can and will rally round and pitch in to make things go right after the inevitable deposing of DM and the dismantling of the suppressive structures set up by him. This COULD be the very beginnings of the greatest renaissance for Scientology ever, IF we stay focused and vigilant now, ignore the book-burners, quietly educate our friends and family where possible, and recognise this is sadly going to take some time. Even if DM was busted tomorrow there is so much false data, outright lies and PTSness in the SO and the public field that it isn’t going to happen overnight. Stay true to yourself and your own reality.

    • 2009-09-22 at 13:25

      Good post.

      If the church come crumbling down hard (and to fast), we may have suicides on our hands. This must be dealt with intelligently.

    • Anonymous for a reason
      2009-09-22 at 17:20

      Thx. It’s a good article. He is also “thoughtful”, where have I seen him before? He is in charge of some site, is this correct? Is he, by the way, a freezoner?
      Even though I like the idea, I think it poses a big issue re validity of what’s Rons original texts (from exactly when/what is it not?) and also re perfection in general. Is the tech, as originally laid out, in good hands and from what point did the squirreling start in COS? When Mayo was thrown out and/or when DM came rushing in? Are we talking 1982 or so, anyone?

  12. Nom de Plume
    2009-09-22 at 20:17

    isene :
    Good post.
    If the church come crumbling down hard (and to fast), we may have suicides on our hands. This must be dealt with intelligently.

    Oh, good lord! Selfishly locked in my own misery, I never thought of that!

    Also, if the doors were suddenly locked tomorrow for some reason (could happen)…where would all the SO guys go? What would they do? Oh, geeez…


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