Fixed ideas


In continuation of my previous blog post on personal integrity, I have made another intriguing observation.

The usual sequence my Scientology friends go through when I present my Doubt write-up is this:

  1. Auto-rejection of my research data (“This can’t be true.“)
  2. Contemplating whether it could perhaps be true (“What if this is for real?“)
  3. Attempting some research on their own (“I’ll have a look at Geir’s links.“)
  4. Seeing truth (such as the obvious church lies) but discarding it nevertheless

Some only get to #1, some are stuck at #2 and some go on to #3 and actually wakes up. And then there are those who chooses to not believe their own eyes or who justifies what they see.

The justifications are usually along the lines of “But the Church is doing so much good. Just look at all the materials that have been released and translated in the last few years. And look at the Ideal Orgs!“. Or they justify it by looking at the hard working well-intentioned local Org staff to weigh up for any distant suppressive management.

But what about those who chooses not to believe it no matter how obvious the glaring truth? What is prompting that self-abasing behavior?

Well, L. Ron Hubbard covers this in a policy letter titled “Sanity”:

“A fixed idea is something accepted without personal inspection or agreement. It is the perfect ‘authority knows best’. It is the ‘reliable source'”. And: “A fixed idea is uninspected. It blocks the existence of any contrary observation”.

So a person’s own honest observations are blocked by previous fixed ideas. It is unfortunate then that the church is so good at instilling fixed ideas in its members. There is the usual “group think” within the church, the blocking of any contrary ideas or words (counter intention), the overwhelming PR, the infallible LRH/church/Miscavige… And Miscavige enforces ideas on the audience with such histrionics. There is no escape. Any counter intention with Command Intention is promptly dealt with. By ethics. The OTs are guided (insert a much less euphemistic synonym) to comply with the OT Ambassador Program which embodies this Command Intention. Or else.

Fixed ideas are abundant within the church. It will be its downfall.

There is no substitute for a good hard look at reality. There is honest observation and honest conclusions – or there is fixed ideas and mind control.

Now this goes for any critic of the church as well. Accepting any uttered wrong with the church at face value is equally stupid. Again, there is no substitute for personal integrity.

Life is not black and white. Nobody is a saint or a devil. Everybody carries with him faults and excellence.

Stay level headed. Observe. Get facts. Conclude. But honestly.

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