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In the news

My story was aired on the main news program on the national TV station (NRK, Lørdagsrevyen). A Youtube video has been posted:

To enable captions, click on the up arrow in the lower right hand corner of the video control bar. A pop-up box will appear. Click on CC.
(thanks to AnonymousNorway for Youtubing and subtitles)

Original links: Video, Article

Watch for an English version in other media – please report if you see anything.

The three major Norwegian newspapers have run my story on leaving the church:

Dagbladet, VG & Aftenposten

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  1. concernedScn
    2009-08-30 at 00:48

    Bravo Geir!

  2. 2009-08-30 at 08:44

    I am sorry that you and your children experienced ‘disconnection’ from friends. By enforcing ‘disconnection’ the Church tries to control information and people, the Church fear free and bigger beings.

    What scientologists are really doing by disconnecting is trying to hurt and control someone but what they are really doing is hurting and making themselves smaller.

  3. Heather
    2009-08-30 at 08:51

    An Anon has provided sub-titles in English and apologies for the fact that the timing is off.

  4. Axiom 30
    2009-08-30 at 09:37

    Very Well Done,Geir!!!:)))
    You really are an LRH Ambassador with Sky High Integrity!!!

    Much Theta from Sweden

    Axiom 30

  5. Axiom 30
    2009-08-30 at 10:14

    Very Well Done,Geir!

    You´re doing a great job!

  6. Rebel Too
    2009-08-30 at 21:13

    Great interview Geir. You have a way of putting things in a perspective that enables both exes and Scientologists to feel comfortable with. This should have some restounding consequences. Please continue.

  7. Nom_de_Plume
    2009-08-30 at 22:26

    Dear Geir –

    I have spent hours here today, and still have more territory to cover. Thank you for this, and for your honor.

    May I suggest that you put the direct link to the video on YouTube? I cannot open the only link you have posted for viewing it. Meanwhile, I am on my way over to YouTube to do a search for your name, see if the vid pops up.

    Goodbye för nu, 🙂


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