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To be even more Clear…

2010-06-24 49 comments

The last blog post sparked discussions in many arenas. Instead of addressing the points on each channel, I think it’s better to address them right here. I’m not covering new territory, this is clarification.

  • What I have experienced from the Tech in Scientology has been very workable. I have seen very little that didn’t work on me. I am very thankful for all my gains in Scientology.
  • I have personally seen examples of Tech not working on others or having a negative effect on others – even when they got, as far as I can see, Standard Tech.
  • I see inconsistencies in the Tech and I believe it to be overly complex. I believe there must be a simpler method of addressing the problems of the simplest of sources; You.
  • I believe in the free will of man and that the free market will decide what works. Hence, I advocate Open Source Scientology (both connotations).
  • I think the validity of any Tech can be shown scientifically – and it should. But absence of scientific evidence does not counter the workability of a Tech. Beyond that, your personal gain is for you to validate. Anything can work. Scientology very often does.
  • I see much good in the Admin policies from LRH. But destructive policies should be rooted out. This obviously goes for anything destructive in Ethics or Tech as well. Keep the good, reject the bad.
  • I see much good in Scientology Ethics – as long as it is kept as a personal tool for improvement and not as a tool of force applied to others.
  • I see flaws in Hubbard. I see genius in Hubbard. I see that many have serious issues separating the man from his work. Newton’s work is not invalidated by the man being seriously flawed.
  • To those claiming “Isene is slowly waking up from Scientology”, I can only say this: I am quite awake and has been for some time – having objected to stupidity and abuses while in the church. I will however not enter the daze of negativity where anything bad about Scientology is treated as gospel. Differentiation is the key.
  • As for the discussions sparked by the last blog post, I didn’t think I would see the day when ESMB would out-rabid WWP.
  • The “all good” or “all bad” are equal signs of insanity.

And this pretty much concludes an era of blogging for me. I will let this blog simmer down. I will let my IT blog wither. And I will erect a new blog merging all my fields of interest – Scientology and exploration of free will, IT and consumer rights, patent and copyright abolishment, philosophy and logic, art and music, mathematics and quantum mechanics, programming and HP calculators, nature and beauty.

Stay tuned. You will be invited over to my new home for a housewarming party.


Where are the amazing people?

2010-06-15 68 comments

There are plenty of amazing people in our history – like Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, Ludwig van Beethoven, Buddha, Pablo Picasso and so many, many more.

One may aspire to such greatness and doing such positive impact on societies. But how do you go about achieving such greatness?

One of the most glaring outpoints I can see with Scientology is that no such people have been produced in or by Scientology.

Let me rush to the rescue of some readers emotional reaction by stating that I have had excellent gains in Scientology. This blog post is not about that, it is about the bigger picture. I have seen no person by the virtue of Scientology technology rise to the height of the men and women mentioned above. And I wonder why.

I also wonder if there is any current method that can give rise to such greatness.

Not that this greatness I am talking about is the only aspiration there can be. There is of course also the inner peace, the enjoyment of life, the zest of one’s adventures. And I can personally vouch for Scientology’s efficiency in these.

But the question remains: Where are the amazing people?

Don’t trust Source

2010-06-14 13 comments

There were 80 hopefuls in the course room. Every chair was occupied by a tensely interested Scientologist looking at the OT VIII who was about to open his mouth. It was Moscow, 2008. And the subject of the four hour seminar was “Admin Scale”.

I started: “If I say something true today, why would it be true?”

Two quick answers were offered:

  • Because you are an OT VIII!
  • Because what you say comes from L. Ron Hubbard!

Knowing Russian track of blind obedience to authority, I was not that surprised. It was nevertheless sad.

I promptly invalidated the answers and took the quick and scenic route via the topic Personal Integrity. I tried my best to hammer it in that you should not accept something as true unless you yourself can see that it is true. It does not matter who says it. The [b]content of the communication[/b] is true or not regardless of the source of the communication. Accepting something as true or false based on who says it is mental laziness. It is suspension of own judgment. It hurts your personal integrity and makes you that much smaller.

I hope I reached at least some in the audience.

This mental laziness of trusting the source of the communication and then accepting whatever emanates from that source is rampant in society. I see this everywhere.

I see it in the blind obedience in the Church of Scientology. I see it when a scientologist blindly accept of anything Ron says. I see it in the Scientology critics community when a critic take anything coming from a “critic of stature” as gospel.

It seems hard for some to challenge the illogic in a statement from a friend or from a “trusted source”.

A variation of this is to trust a communication that is similar to your own views even if it also contains untruth. In the critics community this is manifested by accepting any negative statement about Scientology regardless of its illogic. In the Church of Scientology this is manifested by accepting that something is true, positive or helpful simply because a similar topic or technique has proven beneficial. Again, mental laziness.

I applaud the imperfection of Wikipedia. It teaches our children to never trust the source but to exercise their own judgment.

Don’t trust Source. Trust yourself.

Out of the 80 people present, I got 79 though doing their Admin Scale – defining a set of concepts for their life, like their Goals and Purposes, their plans, their envisioned Ideal Scene and more. Without any nudging in any direction, they chose the path that was right for themselves, in accordance to their own life and living. The staff of Moscow Org were somewhat less happy that I didn’t nudge them in the direction they wanted: selling the Basic Books.

Life, The Universe & Everything

2010-06-04 90 comments

There are several very basic questions I have not gotten answered in Scientology, even as I have reached the other side of the Bridge delivered by the CoS. Some of these are:

  • What is the nature of the Cause as described in the first of the Factors; “Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.” (this is before the decision to BE comes into play)?
  • How does a thetan with his own universe get to know about the MEST (physical) universe?
  • What is the power of “consideration” in contrast to “postulates” or “opinions” as mentioned in Axiom #2; “The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.”?

It seems to me that one has to perceive this with utmost simplicity to reach the truth. And so I will play ball with the readers of this forum to see if my ideas hold water.

This post can be seen as a continuation of my article on free will. So, before you reply, please read the article. Here goes:

There is a basic Cause of all. This is what Buddhism calls Nirvana. It contains no individuality as the decision “to BE” comes from this Cause and does not reside within it. This Cause is pure potential.

From this Cause then comes decisions “to BE”, each with it’s own set of Factors from #2 and up, each with it’s own universe. The thetan basically is his own universe with all its considerations. Individual thetans has the power of Consideration, where Opinion is a lower harmonic of consideration and Postulate is a form of Consideration. Consideration is the basic ability of a thetan.

For every cycle of action, there is the sequence of BE-DO-HAVE and thus each cycle of action carries with it a full set of the basic factors, giving rise to the fractal structure of universes.

And because all thetans have a basic common Cause, each have a link to the others, hence a basic knowingness of the others and the ability to agree upon a common game field, called the physical universe (MEST).

A thetan in his own universe can consider (create) anything. Without limit. A taste of this is given when the body sleeps and the thetan dreams.

As the thetan agrees to participate in the common game called MEST, he takes on a massive amount of agreement. It is much like any other game, like soccer – to participate, one must abide by the rules. A thetan in the common game is bound by the agreements of this game. Hence he cannot simply lift an object by pure consideration unless he solicits agreement by everyone else in the game (or at least those he wants to show it to) – or unless it is somehow allowed by the rules. This may explain the lack of displayed OT abilities. It may also explain magic (someone found a buried allowance for certain magic to be displayed, or a loophole in the rules).

A thetan in the common game is very much at effect simply because of the agreement to the rules. The thatan can become even more effect by agreeing further to other’s considerations (taking them on as one’s own) within the game or by the elements in the game itself (agreement with MEST as covered in the article on free will). Layers upon layers of considerations results in lower levels being masked by higher levels and can then be referred to as “unconscious considerations”.

There is a gradient scale of free will that shows how much the thetan is in agreement. For a thetan to rise on this scale, he must get a solution on his level of agreement. A druggie, heavily into agreement with MEST and other’s considerations (same thing) needs a very physical solution in order to accept its workability. A thetan high on the scale need the simplest of solutions – like what is described here by Alan Watts (first half of the video):

A thetan is only bound by his own considerations and can only be hurt or become effect by his own considerations. So, resolving a thetan’s own considerations is the only solution there is. And this is why placebo works – an effect the medical societies should embrace wholeheartedly. Any solution works only to the degree that one can lure the thetan into considering that it will work. This is why any religion can work, or psychotherapy, or psychiatry, or healing, or mediation, or looking at a blue stone for 15 years, or simply anything as long as the thetan considers it will work. This is why I fully respect the workability of any religion. Some techniques reach the level of agreement of more people than other techniques. Scientology reaches many. The workability is enforced by the thetan’s perception of the value of the solution. If the solution includes much suffering, monetary cost, secrecy or scarcity it will often be seen as more valuable and hence has a better potential of getting some thetans to accept it as workable.

As any solution can work, and it will work the best if it strikes at the level of free will exercised by the thetan, there is a scale of solutions from the most physical to the very light. At the most physical levels, we have solutions such as band aid, surgery, medicine, vitamines and up through various therapies and rituals to tackling the results of the thetan’s most intimate considerations – referred to as “case” in Scientology. But above that is addressing the thetan’s considerations directly. It puzzles me why this level is not addressed on the Bridge.

Instead of addressing the thetan’s charge or case, one could address his considerations about it to release his free will. His considerations is after all the only thing that anchors him to this charge or case. Making him simply look at his own considerations layer after layer should bring him to whatever level he wants. This is what gives hope for the simplest of approaches like the KHTK by Vinaire.

I am writing this to test my ideas about Life, Universe and Everything. And any input would be very welcome.

I should add that 42 (the number of eyes on two dice… “God does play dice”) is not the answer. Cantor was closer… the answer is “0”. I leave it to you to figure out this last paragraph 🙂

Report from OSLO

2010-05-18 14 comments

A quick overview of the OSLO meeting:

7 nations were present among the 12 attendants. 25 people were confirmed but several peeled off en the last couple of weeks. Ages ranging from 22 – 80, both independents since the early 80’s and a couple only recently (last week or so) out. New friendships were made. Party and caek.

All but one

Topics covered:

  • How to help those on the inside wake up (got a good plan for this)
  • Leaving the takedown of DM to those who can actually pull it off.
  • Get the message out that there are better alternatives for getting tech on the outside (fear of not getting their Bridge is the main reason why people stay and tolerate human rights abuses)
  • Creating a rating system for independent delivery units/individuals (something the church will never have)
  • How to effectively release the tech on the Net (excellent plan on this)
  • Manning up a couple of cool adventures (more on this later)

Thanks to my new friends 🙂

See also Silvia’s blog post.

Batman & the Mighty Claire

2010-05-12 4 comments

Robin is the sidekick of Batman. But who is Batman the sidekick of?

The Mighty Claire – and she is the new sheriff in town.

The Scientology Forum ( is gracefully turned over to the new partnership. While Claire Swazey will be the forum administrator, Jeff Batman will handle the technical and back-end matters. Together they will provide the future for the forum – the most prominent neutral ground for courteous discussion of Scientology on the Internet. It is the open forum for Scientologists, both inside the CoS and Independants and Freezoners and critics alike. It is a vehicle for free speech on the subject of Scientology.

Gotham should be safe in their hands.

Claire & Batman; you have the torch.

Shifting gears

2010-05-02 22 comments

After leaving the Church of Scientology on 2009-08-07, I started blogging a week later. Six months ago, in the beginning of November I started The Scientology Forum ( to create a neutral ground for courteous discussions on Scientology.

While it has been good to have something different than a nay-saying-board or a critic-quenching space, it is still less productive to talk than to act. Many discussions on TSF have brought light on important subjects within Scientology. Sure, there are those who post there to preach and to sell a thesis rather than participating in a debates to learn and to grow. But the wealth of valuable exchange of viewpoints have produced some interesting epiphanies amongst the participants.

The Internet atmosphere regarding Scientology leans heavily toward stopping the abuses perpetrated by the Church of Scientology. While this is important, I know I work best on the positive, constructive side rather than opposing and trying to stop something bad. I like creating artwork and music. I like to write. And I like to help people. These are what makes life thrilling for me. When I focus on helping others, life is the most enjoyable.

The realization I am trying to convey here has been accented by people like Terril Park who is constantly sending out success stories from Scientology delivery outside of the church. And the growing number of delivery units servicing people with positive Scientology.

I will be giving the Scientology Forum to someone else. I will focus on helping people I like. And life will be more fun.

For those attending the OSLO round-table conference on May 16, I have something up my sleeve. I need a few more trained Scientologists for a potentially big task. If you are one, please consider yourself urged to attend.

Life is amazing when you follow your heart. May you have an amazing future.

OSLO May 16 – Confirmations

2010-04-11 Comments off

OSLO: Operation Scientology Lineup, Oslo

I have a list of some 25 attendees for the upcoming
round-table conference in Oslo on May 16.

The conference does not have a set agenda with prepared speeches. The aim is for all to sit down and work out some strategies as to how the current scene in Scientology can be handled.

It is time to get the final list of attendees ready – with e-mail addresses so that I can send out details about the venue etc. For now it will suffice to say that it will be held in down-town Oslo.

The conference will start at noon (12:00) and go until 17:00 whereupon we all go for a dinner.

Those who want, can stay for the next day’s spectacle;
The Norwegian Constitution Day.

All attendees cover their own expenses. Attendance to the conference is free. I cover the venue expenses. The price for staying at a hotel from the 16th to the 17th would be around USD 100.

Please confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to

Can a Church forbid Religious Practice?

2010-03-28 Comments off

An excellent post on The Scientology Forum from an anonymous participant. It deserves to be posted also here:

Let’s see how this rolls out:

LRH compiles, organizes and discovers a great many principles of existence, which ultimately result in the principle that you are an immortal spirit. It therefore lands up in the land of spiritual principles, for those who seek spiritual knowledge.

Then auditing processes are developed to reveal the potentialities of an immortal spirit. These are spiritual practices, and in our society they are classified as religious practices.

Circa 1965 the auditing processes are “standardized” so they can be easily taught, propagated and quality assured.

Sometime in the late 60s and throughout the 70s, the effort becomes ensuring that the organizations set up to teach these religious practices will be able to survive and continue to offer these religious practices.

Part of ensuring that survival is attempting to control it all so it can be made to survive and propagate.

Establishing the Church as a Church becomes paramount.

Trademarks, copyrights and service marks are registered in an effort to prevent “improper” use.

The process of re-inventing LRH begins. He is now a saint. All efforts to disclose unsaintly behavior are met with extreme sanctions of disconnection, attacks, and vilification.

The process of re-inventing the materials of Scientology begin. They become “scripture” and “holy writ” of the Church of Scientology, to be zealously guarded and ferociously taken from the hands of those who don’t get with the sanctification program.

Howls of protest from old timers who were rebels, through and through and through. Banned and forbidden from using the religious practices of Scientology, the auditing processes.


The current Church of Scientology uses trademarks, service marks and copyrights laws to stop people from practicing their own religion?


The current Church of Scientology uses the legal remedies of commerce to stop people from practicing their own religion.


Simple. The individuals who seek to practice their own religion outside of orthodoxy do not have enough wherewithal to fight a prolonged court battle to protect their own constitutional right to practice their own religion. That is the sole barrier. Having enough money to take the fight far enough to establish that the Church of Scientology cannot use commercial law to prevent people from practicing their own religion and that religion IS Scientology.

When it comes right down to it, I think the real question is going to be: can the Church of Scientology really use the law to prevent people from practicing their own religion? Can they really use the laws of commerce to prevent people from auditing each other for free or for exchange?

Can they really stop people from saying they are Scientologists because they are not members of the Church?

Can they really stop people from auditing each other for free or for exchange because they are not members of the Church?

Can they really enforce that people do not communicate when it violates the spiritual teachings of the power and importance of communication?

Can they really claim to be acting in the public interests when they seek to do any of the above?

Can they really walk this line of being a hybrid organization – not quite a religion and not quite a commercial activity?

Those are my half formed thoughts. What do you think?

Follow this link to share your thoughts.

Not forgetting the positive efforts made…

2010-03-20 Comments off

…by thousands of scientologists world-wide.

There is a great amount of excellent work done by staff and public scientologists all over the world. Apart from seeking their own spiritual progress, there are many in the Church of Scientology lending their efforts to helping their fellow man – to free the abuser from drug addiction, to aid those in need, to help children learn to read and write and scores of other causes well worth dedicating oneself to.

This is highly commendable. It is excellent effort deserving applause.

That the church management is exploiting these efforts for money, PR, positioning and power does not take away the value of those individual efforts. But it is cynical to the extreme to take advantage of these good intentions to further a monopoly and to tighten the grip on the public parishioners.

The valiant efforts of many scientologists would be even more valuable without the self-serving management breaking human rights and going against Scientology itself.

(This is the 100th post of this blog)