Poll: Three wishes

Poll: If you could change three things about the Church of Scientology (not the philosophy itself), what would that be?
Indicate whether you consider yourself a Scientologist or not.

Rules: Anyone can answer. Only one comment per person. Only three suggested changes per comment. Keep it short. Be respectful and polite.

  1. 2009-10-08 at 18:48

    1. Unmock the CofS itself
    2. Put all the tech into the public domain
    3. Let the free market determine whatever happens next

    • 2009-10-08 at 18:50

      Scientologist or not?

      • smiff
        2009-10-10 at 16:24

        I think ‘lurk moar’ might be the correct response to that one, geir…

        yeah – paul’s an ex-scientologist – better known as the yawn machine guy…

        • Chris
          2009-10-11 at 18:46

          Well he’s a bit of an independent in the fullest non scientologist sense of the word.
          The man is famous in my book,for defending the scientific validity of the e-meter on ESMB against the psuedo science of people like ANONORANGE.
          And yeah he’s a self styled “squirrel”,he even calls himself the “squirrel extraordinaire” over at ESMB.
          That and he’s the Robot Auditor Guy.(nuff said)
          He’s a COMPLETELY Standard Tech person 😉

  2. Hubbardianen
    2009-10-08 at 18:59

    I consider myself a scientologist.

    1. Lower the prices so the general public can afford it.
    2. Add the society apparatus: Common elections, accountants, public annual reports, fair trials regarding ethics etc.
    3. Lies and Fair Game should be forbidden.

  3. AuntPat
    2009-10-08 at 19:08

    1. Get rid of DM and his hench men.
    2. No more disconnection.
    3. No more sea organization.

  4. AuntPat
    2009-10-08 at 19:09

    Am exCo$.

  5. Gaiagnostic
    2009-10-08 at 19:18

    1. Democratically elected leadership with transparent management structure and full and honest financial and statistical reporting to membership
    2. Primary and overriding purpose is improve the lives of our current membership through training and processing (right now current members are sacrificed for the sake of “mankind”)
    3. Make online access to all materials (except confidential levels): books, tapes, videos, HCOBs and HCOPLs, etc. free and easy for everyone.
    Was a Scientologist.

  6. Anon
    2009-10-08 at 19:25

    Not a Scientologist here.

    1. Be completely honest to the public, to your own members and to yourself.

    That’s all.

  7. thatsnotmyname
    2009-10-08 at 19:34

    I am a scientologist by definition (changing conditions for the better)
    Top three (there are many more though):
    1. Put you, Marty, Mike R, Dan, Steve Hall and “T Paine” together as the Exec committee to oversee the dismantling and re-building of RTC and Int management, the justice actions of DM and those too close to him to be handled with light ethics and tech.
    2. Install the exec structure that LRH intended with its consequent checks and balances.
    3. Cancel all policies that have simply not worked or been subject to suppressive interpretation such as RPF FOs, SP Declare policies so no more enforced disconnection, and put ALL tech and policy on line

  8. Jim Logan
    2009-10-08 at 19:37

    1. Do what Concerned Citizen on this site, http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/10/07/command-intention-propaganda-used-to-extort-money/ says.
    2. Review the above post to see that it’s all done.
    3. Check it again.

    I AM A SCIENTOLOGIST, a member of the Worldwide Independent Network of Scientologists, that representative of the True Group described in An Essay on Management by L. Ron Hubbard.

  9. Rebel Too
    2009-10-08 at 19:39

    I do not consider myself a Scientologist anymore, but I do use and apply much of what I learned over the years.

    1)Remove Scientology’s Religious status and make it a self-help group. This will take care of all the Religious cloaking, labor abuses, financial crap,etc.
    2)Open Source the technology where others can suggest and contribute to improvements, find out what techniques work best, have open discussions free of recourse from the “Church” and all can decide what works and what doesn’t.
    3)Remove from the church, bring to justice and publicly and fully expose the crimes of David Miscavage

  10. Fishdaddy
    2009-10-08 at 19:46

    I am no longer a Scientologist (although many of my friends are). There are many things that would have to change for the Church to survive. The three most important I would say are:

    1. Establish a Church Board, composed of both staff and public, with a majority of public (lay) members. This Board to review and pass on all financial matters, all executive appointments and dismissals. The Board to also regularly review executive performance. The actions of this Board to be fully transparent to all staff and public.

    2. Abolish all disconnection and lift any and all restrictions on any Scientologist or staff member as to who they can communicate or associate with.

    3. Follow all labor laws as regards staff and SO Members as to minimum wage, overtime pay, working hours, breaks, days off, and vacations. Provide full medical coverage and retirement benefits to all staff.

  11. Otto
    2009-10-08 at 19:51

    I am a Scientologist. I would change this:

    1.DM check sec’ed, com ev’ed and declared SP, handled as per true LRH tech & policy.
    2.RTC disbanded, HASI reenabled with 12 distinguished board members all in active posts and chosen automagically from the best stats in the field, half (or more) of them highly technical (Class VIII, Class XII, etc.) and the rest (no more than half) from admin (OECs,FEBCs). Chairman would rotate.
    3.LRH legacy in the public domain: all non-secret LRH writings fully indexed and scanned in high-def (with Elphel cameras as Google Books do) and published in raw format, and (maybe using OCR?) converted to popular formats (UTF8 text, LaTex, PS, PDF, HTML, SVG, etc) hosted in central point (cloud?) and a mirrored system (as kernel.org works).

  12. Axiom 32
    2009-10-08 at 19:51

    I consider myself a Scientologist.

    1. Lower the prices so that general public can afford the Bridge. Also means to allow competition from the Freezone.
    2. Openess with results and finance results publicly reported. Overall progress towards the Goal of a Clear Planet should be continously reported.
    3. OSA need´s a real overhaul; should safepoint Scientology and create good PR instead of dealing with Fair Games and Lies.

  13. Overdriver
    2009-10-08 at 20:35

    Scientology is a tool, so I do not see any importance right now, to call myself a Scientologist.
    Especially because in the last years I see more and more people in Scientology (becoming with Scientology to personalities) I do not want to associate myself with.

    1. Partial quote from above: “Make online access to all materials (except confidential levels)” for “everyone”. Reasonable pricing is acceptable. This is the most important of all. KSW.
    2. Recalculate prices for training and services so the general public can afford it. Also KSW.
    3. Really apply what is disseminated worldwide by the largest campaign yet of the Church: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and stop the hypocrisy about it.

    This would lead to the Golden Age of Scientology.

    • Overdriver
      2009-10-08 at 20:45

      As an addition to point one I would mention as well partially from a thought above: “The online materials should be referenced to the scanned handwritten LRH writing.” This is especially important as with the introduction of The Basics I no longer have any confidence that the materials cannot be changed or tampered with.

  14. Mark A. Baker
    2009-10-08 at 20:58

    Freezone Scientologist

    A. Disband the SO and administrative orgs. They are far more problematic than they have ever been beneficial. Additionally all staff deserve respect.

    B. Open Source Scientology. All the tech needs to be made freely available for discussion, implementation, and enhancement.

    C. Eliminate the personality cult of “Ron”. It has no positive benefits and serves only to derail & diminish the subject of scientology.

  15. Dagny
    2009-10-08 at 21:31

    1. Redirect the group efforts toward helping others make it up the Bridge rather than all efforts toward fundraising for the various projects – having the public donate their resources to IAS projects, Ideal Orgs and Bulk Book sales leaves people unable to make adequate Bridge progress and in some instances any progress at all. While I don’t consider any of these projects to be unworthy of support I don’t consider any of them more important that each individuals spiritual freedom.
    2. Restructure the Executive Strata and this could be by reimplementing existing policy and advices – although I am not an expert on the subject this should have all the checks and balances necessary.
    3. Put together a panel of Veteran SO members, staff and trained public to perform the needed function of Review Comm Evs (whether they have been requested or not). This would be for Comm Evs done on SO members, Staff and Public with the final product being to correct injustices.

  16. StarsAwait
    2009-10-08 at 21:51

    I’m a Scientologist
    1. Apply policy to DM and his squirrel inner circle.
    2. Revert to LRH approved Int org board with no COB post title.
    3. Most of these internet open source and field group stuff you guys are talking about is covered and/or not disallowed in OEC vol 6. You’re talking about an LRH envisioned field activity, so points one and two would fix and realign everything back to source. If you want open squirreldom you’re reference is the debacles covered in KSW.

    I believe the rebellious field is doing the right thing but don’t do an A=A with what Ron says and what Miscavige disallows. The rebels have been forced outside by DM. Ron knew very well the orgs would be mecca’s of tech perfection, and it would get more squirrelly in the field as you moved further out from the org. If it gets out of hand then the org steps in with ethics. Don’t do an A=A with Miscavige style ethics and LRH style ethics. Ethics does have it’s place. Advocating democracy in Scientology? That’s code for the group bank. I very much disagree.

    • RJ
      2009-10-08 at 23:36

      I totally agree with you StarsAwait.

      If others want get into squirrelly interpretations or efforts to “improve” the tech (which by the way is Miscavige’s button), they can call it something else other than Scientology.

      Democracy! Yeah that worked out well. Remember Hitler’s Germany was originally a democracy in fact it was a referendum or a plebiscite that give him all his power!

      By the way Miscavige is an animal of democracy. The only thing that keeps him in power is group agreement!

      Any way OEC Volume 7 covers various groups and committees that make up a workable democracy within Scientology. Therefore I suggest others read them first before making cries for “Democracy”.

      Also recommended reading would be HCOPL 13 Feb 1965 Politics where Ron says

      “A democracy or a Communism would be a huge joke in an insane asylum. Well wouldn’t it?
      “The basic building block of any political system is the individual. One seek to avoid this point by conceiving of the masses. (editor’s note something Miscavige continually does) But you can’t have masses which aren’t made up of single units. Therefore the single unit is the basis of a mass.”

      Besides a democracy can be just as tyrannical as any despotism. Look to Revolutionary France and Bolshevik Russia as perfect historical examples!

      That said my three wishes are:

      1) That orgs apply Standard Tech
      2) That orgs get back on policy
      3) That we get back to what we were doing before Miscavige and his sponsors seized control of Scientology.

      Just like in the case of a preclear, in the case of an organization you apply the standard remedies and do the usual and things will work out.

      In other words the only way you correct what wrong with Scientology is by applying Scientology which means doing what Ron says.

      • Chris
        2009-10-12 at 04:03

        Wow I feel a Somatic coming up,I find myself actually agreeing with RJ again!!! 😉

    • Jim Logan
      2009-10-09 at 03:54

      I very much agree with your comments.

      • LO
        2009-10-09 at 17:46

        RJ and Stars ,

        KSW was written in 65. Today real OTs and clears have been produced. Pls. validate the wins and abilities you have attained, its more then you ever dreamed of, when you take all the Invals and evals you had away. Do the same with your friends. Then you’ll have a true group, no A=A etc.., no mob !
        When clears and Ots get together in a non suppressive environment they’ll generate an unbelievable power and thus democracy can be. The swiss have a functioning one since around 1820.
        So please take a walk and reevaluate your data and find some of comparable magnitude.
        I don’t invalidate my friends as being a mob and that they just would produce destructive Solutions. The C.O.S would be a nicer place, would we have voiced our concerns and taken our right to speak out in the last 30 years. Most scientologists didn’t do it because of inval, evals and thinking its their bank. Its 44 years later now !!!!!!!!!
        Sorry Gear but I had to comment !

        • 2009-10-09 at 18:21

          No problem. Good post.

        • RJ
          2009-10-09 at 22:54

          Well put LO 🙂

          I’m not totally against democracy, but I am against a democracy that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

          However, as Ron says and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t have the policy to hand, but with a fully functioning Advisory Committee you can achieve a true democracy.

          Funny, in a strange sorta way. This is one of the first things Miscavige eliminated when he seized control.

          That and turning the OTC into a glorified reg unit to achieve his dream of becoming a real estate mogul or whatever.

          Also I would like to write that the Swiss are a perfect example of a functional democracy as opposed to the many disfunctional democracies out there 🙂

          • Chris
            2009-10-12 at 04:13

            “Also I would like to write that the Swiss are a perfect example of a functional democracy as opposed to the many disfunctional democracies out there :)”
            You do realize that nearly every Swiss family has a stockpile of Arms and a fallout shelter in their home correct?
            And we all know what you probably think about that 🙂

            • LO
              2009-10-13 at 20:58

              propably it gives them the feeling that they can be cause at any time and full security. We need something similar !!!!!

              • Chris
                2009-10-15 at 04:00

                Yeah we used to.
                We called it the Guardians Office.
                A certain smurf disbanded it 😉

  17. Maria
    2009-10-08 at 21:51

    1. Elevate the status of trained auditors within the Church and pay them a guaranteed percentage of auditing donations based on well done auditing hours and their classification. It should be a percentage that allows them to live well and make a career of it in the orgs. Orgs and missions do well when there are lots of auditors actively auditing.
    2. Evaluate policy, directives and orders issued against the creed of the Church, constitutional freedoms, and laws of the land and apply them in such a way as to not violate them, this includes setting up a sane governing body that includes public Scientologists, pricing, transparency, labor laws, disconnection matters, justice, etc.
    3. Find a way to validate the authenticity of LRH materials and keep all of the tech / admin / writings available in a way that anyone can assure themselves that all is well.

    I consider myself to be a Scientologist.

    • Margaret
      2009-10-09 at 18:44

      I agree with many of the points of Maria. I do think that most Church policy is fine and sane, but I’d say about 5-10% needs to be cancelled/modified/updated to avoid the current situation re-occurring.

      Example 1: People shouldn’t be declared “suppressive person” for leaving staff/SO, or getting a repayment/refund; that is a misuse of the term “suppressive person” and essentially makes it meaningless.

      Example 2: The “stat pushing” needs to be rooted out and abolished; the core problem, in my view, is making Org staff concentrate on their weekly stats (i.e. “Thurs @2”) which effectively takes their eyes off the long-term and forces it on short-term. Orgs should operate on a quarterly or yearly basis, and most staff should be able to think in much longer terms than a single week.

      Example 3: Coming up with a better pay system really needs to be worked out; in agreement with Maria, auditors should get a percentage of the income from their auditing hours.

  18. Alex
    2009-10-08 at 22:29

    I consider myself an adherent of much of the Scientology philosophy but don’t like being associated with the COS because of how they operate.

    1. Freedom of communication without reprisal of ethics or justice unless you violate the laws of the land.

    2.Stop all the crazy regging for money with no product attached and lower the prices to a realistic level.

    3. Treat the Sea Org and staff in a humane way and pay them a decent amount and create an organization that delivers the tech standardly and keeps the staff happy. I believe if the staff and Sea Org were paid a decent level it would make them less effect of weird arbitrary management where they have no place else to turn and feel trapped. Per my data COS has about 3/4’s of a billion in reserves. What are they waiting for?? Help a brother out!!

    • James Down
      2009-10-10 at 01:59

      I like your suggestions Alex, all three of them are spot on.

      Also Ottos’s; StarsAwait and the people who followed his post.

      I think there are in essence 5 or 6 things rather than three that are needed.

      Kim Andrews Scientologist since 1977

      • Alex
        2009-10-11 at 02:54

        Thanks James Down,
        It is nice to have ARC with people eh?

  19. Cinnamon
    2009-10-08 at 23:45

    1. Run it like a normal proper business, with good business practices, rather than the wacky methods currently in play.

    If the Admin Tech is not working to create a strong and prosperous business (and it seems, by current results, not to be) then there are plenty of good business models out there. Use one that truly has good intentions and results.

    2. Allow continued development of the Tech, like any normal business which develops their products. Ensure this is done according to strict standards, by highly competent staff who thoroughly understand the Tech, and is carefully monitored for correctness and good results.

    (3) Put the Tech materials online.

    I am a Scientologist (as opposed to an outside observer) but not currently on lines at any org.

  20. toujours
    2009-10-09 at 00:09

    No longer a scientologist.

    1. As a first priority reconnect the families and friendships which have been destroyed over the years through disconnection.
    2. Miscavige behind bars.
    3. Remove any policies and tech which involve cultic concepts or dismantle the C of S completely.

  21. Nomnom
    2009-10-09 at 01:00

    1. Full, free online access to all the tech, including historical materials.
    2. Democratically elected governing board with regular elections.
    3. Administrative changes:
    a. The church would serve as a certification body but with no enforcement powers.
    b. It can continue delivering services but the field is free to practice as they wish.
    c. Administrative and ethics tech are up to the local groups. No disconnection. No declares.

    I am a free scientologist (without the trademark).

  22. Rob Robinson
    2009-10-09 at 02:55

    1. No more disconections. Ever!
    2. No declares just for people wanting money back. Especially if the service has not been delivered.
    3. Only on policy (Ron) orders to Orgs from any SO Missions.

  23. Anonymous for a reason
    2009-10-09 at 03:13

    In doubt whether or not a Scientologist. .)

    1. Prerequisite for being a sea org member: Minimum and real cronic tone level: 3.3. The exact level is, of course, negotiable.
    2. -”- staff member: -”-: 2.8. -”-.
    3. Get integrity in on 10 dynamics and follow code of honor across the boards.

    What a beautiful day this will be – for me. 🙂

  24. Mac Stevens
    2009-10-09 at 04:11

    1. Follow the Creed, as senior policy.
    Well, #1 covers it, but since I get three wishes …
    2. Localize control of churches.
    3. Put the technology in the same category as any other technology. I.e., do actual scientific studies, encourage discussion and research, etc.

  25. Carmel
    2009-10-09 at 05:31

    I am no longer a Scientologist, but nor am I what you would call “anti” when it comes to the tech.

    1. That Scientology is seen for what it is, and that the cloak of a religion (which it’s been getting away with using all these years) is taken away.

    2. That the “Church” (including the SO Orgs and Class V orgs) be disbanded, because while they exist so will the abuses on it’s members, staff and crew.

    3. That the “tech” is and remains available for any and all who want to avail themselves of it.

  26. KSW1Fan
    2009-10-09 at 06:18

    I am Scientologist

    1. Comm-Ev for David Miscavige

    2. Re-Implement LRH Policy and Tech

    3. Apply the laws of the country and human rights

  27. Tomas
    2009-10-09 at 06:49

    I am a sort of scientologist, applying what I want.

    1. Put all the materials and courses on line for easy use for everybody.

    2. (as nomnom put it):. The church would serve as a certification body but with no enforcement powers.It can continue delivering services but the field is free to practice as they wish.

    3. “Transparent management structure and full and honest financial and statistical reporting to membership” – from gaiagnostic. Individuals in management must submit to some form of test or election with regular interval if they want to keep their post. We don`t want another DM-situation.

  28. Thalkirst
    2009-10-09 at 08:09

    Ex Scientology, Ex SO.

    1. general amnesty and disconnection cancelled
    2. the entirety of Scientology materials available online for free (original LRH handwritings as well as transcripts) including confidental materials
    3. turn the church into a nonprofit organization without the religion angle, Sea Org disbanded, all labor regulations for staff enforced (minimum wage etc.)

  29. TRUTH
    2009-10-09 at 08:41

    1- DM MUST be declared suppressive and put behind bars immediately.
    2- We have to free all of DM’s prisoners and help them recover from all the mental and physical abuse they have suffered.
    3- Correct all the out-tech and arbitraries entered by DM.
    4- Cancel all the policies which do not apply to PT. Especially, the Disconnection, Fair Game policies. Forced abortion should be canceled.
    5- Dismantle IAS
    6- No authoritarian leadership of the church. A very sane org board should be in place.
    7- This is a philosophy/technology, therefore it can be run as a Self-help group not a church.
    8- Everyone, including all Scientologists, should apply the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to themselves and their group.
    9- Transparent Management structure.
    10- People should have freedom to question anything about Scientology and every question should be answered directly, per HCO Bulletin of 18 June 1957 “People’s Questions” in green Vol 6.

    • 2009-10-09 at 08:44

      Hey! Who gave you ten wishes?

  30. 2009-10-09 at 10:04

    1. Get rid of the Disconnection Policy.

    2. Reunite SO members with their families.

    3. Stop enforced Abortions.

  31. Soderqvist1
    2009-10-09 at 11:38

    My stance is; I am a quasi scientologist!
    I am not an anti-scientologist, because I believe a large part of Scientology works, but I am not a Scientologist because I have seen Hubbard’s hidden agenda.
    My conclusion is floating, and modifying rather than fix as the pro, and anti camps seems to be!

    1 David Miscavige removed from power, and everything back to what it was before he tampered with scientology!

    2 I believe Marty Rathbun is correct that Scientology works. And it works because it has been tried out, and improved by Hubbard for some decades. But I have seen evidence that there are others who have contributed to the tech, and should be properly attributed. See my reply!
    (link to reply removed due to links in the reply referencing confidential material)

    3 The problems with the Anti-Scientologists will not go away until L. Ron Hubbard’s hidden agenda is admitted, and rooted out, or proven false by the Scientologists. If this has been done, I think most of these antis will begin to be interested in Scientology, and even I will be less quasi, and more a scientologist!

    • RJ
      2009-10-09 at 22:01

      “3 The problems with the Anti-Scientologists will not go away until L. Ron Hubbard’s hidden agenda is admitted, and rooted out, or proven false by the Scientologists. If this has been done, I think most of these antis will begin to be interested in Scientology, and even I will be less quasi, and more a scientologist!”

      What “hidden agenda”?

      Also I doubt if the haters will stop hating Scientology even if such an “agenda” was ever “admitted”, even if such existed, because that’s their tone level hate.

      They are different from the valid critics like Mark Bunker for example who see that organizational reform is needed and long overdue, but these people are not Anti-Scientology they are anti-organizational abuse.

      As far as Anti-Scientologists are concerned. I doubt if exposing some non-existent “hidden agenda” will ever change their minds and besides who needs their approval anyway?

      That’s time well wasted.

      • Chris
        2009-10-13 at 04:50

        Geir,for clarification,did you edit my reply to this conversation out of existence because of the lulz apparent?
        Or did you never get it?
        Firefox has been acting like crap to me the last week and a half.

        • Chris
          2009-10-13 at 04:53

          Dammmit Geir,It turns out Soderqvist1 said the same basic comment over on he “What do you want to read on this blog” page”
          Feel free to delete my last 2 messages on this page.

          • 2009-10-13 at 05:19

            Eh… need to find them first 😉

        • 2009-10-13 at 05:18

          No editing.

  32. Koos
    2009-10-09 at 15:42

    Ex Scientologist

    1. Get rid of DM
    2. No disconnections – this is an evil policy.
    3. Get rid of the RPF – another evil
    4. The tech should be available for an actual donation, not an insanely high set price, disguised as a donation.

  33. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-09 at 16:50

    I am a Scientologist, now more than ever.

    I copy/pasta what Otto suggests! 🙂

    I give a cheer to StarsAwait’s 3 suggestions, and to RJ’s commentary.

    I would also try to locate and re-recruit the awesome Mission Holders who were assassinated in the early days of the coup d’état, and launch a sub-program to get them instant-funded and launched again.

    • Alex
      2009-10-11 at 03:00

      Hi Nom de Plume,
      I second the motion on the Mission Holders and would like to include David Mayo in that group. This is the basic basic on the chain of injustices. No man left behind would be cool.

  34. TRUTH
    2009-10-09 at 17:16

    Geir! I guess I got so excited since Christmas is near so I wanted Santa to have all my wishes! :O)

    • 2009-10-09 at 18:12

      Now that is a good explanation. Santa is Norwegian, you know.

  35. Truth
    2009-10-09 at 17:21

    I’m an exScientologist.

    1. Remove shorty as the leader.

    2. Put in a system of real checks and balances for management so they can do real invests and evals with real whys.

    3. Remove any and all abuses. And make it so they can never happen again. OSA should only be a defensive org not offensive.

  36. Columbus
    2009-10-09 at 17:21

    (This post was an off-topic camouflaged as a real answer. Listen, Columbus: You were given a red card after having been given three warnings without any change in your postings – that is more slack than anyone has gotten on this blog. Get your act together or leave.)

  37. Margaret
    2009-10-09 at 18:05

    I’m a Scientologist.

    1. Put in a sane, experienced leadership with an oversight Board — perhaps a “Council of OTs” of six OT VIIs or OT VIIIs, elected by the current body of OT VII completions.
    2. Do an eval to determine the existing Church outpoints, and determine which policies need cancelling/modifying/updating which brought about the current situation (likely candidates: forced disconnection, the policies which led to “stat pushing”, outrageously high prices, and poor working conditions for staff/SO, etc.)
    3. Re-launch a “New Church of Scientology” as modified by #2 which minimally (a) fully takes advantage of the Internet (i.e. electronically publishes the basic books, etc.), (b) is financially transparent, (c) uses a sane system of ethics/justice, admin, etc. (again, as modified by #2).

    NOTES: I wouldn’t suggest “modifying the tech” because I think the Church of Scientology should be a place where someone can go to get pure LRH tech in an unadulterated form, at least through OT VII. However, I do think the “Council of OTs” should determine the best course of action with regard to the Tech particularly beyond OT VII, and form a project of Class XIIs to develop/compile/research additional OT levels as necessary.

    I believe that the first Council of OTs (who hopefully have a track record of accomplishment, high ARC and getting along with others) should elect their own Chairman, perhaps using “Roberts Rules of Order” (as modified as necessary) to conduct meetings and business; Council meeting minutes should be published to at least all the OT VII completions. The Council should also appoint the ED Int and other top level Church executives. Replacement Council members would likely be found, again, by either a general election of existing OT VII completions, or an election amongst the incumbent Council.

    • Margaret
      2009-10-09 at 18:08

      Oops, that wasn’t very short. Sorry bout that.

      • Margaret
        2009-10-09 at 18:20

        By the way, the existing “Church of Spiritual Technology” already is supposed to be the oversight Board (as developed by LRH), and this could become the “Council of OTs”. RTC and other Church bodies could also remain the same, however, I do think existing Church policy needs to be re-evaluated in light of the past 40-50 years experiences with them. And this needs to be done openly, with general elections amongst existing OT VIIs (IMHO) on any major policy changes.

      • 2009-10-09 at 18:24

        Apology accepted and it awarded an approval of the long post.

      • Alex
        2009-10-11 at 03:04

        Hi Margaret,
        Great suggestions!!

  38. Overdriver
    2009-10-09 at 19:18

    This looks sound to me.

  39. LO
    2009-10-10 at 00:04

    1.That Mr. Miscavige resigns and goes to Bulgravia.
    Then There should be something like a “Truth Commission” that should find out
    what all happened in the last 30 years in scientology, publish its findings
    with all data so that history is transparent – something like the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” in South Africa. Anybody could go to this commission and tell his story and be helped to understand what really happened (could be on the internet instead of ESMB or XSO that have other purposes).
    The only purpose of this commission would be ARC, getting the facts, not making wrong or punishment.

    2. Handle and stop of any financial irregularites:
    – Affordable prices for services for the normal man or family
    – Staff having a good pay and a nice retirement pension
    – Freeloader Bills only to staffs that were trying to get free services but
    had no intention to contribute.
    – No donations for no exchange being regged. If somebody wants to give his fortune for a good cause it would be accepted.

    3. LRH says in 11 April 70 issue Third Dynamic Tech:”“In its present state of development, like early auditing material, Third Dynamic Tech is used to think with, and only the bright mind will achieve its full potential in action.”
    LRH always said that his job was to put the bridge there. This has always been his main concern. He only achieved this just before he left his body.If his main concern would have been to have a big C.O.S, he propably would have achieved it as a manager, but then we wouldn’t have a bridge, but millions of followers.
    We didn’t have the chance to use the bridge fully as Miscavige took over.
    It became the IAS, Vms, Human Rights, Narconono, Psych and Pharma busting etc., Ideal Orgs, Relgious Freedom fighting, get rid of your 1D problems stuff. Those actions didn’t communicate what Scientology is but made it rather ridiculous (196 000 VMs ready to handle catastrophes).
    My 3rd wish is that the philosophy is freely available on the internet so people can find out for themselves what it really is. People could then google all what
    he said about democracy (not only in KSW but all the thousands or words about it). They could find out what he meant with the joke “if you don’t smoke enough you’ll get cancer” or what he meant with “Make money, make more money ! Lets Lrh himself handle the misconceptions,which were only created as there was a vacuum of knowledge. This wish also includes the creations of “Scientology University” (=free knowledge) with the purpose of applying Scientology Philophy to all subjects of Mankind as Education, Economy,Politics, Sciences etc. to develop new technologies to handle the problems of mankind.
    If that can be achieved, soon we would be in paradise and fly to the stars.

  40. Winston Smith
    2009-10-10 at 00:10

    1 End the farce 2 Total refunds, compounded daily back to 1950 3 Imprisonment for all upper management

  41. TRUTH
    2009-10-10 at 00:48

    Geir is my Norvegian Santa!!! :O)

  42. All the young dudes
    2009-10-10 at 06:38

    1. Dissolve the current CO$. Too much damage has been done over the years. The cream will rise to the top and the best of the tech can be used in more of a self help situation. Rebuild a more humanitarian org guided by staff with plenty of public input. (Discover what is wanted and needed).

    2. Never again charge big money for services.

    3. Let a being run what he wants and feels he needs to work on. I happen to feel that what is on the OT levels (I’m OTV) was not my item, implants etc, and not what I wanted or needed to run. In other words grant a being more of his OWN beingness. Just my view but that means of course not adhering to KSW.. which I believe that it’s been followed way too fanatically. And much to our detriment in many ways. Sometimes it does take a village….

    I’m on the fence as a Scientologist. For God’s sake let’s build a better fence!

    • 2009-10-10 at 08:16

      Last sentence = epic 😉

  43. Chris
    2009-10-10 at 08:04

    1.Kick the fascists out(obvious one here)
    2.Rerelease the “Old” OT levels.At the end of the day it’s Tech,not getting used for no apparent reason(I smell an SP….)Let them be released to PC’s and Pre-OT’s at C/S discretion(even the CBR Rons Org followers do this).
    3.Mock up the Sea Org back to it’s original Mock up.Reign in Restimulation and keep in check the excesses of Admin and Counter Intention.Get ethics in,but keep it at a gradient.
    Oh and forming up the Old Sea Project on the Freewinds as a Tech research unit would be nice.We wouldn’t even have to stop delivering “New” OT 8,just do what the Ole man did on ship with PC’s and such.

    • RJ
      2009-10-10 at 09:14

      Totally with you on this Chris.

      • Chris
        2009-10-12 at 04:40

        Thanks,for the ack RJ!

  44. 2009-10-10 at 11:26

    I’m Anon and I have only one wish.

    1. For enough thought leaders within Scientology to realise that the root cause of the current cultic behavior of the Church lies not only with DM but also in a number of Ron’s policies and to push for the cancellation of these policies in a reformed Church.

    I don’t think this will happen though. I think the Church will return to original LRH Tech after Slappy’s removal, without making some essential changes. This will cause cultic practices to continue in the post-DM era.

    • Alex
      2009-10-11 at 03:15

      Hi dave,
      I am a believer in the tech of Scientology and agree with you that some of LRH’s policies may need to be cancelled or put on hold until we have proven leadership that can use enough judgement to use them wisely. LRH said himself that ” Man cannot be trusted to use justice” and I think we have seen this borne out in reality here in these times. I think the emphasis should be on getting people winning. Mankind is great at punishment already, let’s see if the new COS kind rise superior to this now in a new unit of time.

  45. Elgin
    2009-10-10 at 19:40

    I am a Scientologist.

    1. A change in the top management so that there were checks and balances as seems to have been intended.

    2. This would include a clean up of bad PR once point one above had been attained and the church had come clean, so that one can be proud of being a member of the church.

    3. Less financial duress and compulsive focus, by:
    a. Lowering of prices (especially at the higher levels)
    b. Less internationally run donation projects
    c. Emphasis on the individual Scientologist maintaining an orderly economical situation so that they can go on with their services and bad PR flops due to weird registration are avoided.

  46. 2009-10-10 at 21:50

    1.Cancellation of all abusive policies like disconnection, sp declares, RPF, Sea Organization
    2.All LRH writings/notes/advices/OTlevels/policies/orders free from copyrights and available to everyone
    3.Freezoners accepted and helped to improve delivery standards – Scientologists free to choice between the Church and Freezone based on delivery merits and not monopoly


    • madmerris
      2009-10-15 at 01:40

      I really like your wishes! I think it is spot ON!
      I am a happy freezoner and I left the CofS…I miss my friends still in, and wish them well…Hopefully freezoners and church people will come together and share the thing that has benefited us all…The tech….

  47. Someone
    2009-10-10 at 23:34

    I would like to see whatever changes that can open space for this to happen:

    1. Freedom of speaking, reading and practicing.
    2. Freedom of sharing and silencing.
    3. Freedom of connecting and loving.

  48. OTambassadortoo
    2009-10-11 at 03:40

    I’m a Scientologyst.
    1. To apply Ethics and Justice tech to DM and get him sec checked.
    2. To re-organize, to put back in post all Scientologysts (ex SOs)who have been falsely declared, but first to be each one of them re established, and corrected with thech and get them into the OT levels. To give False data stripping to the current staff who are NOT applying Scientology and are applying Miscavighe altered Tech. To put back HCO in the SO and in orgs, the best tech trained personeel to be put in Qual. To recollect LRH tech and get it corrected from the alterations done. To get LRH as the Source of this tech. To get all staff cleaned up and trained and moving up the bridge. To get all the Scn public back on lines and the ones who donated to give something in retourn as courses or auditing but get the exchange policy in. To lower prices and make scn available for everyone. To better the payment for SOs, to get the door oppen for all to jpin and also to leave it open for those eho want to leave. To stop all kind of crimes commited inside the administration and outside of it. To correct and make and amnesty for all those declared or set aside of Scn lines, eaven if they are dead. To train in admin, tech and ethics all staff.
    3. To make LRH Tech available and reachable for everyone. To put the exchange in. To stop the donations campaigns. To make a public announcement and a full investigation on how LRH died and to tell the truth to all. To make an acknowledgement to Old Scientologyst,to all SOs, to all Public to all LRH family for their help and contributions to our society. To stop the desconection policy. To have an public OT Wachdog Comitee to watch for all execs and staffs rights and this OTs will be elected by staffs and make this posts valid only for few years, with elections done.

    • 2009-10-11 at 06:42

      Welcome. Keep it shorter next time.

  49. KnowMan
    2009-10-11 at 14:42

    1. Replace current Church management with leaders who can sanely apply policy.
    2. New leaders publicly reveal the truth of what happened during the Miscavige era so that everyone can understand what happened during that period.
    3. New leaders restore membership through general amnesty, freeloader debt cancellation and establishment of accountability to Church members.

    The many other actions required to improve conditions would be instigated by the new leaders.

  50. Paolo
    2009-10-11 at 17:20

    1) Get the truth rundown fully completed. Tell the truth on what REALLY happened to the broekers, 1982, Lisa Mc Person, etc. This is the way the church has to come clean.
    2) Write a single document like the US declaration of independence that states what are the actual principles and values that Scientology is built on. A 1 page document. Use that single document to evaluate all the policies and the LRH advices today in use in the C. of S. and cancel all the ones that do not align with actual principles. There are way too many counter and bad policies in the church today. We need a single more important document to evaluate all the others.
    3) Use any money that can be found in SOR and IAS to redress all wrongs starting with the people who have died because of malpractice, the people who have been unjustly fairgamed, the old staff members who have not insurance or medical coverage, the refunds/repayments in that order.


    • 2009-10-11 at 17:58

      On #2: It would parallel the idea of the Q’s.

  51. jason beghe
    2009-10-12 at 14:33

    Change the attitude and focus from helping “Scientology” to helping the individual.

    • 2009-10-12 at 19:11

      That sums it up.

  52. A1044
    2009-10-12 at 17:42

    There are more than 3 items on the list.
    The list is not nullable to 3 items.

    0) That OSA do its job i.e. handle DM, sycophants and cronies.

    1) That the humanity and trust that LRH demonstrated be restored in interactions between staff, orgs and public

    2) That the international org structure be supported and maintained as that is the only way that Scientology will actually be able to survive.

  53. Inky
    2009-10-12 at 17:48

    1. New model: http://www.scientology-cult.com/new-model-for-scientology.html by Joe Howard including a fully indexed, online database of all public Scientology works.

    2. The Creed of the Church of Scientology should be known and followed.

    3. Put back the Eval Corps and find out how the tech and church were stolen and create a system (or what have you) whereby this could never, EVER happen again.

  54. Disinfected
    2009-10-12 at 18:11

    1. Close-couple policy to specific spheres. I think one large problem with the Church is that they tend to apply ALL policy EVERYWHERE. A=A=A. Example – it might be ill-advised for a Church to process the terminally ill but here should be no such restriction on the field auditor. Example – the non-enturb order makes sense when applied strictly in the academy but is overused as a means of control and punishment.
    2. Uncouple the Sea Org from lower org management. Sea Org to remain as a validating organization for “standard tech”.
    3. Greatly relax restrictions and “can’t have” on missions and groups.
    Scientologist. Maybe. We’ll see.

  55. Disinfected
    2009-10-12 at 18:12

    1. Close-couple policy to specific spheres. I think one large problem with the Church is that they tend to apply ALL policy EVERYWHERE. A=A=A. Example – it might be ill-advised for a Church to process the terminally ill but there should be no such restriction on the field auditor. Example – the non-enturb order makes sense when applied strictly in the academy but is overused as a means of control and punishment.
    2. Uncouple the Sea Org from lower org management. Sea Org to remain as a validating organization for “standard tech”.
    3. Greatly relax restrictions and “can’t have” on missions and groups.
    Scientologist. Maybe. We’ll see.

  56. Disinfected
    2009-10-12 at 18:42

    (By the way, my second post corrected a typo)
    Here are some more:
    4. Create a Sea Org Oversight Board composed of elected public from different areas with full access to all SO activities and records. Provide a non-SO public ombudsman to act for public in matters concerning the SO.
    5. Uncouple the IAS from the SO. Take the “war chest” out of SO hands and give it to an elected governing board.
    6. Remove any “Hidden Data Lines” re book revisions. Make all original materials, tapes, notes, etc. available that the current revisions are supposedly based on.
    The whole thing has to do with transparency and accountability. Currently CoS management has neither.

    • Disinfected
      2009-10-12 at 19:42

      And I should mention that when I say “Sea Org” I certainly do not mean the current oppressive organization. I mean any international, unifying, governing body. I think that such a body is appropriate and probably essential provided needed reforms are made. I might mention that I am not much a fan of having someone with an admitted history of oppressing and beating staff having any important part in it no matter how much he may claim to have reformed. I don’t know about you but I’ve never beaten anyone and I am not much of one for oppression either.

  57. Allen
    2009-10-12 at 20:43

    1 Admit that the tech is dangerous, ludicrous bunk
    2 Confess that all $cilons are co-conspirators with David Miscavige and LRH in a plot to rob and enslave anyone they come into contact with.
    3 Encourage all $cilons to research: scientific method, the nature of cult indoctrination, Maoism, Stalin…anything, really apart from snake-oil sales.

    (Not a $cilon)

    • 2009-10-12 at 20:46

      I’m letting this pass, but only for the lulz. And also to more officially give you a yellow card. Next, you’re out.

    • Chris
      2009-10-13 at 04:46

      “1 Admit that the tech is dangerous, ludicrous bunk”
      Yeah cause everyone knows if Scientology really was that goddamn dangerous,you’d think the United States Government or Osama Bin Laden would have tried to seize it already 🙂

      “2 Confess that all $cilons are co-conspirators with David Miscavige and LRH in a plot to rob and enslave anyone they come into contact with.”
      I don’t know about the Asthmatic Dwarf,but I readily admit to being a co-conspirator to L.Ron Hubbard.Feel free to send me and my gun to the Concentration Camps Now.
      I dare Ya!

      “3 Encourage all $cilons to research: scientific method, the nature of cult indoctrination, Maoism, Stalin…anything, really apart from snake-oil sales.”
      LURK MOAR!!!
      What do you think we’ve been doing in the Freezone the last 30 years?
      We sure as hell haven’t been spending it in basements like some anons…. 😉

  58. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-12 at 22:54

    Good point! I agree, Alex. David was one of the big dogs that HAD to go.

    Alex :
    Hi Nom de Plume,
    I…would…include David Mayo in that group.

    Absolutely! Wouldn’t that be great!?! 🙂

  59. Allen
    2009-10-13 at 06:47

    isene :
    I’m letting this pass, but only for the lulz. And also to more officially give you a yellow card. Next, you’re out.

    Geir, Thank you for allowing my post.

    I respectfully request that you rescind this ‘yellow card’. I am not trolling – these are my sincere hopes and wishes, dissenting as they are from your own, or from the majority of those who think as you do.

    You have been, for a very long time, a member of a totalitarian organisation which systematically made dissent at this level a ‘High Crime’. But in the free world, it is just this – the ability freely to discuss the merits of an argument without being muzzled by the powers that be, that keeps it free.

    If you’re going to disallow anything you regard as ‘entheta’ here, how will you ever put forward a convincing argument, one that you *know to be so?

    • 2009-10-13 at 13:43

      I regarded it as impolite and disrespectful – as you painted with an all to big a brush. It parallels trolling but maybe unintentionally so – but that makes the comment even freaky.

  60. Allen
    2009-10-13 at 16:08

    isene :
    I regarded it as impolite and disrespectful – as you painted with an all to big a brush. It parallels trolling but maybe unintentionally so – but that makes the comment even freaky.

    Geir, my comments may well strike you as you say (disrespectful etc), but they were made neither out of ignorance, nor from a desire to antagonise. You will concede that a broad brush can paint a true picture sometimes?

    Why freaky, though? Please explain.

  61. 2009-10-18 at 13:18

    1. Remove DM
    2. Remove DM
    3. Remove DM

  62. 2009-10-21 at 02:47

    Sometimes the group dramatizes the very engram it is trying to handle.

    People leaving the church and not fighting for whats right INSIDE the church is just a further dramatization of that engram.

    Get in PT & get back on board.

    If it is really OUT TECH & OUT ADMIN then continue the fight.

    • 2009-10-21 at 04:48

      Have you yourself tried handling the outpoints from the inside?

  63. madmerris
    2009-10-21 at 15:20

    I am in present time (in the freezone) Many people have tried to do what you have asked. NO RESULTS I will not contribute to the motion or be part of a group as nasty as the CofS. Fighting from the outside is the next logical option. ……………..Merris……………

  64. D
    2009-11-18 at 15:19

    There are so many outpoints to be corrected but three as a start:
    1) lower prices, not just a little, but by 75% at least!
    2) post ALL statistics past and present; allow public to fully inspect their own personnel and ethics files and right to possession of their PC folders.
    3) make a public “Watch Dog Committee” composed of public Scientologists from each org area and CLO areas.
    3a) end this disconnection bs and end all org 3rd party against individuals.
    3b) train and audit the staff!!!!!!!!!!!! use the friggen tech, not SUPPRESS it!
    4) forget about this “perfection” attitude and apply this tech, there is too much obsession with doing it ‘perfect’ – this is of course, impossible, we are live human beings, not cut/dry robots – auditing is a live activity. You want to know why a pc may be overly upset about some perceived problem in auditing? The cost! It’s $300.00 to $1,000. per hour that’s $5.00 to 16.66 per minute! And its always the student/pc’s fault (cramming costs, pc to review) It’s fine to expect exchange but there is this word: FAIR and what we have now is not fair and for the past 30 years has not been a fair exchange, but something close to extortion!

  65. ndp
    2009-11-20 at 00:29

    1. Start applying standard Scientology.
    2. Start applying standard Scientology.
    3. Start applying standard Scientology.

  66. Just Me
    2010-08-21 at 19:52

    I am done with labels. I am me.

    Three ways I’d change the CoS:

    1. Freesource all Scientology materials on the Internet.

    2. Bankrupt the CoS through lawsuits and prosecute and convict those criminals who masquerade as the church’s leaders (starting with David Miscavige).

    3. Allow anyone who wants to do so to deliver auditing and training. The market will quickly determine which products are desirable.

    • 2010-08-25 at 22:14

      Excellent summary!

  67. 2011-01-19 at 21:53

    I am a Scientologist – outside of the cos.

    In summary of some of the above points: My 3 (or 4) wishes have been granted!

    1. Free the Source materials: Done – see http://www.stss.nl

    2. Apply ethics to DM: Done – Was declared in the 1980s for High Crimes, such as Mutiny and more.

    3. Sensible priced training and auditing: Done – see http://www.rons-org.com

    4. LRH’s tech re-launched exterior to the cos: Done – FreeZone 1984 http://www.freezone.de

    ml, Clive

  68. lizabeth
    2012-06-07 at 04:10

    I am an ex public scientologist.
    1. OSA need´s a real overhaul; should safepoint Scientology and create good PR instead of dealing with Fair Games and Lies.
    2. Have staff get mandatory auditor training.
    3. Get on purpose and get ethics in.

  69. Madora Pennington
    2013-08-29 at 06:59

    I am ex-Scientologist.

    I don’t think there is hope for reform for the “church” or the tech. From what I’ve read, Hubbard was extremely evil and Scientology is a bait-and-switch scam. I think Hubbard’s real goal might have been to reincarnate and have billions of dollars amassed and an army of slaves at his command: the literal SO slaves, and people spiritually broken by the OT Levels. He would not be happy that Miscavige has ruined everything! But an organization based and arranged on suppression and evil would naturally fall into the hands of the lowest common denominator: DM. LRH didn’t understand a lot about human behavior.

    I’ve seen psychotherapy and psychiatry turn people into empty shells, too, and rob them of their passions and life, not just OT levels. Just in a different way. The field of mental health needs a lot of improvement, and real scientific investigation, which exists neither in Scientology or psychotherapy.

    I have had psychotherapy, psychiatry and Scientology counseling (not Grades), and overall, Scientology was best by far. Auditing is not for someone who is schizophrenic or severely mentally ill, but good for regular life stuff. I also studied through Level IV. There are many interesting ideas on human behavior, some extremely workable. I really enjoyed it. I understand why Marty Rathbun says delivering auditing only for the benefit of the person is totally different.

    The concepts of out-list and confessional should be studied by the field of mental health and implemented. And a lot of good can be done with an e-meter, too. It reads on emotion and can show when it’s time to end off a subject. People get trashed in psychotherapy because they go on and on and on about the past, beyond a point when they felt better, and it is damaging, pulls their attention away from life and living, and confuses them. And they get evaluated for to death! And tons of out-list phenomenon. It’s painful to see.

    I think the average person could greatly improve his average problems with a comm course, a little overt write-up, some ruds, any out-lists indicated and cleaned-up, and then ride off into the sunset. All done gently, with the patient’s understanding and cooperation and permission. In auditing, you don’t get to not answer a question. That is wrong, especially when many questions make no sense.

    To get benefits from Scientology, one has to get LRH out of it. I was really shocked reading Power and the Ls. Power looked to me like LRH was trying to really sock it to someone who wouldn’t lie and pretend to be clear (since clear doesn’t exist). The Ls look really dangerous and overwhelming. I get why people call L10 an implant. I’m not surprised Lisa McPherson lost her mind after Power, two Ls, plus the false attest to clear ordered by DM. And the Introspection RD? How evil. If you could live through it, it could cave you in permanently.

    • 2013-08-29 at 07:22

      Great info.

      Would love to see yu over at isene.me also 🙂

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