This is taken from my Doubt write-up. It was a one-page suggestion I sent to people I know well in the Church of Scientology International – without any response. Almost every Scientologist I have shown this to have agreed that this is a good idea. Some have said it is the way forward in disseminating the philosophy and technology written by L. Ron Hubbard and others. I present it here as a separate blog post in an effort to inspire Scientologists outside and inside the church:



  • To get L. Ron Hubbard’s technology into the hands of everyone as fast as possible and in the most user-friendly way.


  • Release the full body of publicly available LRH material on the Internet, fully indexed, easily searchable, free for all to access without restrictions.


  • Everyone could get free access to all LRH material
  • The public access to the technology would reach places where there are no libraries
  • Access to the material would be almost instantaneous
  • Pointing someone to specific parts of the technology would be as simple as relating a link
  • Finding exact references would finally be practical with a proper search back-end
  • It would revolutionize academy training in the orgs as the students would finally have all the references they could ever hope for by the click of a button
  • It would revolutionize the running of the orgs as the staff would have all the references they could ever hope for by the click of a button


  • If the materials of LRH is already digitized, a full release of the materials on the Internet should take no more than 6 months to complete.


  • Releasing all publicly available LRH material on the Internet would be the greatest dissemination of his technology ever.


What about the lost income from book sales?

  • The purpose is the dissemination of the materials to as many as possible. This would generate a substantial increase in the interest for services, for training and auditing – which would by far compensate for any lost revenue. The purpose is to get the technology in use, a cleared planet and not to cater primarily for short-term income.

What about copyrights?

  • Releasing the materials on the Internet would not violate any LRH copyrights just as shipping books to libraries would not have any effect on the copyrights of the materials

What about protecting the purity of the tech?

  • By releasing and maintaining the originals on the Internet, the public can finally refer to the authentic materials and for the first time be able to spot any altered materials on the Internet by easy comparison. Today altered material is floating on the Internet with no easy way of checking its authenticity.

But the public will not fully understand the materials…

  • LRH writes in HCOPL 11 Aug 1972 “Films and tapes not prohibited”:No words at all is worse than a few misunderstoods!“.

I sincerely hope this would inspire action.

The work was free. Keep it so.” LRH, Clearing Procedure (1957)

  1. LO
    2009-08-21 at 17:01

    This is the best Idea I’ve ever seen since being in Scientology. Lrh talks about somewhere that the best dissemination would be a postulate going around the planet (sorry i can’t say where that is written, I was looking fifteen Minutes for that sentence and finally gave up, but I’m 100% sure I read it once-with all lrh on the net I wouldhave found it in ten seconds !!!).
    – This would produce more Theta than 10 000 people on Solo Nots.
    – It would speed up studies on course rooms !
    – Qual cycles would go faster then ever !
    – People having read a quote from Lrh could read the context to it and see the theta behind it and what was really meant. For example the quote “make money, make more money” or if you get cancer you didn’t smoke enough (was a joke of lrh). It would dead agent about 90% of the entheta going around in the internet and the enturbulators would go out of business!
    – Also for scientologists, registrars and recruiters it would be very beneficial to always been able to show the references at any place they are as the internet is everywhere (laptop, iphone, cell phone etc…..).
    – And finally one can find new references, new viewpoints but just typing in some words.
    To always have the whole Lrh library at your hands wherever you are would be the best that can ever happen to you!

    • jim cherkas
      2009-08-25 at 19:46

      You are too idealistic it would never work. The church wants to make money on the materials, bridge publications is for profit and pays minimum wage because of it! The church would not like people to look at the internet without the scarry thought that the sp lies about it are there on the internet and you can go pts. Finnaly the church would have you scared to read lrh on the internet MUs. Its not a joke that lrh say smoke more to get rid of cancer he was an avid smoker or dont you know that? Was lrh joking about making more money? NO.

      • 2009-08-25 at 20:05

        Thanks for a straight and polite post.

        I acknowledge that LRH made mistakes. I don’t much care. I can sift what is useful from what is not. I believe in observable (to me) results. That’s all.

        I also know that my LRH4ALL post is idealistic. No contest there 🙂

    • Nom_de_Plume
      2009-08-30 at 22:11

      Hi,LO (heh, heh, heh – that turned out unexpectedly 😀 )

      Anyway, just a comment about LRH’s comment on “not smoking enough” that is a subjective reality for me. A guy named Joe Vialls had a terrific site (now gone), and one of the articles took up the position that smoking was good for people because…

      After all the atmospheric nuclear testing back in the ’50s, the world-wide rate of lung cancer began to skyrocket. Later, this would be blamed on smoking by the powerz-dat-be.

      BUT…Vialls further pointed out that smokers actually had LESS lung cancer. Why? Because smokers manufacture and cough up a lot of mucus. And thereby clear much more inhaled radioactive particles from their lungs than do non-smokers.

      My personal “truth-O-meter” gave a good read on that. Especially since LRH had a lot of attention on the bomb in his early writings.

      Just a note I wanted to share. 🙂

  2. LO
    2009-08-21 at 17:17


  3. LO
    2009-08-21 at 17:20

    I never donatedmoney for the library campaign, but would for this project !
    Where can I send the money to ?

  4. Anonymous
    2009-08-21 at 22:32

    Encouraging this, as knowledge is free, even though I personally don’t believe in the tech. But you should brace yourself for lawsuits and/or cease and desist orders, as the RTC obviously won’t approve.

    • 2009-08-22 at 07:14

      I am not about to do something that will get me into legal trouble. I will however work hard politically to change how copyrights work (yeah, I know – it’s easier to climb Mount everest)

      • Anonymous
        2009-08-24 at 14:26


  5. jim cherkas
    2009-08-25 at 19:38

    If you just watch south park episode on scientology you will see the church will never release the materials for free! Why because it NOT about the message its about the MONEY stupid!

    • 2009-08-25 at 19:44

      Any rude posts will hereafter not pass my moderation. I have no problem approving comments opposing my viewpoints, not at all (I have approved all but one so far – that one was linking to a page with confidential material, and I need Scientologists to feel safe on my site with the links here).

      There is no need for rudeness or name-calling. Be polite and the comments will be approved.

  6. Vlad Tepes
    2009-08-26 at 01:17

    Since the materials are widely available through shadowy sources such as Wikileaks, Anonymous and Maxim Lebedev, there really is a need for this type of program. People could look up anything and do it safely without worrying about running across confidential materials. Have you heard about “SIR”, Source Information Retrieval, an excellent computerized Scientology cross reference produced by INCOMM in the late 1980’s? The church can still sell the books in printed form, as they really are aesthetic. And, it is nice to have lectures with printed transcripts. However, the present system simply puts too many vias on the line. People can see plenty of disparagement of LRH and Scientology for free and instantly. The true data is not free and not that available.

    On the other hand, have you read the “Clearbird” materials? If you like it, you could promote it. If not, maybe you could fix it. There cannot be a prohibition against creating a high quality “Scientology for Dummies” and widely distributing. The trouble is, how do you get people actually interested in auditing each other in the first place? Society does not seem to operate that way.

  7. Newbest
    2009-09-13 at 07:15

    Perhaps self disconnected scientologiest could team up with a research university and audit the scientology process and find what in fact has given practitioners wins. Then take these distilled processes and create a new tech that contains the practical applicable parts of the tech while pearing off the “creative” tech. Boil it down the the core. What this could also do is release the tech from the stigma that will now be attached to the original version because of the current goings on. If this is tech, there is nothing wrong with revision. As well adding an actual scientific quantification to the tech processes should make them even more attractive. Taking the church part out would do wonders as well and the tech could then sit more comfortably with those who practice faith as well as tech.

  8. Culumbus
    2009-09-17 at 22:02

    If everyone has access to ALL LRH material, they will be exposed to parts of Scientology that many Scientologist don’t even know exist or, at best, are dimly aware of.

    I’m for making it ALL available, but LRH will be thoroughly discredited when that happens.

    These are the parts of Scientology that well intentioned counselors would rather not confront.

    However, if this material is widely available – all of it – others will confront it, and will “connect the dots,” and the picture will not be a pretty one.

  9. imu
    2009-10-19 at 11:48

    i agree these materials should be released for all and the same with other religious systems as well. ALL knowledge is free and for all, power games were born from the greed of the ones wanting it all. the question here is the same i pose regarding other knowledge systems, some of them held by the governments: the power to the people will be power for anyone for i believe people will give up on what’s fully open and available, and that is when we truly gain it. there has been a ruling power of secrecy (to create interest) in things that are so natural and have become so aberrated, as to say, things we carry inside since the beggining of time. it’s about time we ALL remember who we really are.

    i think ALL the materials should be released and by doing this a great selection will come about as well as great instant cognitions and fast awareness evolution. awareness doesn’t take time, doesn’t have to take time, that is another illusion. if authors are going to be descredited for that i don’t see any problem in it, on the contrary. i think words and thoughts have always belong to everyone, we are mere mediators and channels to them. the merits are always spiritual and we only have to work to be channeling ideas that benefit the most. when one starts claming credits to him, business can start and the ego trips too.

    this is the beggining of the end of a long and sad history (to forget?)! i am truly happy to see amazing light workers like you doing what you are doing here Geir. you are a perfect example of how to use the internet as one of the best tools to spread love around the world and this way free people from outter despotical authorities (o:« WE RULE!

  10. Maria
    2009-10-29 at 18:29

    I don’t know if you have been keeping track Geir, but Anon has been very, very busy indeed and has pretty much released EVERYTHING in digital format. It seems that the Anons are insatiable for the data even if they complain about it. Apparently their goal is to digitize and upload everything ever written or recorded. They have gotten very clever about it too, they are putting it on the Torrent format which is very difficult to trace to any one individual. So like or not, it seems that the C of S is going to have to come up to speed on their approach to the public because at the rate this is going, many new public may have already read books and materials by the time they even show up at an official organization.

  11. jessicaheartsart
    2009-11-12 at 17:11

    Hi there, I love the idea of making the text available for everyone. You see, there are added benefits to the ones you listed. As an example, there’s a bad public image of Scientology itself, simply because people fear what they do not understand. This would open the door for people to understand, therefore the stigma would eventually go away.
    Also, there are people who study religion as part of course work (mainly theologists) but don’t want to spend all the money it takes. This would help make Scientology become as what some people may say, a legitmate religion.
    I understand there are logistical obstacles to overcome, but there are remedies. Freezoners and Independents should write Amnesty International and let them know how the Church of Scientology is, in essence, blocking their parishoners from spiritual rights and freedoms.
    Great post,

  12. Supy
    2010-09-20 at 18:29

    In the meantime until all is out on a page one could collect all LRH-references in electronic form on a(n) (external) hard disk and search with the windows search-function for any word or combination of words.

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