The Good


Having covered both the bad and the ugly in previous posts, I think it is time time to cover the good. I will give the reader a summary of some of my gains in Scientology.

Many critics instantly rejects any gains in Scientology, perhaps because they do not fit with their fixed ideas and because it rocks their elected stable data. I urge any critic to read without the finger twitching on the auto-reject button.

The following list are gains I cannot logically ascribe to anything other than the Scientology services I have received:

  • I was a shy nerd terrified of reading aloud at school. After two years in Scientology and with the help of the Communication Course and the Pro TRs I started and hosted the second most popular radio show in Norway called Midnight Magick (it was role-playing on the air). I am still a nerd but certainly not shy.
  • I was never artistic until I started my auditing. On the OT levels creativity surfaced to the point where I found myself creating 3D digital art, music, poetry and short stories. Yes, I did role-playing before, but the surge in creativity on OT 1 to 3 was manifold in less than half a year.
  • I have reached a calm plateau where emotions doesn’t hassle me. Emotions are strong, but positive. I used to be quite nervous or worrying about stuff that may happen. Now life is a game and I’m enjoying it immensely. Even the storm I am in now is an interesting game to me.
  • I had a serious hit in my interest for natural sciences when I was 16. My interest for astrophysics and particle physics dropped out of view (I was living this stuff from 12 to 16). The Method 1 word clearing completely restored my interest for the sciences and more. I got geekier than ever and later I got into collecting calculators to explore the mathematics behind the natural sciences. This is now my official insanity.
  • I had a pretty good personal integrity before I came into Scientology, and it grew steadily as I got up the levels of auditing. But it was OT VIII that made me unbearable in the eyes of the church (a church staff: “I am sure Geir would rather be declared suppressive than do something against his will“). I feel very much aligned with The Code of Honor – especially point #9: “Your self determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
  • Before the Upper Indoc TRs I would not handle upsets in others (I would duck). After training on TRs 6-9 I handle upsets, quarrels and disputes quite effectively. I am usually very calm about it.
  • I’ve regained the kid in me through Scientology 🙂

These are just a small portion of my gains with Scientology. I hope it will help shed some light on the difference between the Scientology philosophy and the gains I have had, and the Church of Scientology and its problems described in my earlier blog posts.

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