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On disconnection

Here is the official spokesman of the Church of Scientology, Tommy Davis on disconnection:

Scientologist know this to be a lie. Scientologists in Oslo most definitely know this to be untrue as they have been told to disconnect from me. Thus I have personal experience showing that the church spokesman is lying to the general public.

(Thanks to AnonymousNorway for the clip)

  1. Patty P
    2009-09-06 at 20:04

    Every time I see Tommy Davis on one of these shows, he looks absolutely exhausted.

    He represents every that is wrong with the Church.

  2. 2009-09-06 at 21:08

    You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    2009-09-07 at 01:43

    Knowing all the things that could go behind the scene I have a hard time to really have negative emotions about Tommy Davis for all the lying he is putting. He sacrifices his integrity to satisfy his boss or his position. That’s one of the worst thing that can happen to someone.

  4. Been There
    2009-09-07 at 08:02

    Tommy Davis has a choice to lie or not. He has a choice to follow policy or DM. He chose. He is squirrel. His mother is Ann Archer and this gives him a way out. Many of us had no one to fall back on but we saw that policy was not being followed and left. Those that did not are paying for it now. Some of them were friends and it breaks my heart. It was still their choice and can be again.

  5. Anonymous
    2009-09-07 at 17:23

    Since one of the policies says “Never use lies in PR”, it stands that Tommy Davis is both untruthful and a squirrel. The book “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” has a whole chapter devoted to it, aside from the numerous other materials and tapes on the subject.

  6. altruistichedonist
    2009-09-08 at 12:57

    Notice how he shakes his head and the number of times he blinks. He doesn’t look askance for an answer mentally. All indications of a blatant liar !

  7. Rebel Too
    2009-09-08 at 18:45

    Here is just another example of a major footbullet for the C of S. It’s own parishoners KNOW that this is a lie, and a stupid one at that. Anyone can open any ethics book and find disconnection. The interviewer should have had the book in front of him and read it to the public. Now that would have been VERY interesting.

  8. concernedScn
    2009-09-08 at 23:35

    It boggles the mind that Tommy Davis is supposed to be a PR man… He’s terrible at it. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone handle PR worse than him.

    He could have explained that one Scns can choose to handle or disconnect with people who are antagonistic towards them and their Scn beliefs. Yet he chooses to say, “it just doesn’t happen” – which is obviously a lie.

    You would think Miscavige would have him RPF’ed for life with the way he’s handled the BBC/John Sweeney, the S.P. Times response, and then this…but it seems Miscavige is running out of people to do his dirty work.

  9. 2010-06-04 at 18:26

    Hi. I think this forum is a good idea. If people who have experienced the enforcement of disconnection start joining here, it will soon be visible how much disconnection is practiced! I left the COS when the Ethics Officer insisted I disconnect from a friend. I have a daughter who has been disconnected from me for several years. For the most part the practice of disconnection as it is applied in the COS is harmful. There are times one might want to disconnect, such as from an abuse spouse, but that still should be a matter of choice.

    2010-06-04 at 21:52

    Never mind how he looks uncomfortable saying what he has been forced (brainwashed) to believe is the truth. He couldn’t recognize truth if he was drowning in it!

    What counts is the fact that his master is USING HIM FOR HIS OWN PURPOSE OF HELPING HIM STAY OUT OF TROUBLE WHILE MAKING ENOUGH MONEY TO RETIRE COMFORTABLY. What people should focus on at the moment is: WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING, APART FROM A CLEVER INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE ALL OVER THE WORLD?? Someone should ask that question to dear Tommy. Disconnection is aimed at people who have outside connections who could ask the above question. The current disconnection policy is clearly being used to avoid IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. It is not being applied for the purpose of allowing you to remain loyal and “unenturbulated” while you are being audited or while you are on course. DM has forgoten all of that “Old fasshion Scientology”. You can only fight disconnection by bringing that crazy man down into the hands of the Law of the Land.

  11. 2011-03-16 at 05:05

    Excellent thread, Geir – many thanks, my friend.
    Love, Robin & Adrienne

  12. Bo
    2011-05-13 at 21:53

    But Hubbard wrote the disconnection policy. Disconnection is LRH tech, not the work of “squirrels”.

    • 2011-05-16 at 13:05

      Of course. Your point?

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