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Massive response to me leaving the church. I get lots of communications from Scientologists in good standing, scientologists who have left the church, former scientologists, critics, anons and people who have only heard of Scientology.

I get many questions about my viewpoints on various topics. In the name of efficiency, I will answer many of the questions by stating my positions here:

  • I am a Scientologist. I am not a member of the Church of Scientology.
  • I have had great gains from Scientology. I am satisfied with all the service I have received. My gains are mine, and those who need to believe that nothing can be good about Scientology are free to satisfy their needs with speculations. I believe Scientology can help people improve their lives, to gain and exercise their free will.
  • I believe the international church management is acting suppressive, creating an oppressive organization.
  • The church management is lying to the public.
  • I believe the church is digging its own grave and in doing so is bringing the Scientology philosophy in disrepute.
  • I bear no grudge against the church. I see abuses. I want it handled.
  • The Church has worked relentlessly to create an equal sign between itself and the Scientology philosophy. I am working to break that equal sign – to help people differentiate between the two.
  • I believe that every Scientologist owe it to himself to honestly look at the current scene of Scientology and the accusations against management. Scientologists should confront opposing views and make up their own mind of what is true for themselves.
  • Life is not black or white. Nothing is totally wrong or totally right. Neither claiming Scientology is perfect nor that it is all wrong is particularly sane.
  • The philosophy is not perfect. It has its flaws. I pick what works. I disregard what doesn’t work. This is according to Hubbard’s own article “How to study Scientology”.
  • L. Ron Hubbard was a man. He had flaws. I do not care. I care about results from applying the philosophy.
  • I acknowledge that many helped in creating the philosophy. I believe in Right of Attribution.
  • The Church of Scientology must either be reformed or replaced by other means to deliver Scientology technology to anyone who wants to take advantage of Scientology services.
  • The original and unaltered public material by Hubbard should be made freely available and easily searchable on the Internet.
  • People should be free to use the philosophy or expand upon it as they see fit.
  • The church should encourage scientific research projects to document gains from applying the technology.
  • People should be free to think and express their thoughts. People should be free to practice the philosophy or religion of their choice.
  • Enforced disconnection is wrong.
  • Enforced donations is wrong.
  • Donations for no exchange is rip off.
  • A Church of Scientology needs to be transparent to be viable.
  • The Church of Scientology needs an effective disinfectant; Truth and Honesty™.
  • I am allergic to Argumentum ad Hominem. Trying to kill an argument by discrediting the messenger is like teckling the man instead of the ball in soccer – resulting in a yellow or red card. Trying to silence a critic by character assasination is stupid. The same with trying to discredit the Scientology philosophy by pointing out flaws in L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Anonymous is an interesting concept. It is valuable to have an arena where people are free to express their thoughts without the fear of repercussions. As long as one does not hurt others, I believe anonicity is a creative and positive concept.
  • I believe that my self-determinism and my honor are more important than my immediate life (The Code of Honor by LRH, point #9).
  • I believe in mutual respect and tolerance. My purpose is to help others. I thrive when others succeed.

My viewpoints are constantly evolving. This is part of the quest called living. My positions will be updated in the future as needed.

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