Batman & the Mighty Claire

Robin is the sidekick of Batman. But who is Batman the sidekick of?

The Mighty Claire – and she is the new sheriff in town.

The Scientology Forum ( is gracefully turned over to the new partnership. While Claire Swazey will be the forum administrator, Jeff Batman will handle the technical and back-end matters. Together they will provide the future for the forum – the most prominent neutral ground for courteous discussion of Scientology on the Internet. It is the open forum for Scientologists, both inside the CoS and Independants and Freezoners and critics alike. It is a vehicle for free speech on the subject of Scientology.

Gotham should be safe in their hands.

Claire & Batman; you have the torch.

  1. Panda
    2010-05-13 at 13:49

    Cool, that should be interesting! 🙂

  2. Claire Swazey
    2010-05-13 at 16:59

    Well, Geir, you do leave some big shoes to fill…I hope to be able to do a good job and will be pleased to get feedback from readers/contributors.

  3. Marta
    2010-05-13 at 21:38

    Sherriff Swazey…. It has a nice ring 🙂

  4. Claire Swazey
    2010-05-24 at 21:26

    I will be at the Boston Mega-raid this weekend. I will be passing out leaflets that are mainly anti CofS but which will mention my support of anyone’s wish to pursue Scn tech as an ideology. I am mentioning on the leaflets.

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