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My current site is

2019-12-21 Leave a comment

Go to for my current blog posts, artwork, music, books and articles. See you there 🙂


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What do you want to read about on this blog?

2009-10-10 51 comments

There has been a great deal of response to the two polls I posted (1 & 2).Thank you all for contributing. It’s interesting to see this wide a spectrum of readers.
I feel honored to host a blog with such a diverse and intelligent audience.

If I may; Please tell me what you want to read about on my blog. Add a comment and tell me your request for future blog posts. As usual: Keep it short, no trolling, be polite. Your request just may come true (no promises, though).

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Easy navigation

2009-10-09 3 comments

I’ve created a navigation page to make it easier to find notable blog posts.

(2009-10-11) There is now also a page called “New here?” for easy introduction to this blog. I also added a rules page.

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General comments and questions goes… here!

2009-09-08 432 comments

If you want to share general comments or ask me questions not specifically related to any blog posts, please put them here. Keep in mind the following rules:

I hope this will help make comments to other blog posts more relevant. And if this post gets many comments, I may create a separate page for general comments and questions.

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