Dear OT,

The route to OT is a journey to you. It’s an adventure that has taken you to more freedom, integrity, responsibility and courage. It has given you more ARC and love for your fellow man and woman. With more freedom and integrity comes a higher level of personal ethics. You are responsible for your life and you don’t need external force to make anything go right. You don’t need other-determinism or external push to be effective. You know what is right for you and you can take responsibility across your dynamics. The days of the “supposed to’s” are gone. You are you – no need to have other valences or others telling you what to do.

Did you ever wonder why you are confronted by more and more “supposed to’s” as you go up the Bridge? Why is it that more force, more KRs and more heavy ethics is applied as you become more OT? Remember the time when you were a Div 6 public? No stress, no force, high ARC, light and easy going, fun and curiosity. Those were the days.

When you are about to finish OT VII, you go through the most thorough of actions on the Bridge, the OT VII EP check. It’s a real scrubbing. You come out squeaky clean, happy and on top of the world. With the Sec Checks every 6 months and with the EP Check, you’d think there couldn’t be any more actions before VIII. You are ready for the next level. But then you get setups for OT VIII, and then you find out you cannot really be trusted – you get the leaving Base Sec Check. Ok, now you are really ready for OT VIII. But no, you arrive at the ship and get confronted by the biggest Sec Checks of them all. The OT VIII Eligibility is huge, it could take several weeks. How come an OT VII completion can’t be trusted?

Then as you come home after finishing OT VIII, you are faced with a whole new level of “supposed to’s”. You are required to behave in a certain way, take certain responsibilities, contribute in certain ways, and more than ever. The church is demanding more of your time and more of your money – for the local Ideal Org project, for IAS, for SuperPower, etc. And these demands do not necessarily align with your own ideas or purposes. Maybe you wanted to contribute in other ways or by other means. But voicing your own opinions on this will get you into trouble because you are not following Command Intention. You are by now firmly towing the party line and subject to that Command Intention like never before. The fun dries up or gets enforced. And even if you feel something is wrong, you cannot raise your hand and object, and your doubts or disagreements must never show. You must put on a happy face.

Not that the contributions you do are wrong or not holy and for the greater good. It’s just that they may not match your purpose line. But who are you to object or go off on a tangent?

I compared my own activity level in the church with the number of KRs I got and saw a striking parallel. The more active I was, the more people I got started, the more I expanded the OTC, the more KRs I got. If I cooled off my activities, the KRs went away. I have talked to many OTs having experienced the same correlation.

You know something is wrong, not only from all the hearsay on the net but from your own observations. You see the out PR, the outrageous over-hyping and outright lying going on. You can justify a lot for the greater good, but can you justify putting Scientology down as the church does today? The orgs are empty, the focus is on MEST, the amount of push and force levied against the OTs are all clear cut outpoints. Where there are many outpoints, there is a situation. Something is rotten in Denmark. And the US, and Canada, and Australia, and in the rest of the world. Scientology is corroding, and it is our responsibility.

It takes courage to dare looking at the glaring outpoints and to take action to prevent the decline of Scientology itself. It takes the kind of courage that you gained from doing the OT levels. If you truly want others to have similar gains as you have had, it is time for you to stop aiding and abetting the Titanic and the iceberg scenario currently playing out. Something can be done about it.

Please take a look. A good hard look. And do something effective.

(feel free to direct other OTs attention to this article)

  1. Fellow VIII
    2009-09-27 at 20:31

    Spot on, Geir.
    There is a Policy LRH wrote 29 October 1959, issue II “Service” where he says “The watchword is SERVICE.
    “I don’t care how many rules you break if they’re broken to give unselfish service to one another and the public. We live for service not for rules…

    “…We are essentially breakers of “now-I’m-supposed-to’s.” Don’t fall into our own new rituals so hard that we are no longer brave and effective.” – LRH

  2. Rebel Too
    2009-09-27 at 21:47

    This is great Geir! Very well written and in a way that OTs will feel safe reading. I’ll be passing it along. And I will let you know what responses I get.

  3. RJ
    2009-09-28 at 00:35

    I’m only what you’d consider a Pre OT but ID SEED DA LIGHT!!!

    Anyway we’ve been moving people away from the evil Church of Miscavigology in our own way we’re making progress 🙂

  4. UnDisturbed
    2009-09-28 at 01:26

    Thank you Geir.

    I have been reading the Data Series again, and am struck by the importance of using statistics to evaluate current Scientology. I never understood before why this was so important.

    In Data Series #12 LRH states: (begin fair use):
    “Opinion, reports, subject to outpoints as they almost always are, seldom tell more than somebody else’s prejudices or his efforts to cover or failures to observe”, and
    ”The statistic, guarded against false reports and verified, is a clean statement not as subject to outpoints as other types of statements”.(end fair use).

    So you use statistics because they are least likely to be manipulated and subject to various outpoints. Note the statistic is guarded against false reports, and VERIFIED (LRH words and not mine).

    Scientologists should ask themselves why their Church does not and will not release the long-term meaningful statistics of Scientology. Without these statistics we can only guess at the true scene of current Scientology. Most on-line Scientologists believe their Church is telling them the truth. But at the point where we believe blindly, without our own evaluation, it is a slippery slope down. We can be manipulated, and yes we can be lied to.

    Once a being has forfeited their observational powers, to that degree they have allowed themselves to be less OT. And that seems to me to be the exact opposite of what Scientology is ultimately trying to achieve.

  5. Anonymous for a reason
    2009-09-28 at 02:51

    Nice 😉

  6. overdriver
    2009-09-28 at 07:45

    Dear Isene
    You do not say any specific to do. After all it’s OK… but as well it’s just chaos this way…
    On the other hand I do not know what OTs need to do but if there is a strategy (of the management) it is very likely there is need to follow that strategy. This planet can become a wreckage in a couple of years and something must be done about it. But it is not a fairy tale for sure… I also have many questions and none answers but I can’t see the whole scene. Who knows who is right… in a situation which on one hand actually is a battle for the future of the planet (just look at the unresponsibility on the pollution scene) we can’t just live our lifes on a Div 6 public responsibility… The planet is really dying under our feet…

    • 2009-09-28 at 13:26

      The OTs should be able to wake up and see that the church is not helping the society as it is currently run. It is corroding (using a rather mild word here) the PR for Scientology, squirreling the tech, driving people away by the use of force and abusing staff. The OTs should further be able to see themselves what effective actions they should take to handle this scene. No need to spoon feed an OT further on this.

      • overdriver
        2009-09-28 at 16:20

        Thanks for the reply. I do not have a view on that cause I am not an OT but as far as I see, without organizing or directing the effort to achieving a common purpose, nothing effective can be done. Regarding the donations, the business of weapons, drugs (including medicine just for profitmaking), oil, junk food, etc are generating probably far more income towards the destruction of the planet than donations can get into Scientology.
        On the other hand there is a great paradox here. Ron did not say anything about Scientology outside Church structure… so the policies apply. Either you do something from within, either you are suppressive… either there is problem with Scientology. But you say, you are a Scientologist, so this is a paradox. I do not want to judge you. I just does not have enough data to argue on either side. But the truth is that if you look at the Anonymous group, that’s a joke… It is very strange for me how can one associate himself with this “group” in any way. When I checked their comments about your actions or “taking side” they show total disrespect towards you…
        On the other hand if you experienced the “same” what I experience in my local org, than I understand you. However the paradox still exists. And this paradox is an outpoint. I myself can’t straighten it out for myself.

        • 2009-09-28 at 16:54

          It may be helpful to know that there are strong efforts to gather forces to do something effective to handle the situation with the church – and to ensure the tech is available for all (but without forcing it down anyone’s throat).

        • Jim Logan
          2009-09-28 at 19:27

          Ron certainly did say what to do in the present case. The supposed paradox of what to do ‘outside the church structure’ isn’t a paradox as far as I’m concerned. I’m a Scientologist. I practice Scientology. I’m not limited in that practice by LRH, only by agreement with others considerations would I be. LRH himself would smack me to sense were I to claim, ‘but I need the license to survive’.

          You are on lines at an org. Do something effective to make it better. I’m not on lines and I’m using Scn every day. I’m using whatever lines I can to communicate it. It certainly isn’t restricted to being used in a certain building or only with David Miscavige’s OK. He doesn’t like much when it’s used anyway.

          It’s YOUR Scientology too, you know. Enjoy the freedom my friend.

        • Mr. TJ
          2009-09-29 at 03:00

          The paradox is only in your head, because you are apparently unable to think outside of your little Scientology box, that Ron created for you.

          • 2009-09-29 at 05:40

            You are trolling.
            I do not believe your post will have any effect on any reader of this blog.
            I told you to be careful. Next such post will be deleted (that will be the third post out of more than 700 I will delete).

  7. altruistichedonist
    2009-09-28 at 22:23

    The most obvious outpoint is David Miscavige’s leadership. Tackle that first and the rest will be easier.

  8. Maria
    2009-09-29 at 00:35

    I agree that enforcing donations and contributions on OTs is not in keeping with the original spirit of Scientology. LRH is quite clear in an Open Letter to Clears and in What We expect of a Scientologist as to what he desired as exchange beyond getting through to OT. As well, the original release of the green volumes contained a policy on Leadership where LRH said it was not right for him to lay down a big plan for Scientologists. That policy letter is not in the new volumes. I think there are no policy letters authorizing the staff of the Church to directly issue orders to the public other than on training and auditing matters and certainly none authorizing the denial of service for not following orders. If there is I’d like to see it.

    As far as the IAS, Building donations and current statistics, these three web pages may be of use. The first two have an in-depth review of the policies history of pricing and the establishment of the IAS and Building Fund projects. The third is a list of the statistics cited on the official Scientology Press website.,78e03752ca70d4efe5b5904386b5148b,scientology-expansion-statistics-2009.html

    • Jim Logan
      2009-09-29 at 13:34

      This is a wonderful posting. Thank you for your reason and clear view.

    • IRL
      2009-09-29 at 18:29

      You maybe right but we should forget LRH. He was always money hungry so we cannot trust him about these matters. The most important is to think for ourselves. As good as LRH could have been, he was not without faults and he is dead. And under David Miscavige Scientology is badly stagnating. Let’s free Scientology and start to evaluate it to be able to improve it. And money shouldn’t be an end in itself like it seems to be under the current management. It should help to create better Scientology and help people to benefit from the good parts. My 2¢.

      • Jim Logan
        2009-09-30 at 03:46

        I happen to know LRH was not money hungry. This generality is just that. My ex-wife was his personal assistant for some 18 years so I know exactly how he lived. Also, as far as the work of LRH goes, it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. Don’t mistake Mythscavology for Scientology. I’m with you on using LRH’s tech to better the lives of beings. We’re on the same page on that one.

        • IRL
          2009-09-30 at 14:42

          Being obsessed with money doesn’t necessarily mean that you live like a King. Weird as it seems some people just like to sit on a pile of money. Anyway… LRH is less important than his work IMHO. And because Scientology is not broken I don’t fear any scientific evaluation. Au contraire.

  9. TRUTH
    2009-09-29 at 04:21

    Thank you Geir!

    This is a great message to all Scientologists, especially the OTs. I am sending this to my Scientololist friends who are currently on lines. We all have to stop justifying for DM’s crimes/abuses and how hard he is working to take LRH and his Tech down.
    We will make sure he is down not the tech.

  10. wgas
    2009-09-29 at 07:20

    (Post deleted due to trolling. This note kept to serve as a warning to others who contemplate being lulzy here by putting others down.)

  11. Inky
    2009-09-29 at 20:18

    I would like to add that all Scientologists should re-familiarize themselves with The Creed of the Church of Scientology.

    “We of the Church believe:

    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;

    “And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

    Geir and many, many others have pointed out that something is wrong. I have observed something is wrong. Should anyone feel like they are putting their neck on the line to say something or even do something about it?

    Thanks Geir (and all the others) for giving your experiences and providing a place to comment.

    The four sites I check for regular posts are this one, Marty Rathbun’s blog, and (It took a long time before I dared look at the last two.) The single thing that gave all the sites credibility for me and for the people I showed them to is that the writers were in no way invalidating LRH or the tech.

  12. Diane Ethics
    2009-09-30 at 00:38

    Try also the “Ask the Scientologist” blog. It’s a great one, read for example “Scientologists: Was LRH Stupid?”

    No he isn’t saying LRH was stupid but he talks about how Miscavige altered the tech, pretending to correct LRH and thus implying that LRH was stupid:

    “only a few years after Hubbard’s death, Miscavige completely rewrote the technical training – methods and content, and dubbed it the “Golden Age of Tech”. He then canceled all the certificates of everyone trained under Hubbard’s methods. Even those who had been personally trained by Ron. Personally trained by Ron!”

    Yes David Miscavige totally took over Scientology and the church and guess where the money is going…

  13. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-01 at 23:26

    Would I be laughed out of town if I suggested organizing a world-wide, class-action suit to take back our hijacked Church and all the original technology that has been disappeared?

  14. Hubbardianen
    2009-10-02 at 07:29

    Nom de Plume,

    Probably, but it’s a good idea. Perhaps easier to just get rid of “the chosen one”. Some kind of huge name list on the internet should be launched. With anonymous names… 🙂

    • Nom de Plume
      2009-10-02 at 16:58

      Hubbardianen :
      Perhaps easier to just get rid of “the chosen one”…

      Hi, Hubbardianen-

      Not much of a “conspiracy theorist” are you? 😀

      What about the shadow armies behind him? Guys like Meade Emory, etc.? What about the fact they now legally OWN the COS?

      LRH was the only opposition to come along within recorded history who managed to create something that was a true threat to the never-ending, centuries-old plan to enslave the world (insert “thetans” for “world” if you like). The church HAD to be taken down.

      Waving cardboard protest signs, putting our names on a list, etc., is NOT going to do much to regain our properties and materials.

      And without properties, we cannot generate much power, since power derives from the ability to hold a location in space.

      Without our materials (including owning the originals in LRH’s handwriting), we will surely have gradually eroded, mongrelized tech, which is NOT the exact road out.

      So, IMHO, the way out is the way through: we have to erase the take-over the same way it unfolded, from late to early – through the “legal” (ha ha…the most hypocritical word in the language?) recapture of ownership.

      IMHO, filing an international, class-action lawsuit would “begin the session”.

      Just IMHO, of course. 😉


      “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
      -J. Edgar Hoover

      • 2009-10-02 at 17:55

        I would be happy to see “intellectual property” be abolished altogether.

  15. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-03 at 17:55

    isene :
    I would be happy to see “intellectual property” be abolished altogether.

    Hot damn, Geir!

    Ha ha… You just helped me realize I’ve been stuck in “regret” for the last 10 years. All I could think with was, “I want it back the way it used to be.”

    You’re right. And just like with computer freeware, certain “sites” would gain the international rep of being the best from which to “download”.

    And the original tech would be archived in a public place for all to access.

    Thanks so much. I just sent you a giant theta-hug. 😀


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