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The ideal scene


Having left the Church of Scientology, there is a certain urge to describe an alternative to the current church.

Here are some ideas:

Freedom of thought

  • The organization focuses on helping people gain and exercise their free will
  • The organization does not engage in dictating of what people should or should not think or believe
  • There are no forced disconnections. Every member is free to choose his own friends and associate freely with others

Human rights

  • The organization is completely without human rights abuses
  • Any human rights abuse is in plain view in the transparent organizations


  • It is public knowledge who is in charge at all levels of the organizations
  • There are “checks and balances” so that the power is evenly distributed among several democratically elected managers with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • The relationships between the various organizations are transparent
  • Even the money flows are transparent

(Written by Geir & Katrine Isene)

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