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Human rights abuses – the next round

A well written article reveals new accounts from people who have seen the abuses in the Church of Scientology first hand.

The human rights violations are brought to light by brave people exercising their personal integrity and freedom of speech.

  1. Hubbardianen
    2009-11-01 at 10:10

    This is an interesting problem. How often does an organization have some kind of truth and uses as a “behind the scenes”-excuse human rights violation as means to accomplish that?

    Sure, there have been Hitlers and Stalins and they said they were right and they violated human rights violations but we all know they just wanted power and control.

    CoS started with Scientology but violates a lot. And they use it as an excuse to reach Scientology’s goals: A better civilization.

    But at the very moment there’s a human right violation, it’s a step toward a less better civilization.

    Quote LRH: “The only way you can better a person is to better him, you cannot better a person by worsening him.” (Said about some psychiatrists methods).

  2. RJ
    2009-11-01 at 10:10

    Yeah the comedy team of Davy and Tommy strike again!

    These guys are a perfect example of doing the same thing again and again yet expecting different results!

    Several people tell of their experiences being chased by Miscavige’s Blood Hounds (hmmm must be those “big dawgs playing in the tall grass” Tommy keeps talking about) and then they had over confidential folder data and use the same character wet op they used last time, then a long turgid missive of how every one but Tommy and Davy are the only ones telling the truth and how everyone else is lying.

    I figure Davy and what’s left of RTC developed a new drill called Golden Age of Lying or GAL and Tommy is just robotically doing the drill 🙂

    • 2009-11-01 at 10:38

      I think Kirsten is better at lying with a straight face than Tommy is – it is more obvious when Tommy is lying.

  3. Axiom
    2009-11-01 at 10:55

    “The SP is sure everyone is against him personally and if others became more powerful they would dispose of him.”
    DM and TD are working hard to make this come true,using GAL as pointed out by RJ above – and eventually it will come true!;)
    And this will happen because there are people with integrity who continue to speak out and spread the truth of what is going on.

  4. Maria
    2009-11-01 at 13:17

    I suspect that Tommy and Kirsten, among many others, have grave reservations about all of this. Unfortunately, Western civilization has a very long track record of its own abuses (horrendous abuses) that existed long before the C of S. Still does.

    In the “real world,” transparency in expressing what you believe when it flies into the teeth of mainstream belief systems (80% Judeo-Christian) opens you up to all manner of criticism, discrimination (often hidden) and derision as many people really only pay lip service to human rights and dignity. Just visit any anti anything forum on the Internet for loads of examples. With freedom of speech must also come REAL respect for the beliefs of others.

    IMO, my personal spiritual beliefs are nobody’s business but my own and to demand that I share them with others and “prove” them to a demanding critic is also a violation of my human rights. I’m all for freedom of speech, but not for enforced speech and demands I “prove” what I believe to any and all comers.

    And for those to which this applies: before you jump in to tell me that I am “brainwashed” and Scn is just a cult, ridiculous, a scam, etc. please read what I just wrote again. Is that your idea of respecting someone’s beliefs? Better yet, read it again – did I actually tell you what I believe?

    All that aside, the C of S really needs to find better PR methods than obvious lying and cover-ups. And I am completely offended and disgusted that anyone’s confidential ethics and auditing information would be made public. That’s a gross breach of the governing codes of Scn.

    • 2009-11-01 at 13:25

      Good post. I wholeheartedly agree.

    • Jim Logan
      2009-11-01 at 15:19

      Thanks for hitting a nail on the head. Great post.

    • TheProphet
      2009-11-01 at 16:40

      With Scientology it is not easy to see the difference between beliefs and science, especially for an outsider. Please understand, most critics have difficulty seeing Scientology as a religion, much less differentiating between the beliefs and science within it. Science can and should be questioned, beliefs held on faith should not.

      And opinions tend to vary even among followers for what is held on faith, personal beliefs and what is proven. Then there is also a disparity between what is usually said within the Church, as opposed to what is advertised, or said in court.

      Faith does not require proof by definition, and statements should not be criticized if it is clear they are held on faith. But for statements that you claim are proven, expect criticism of the proof.

      • Maria
        2009-11-01 at 19:03

        For me the “meat and potatoes” of Scn is auditing. My auditing has resulted in experiences that are deeply personal and very beneficial. For me, these experiences and realizations are both subjective and spiritual. It’s simply not relevant to me what anyone else thinks about them. I had the experience I had. Nay-saying doesn’t change what I experienced nor does it make it “un-happen.”

        Religious experts acknowledge that faith or belief can be experience-based (as in personal revelation or subjective experience) or it can be adherence with a set of precepts without personal experience. I believe my experiences because they happened to me and they have been transcendent for me.

        On the other hand, science is based on observations of measurable or observable physical events or states.

        Religion is based on personal experience and events or states that cannot be physically measured or readily observed.

        IMO, the confusion on Dn and Scn comes in because no one ever thinks to really focus on the fact that 90% of the books and lectures of Dn and Scn are the record of the research and development and contain ANYTHING that was found, speculated, or assumed. This information does not have the status of creeds or codes and it isn’t something you MUST believe, believe in or take on faith. This would be absurd, it was in development and it was ALWAYS being updated and refined.

        Also poorly understood, is that as it was researched and developed, it became clear that it was not and should not be continued as scientific research, as it had moved into the realm of the spirit and philosophy and transcendent experiences. That happened in the mid 1950s.

        Hence the new definition of Scn as “an applied religious philosophy.”

        For me, the auditing and the information is a resource I use to explore, clarify and enhance my own spiritual awareness and MY OWN understanding of the world I live in and my own transcendence.

        But that’s me. I really don’t presume to speak for others.

        • 2009-11-01 at 19:10

          Your posts a shining, Maria.

        • TheProphet
          2009-11-02 at 01:13

          A perfectly reasonable viewpoint that one would be a fool to argue with. My hope had been for some understanding of the viewpoints of others, the intention was not to make you feel a need to defend your own.

          • Maria
            2009-11-02 at 13:50

            See the post below, I wrote it for you.

        • Heather
          2009-11-02 at 14:08

          Maria wrote: “90% of the books and lectures of Dn and Scn are the record of the research and development and contain ANYTHING that was found, speculated, or assumed”

          Biblical interpretation is a fertile and HUGE field of scholastic endeavour. As scientologists begin to talk freely about their beliefs (and to write about them), the interpretation of LRH’s various writings (and those of others within scientology, including DM-era policy) will, I believe, become a significant and important field.

          I am fascinated by Maria’s comment and would love to read more thoughtful posts about the interpretation issues.

  5. thatsnotmyname
    2009-11-01 at 14:42

    Anybody needing a good laugh, read Tommy’s new denial/resonse in full. I lol’d and lol’d.

  6. Nom de Plume
    2009-11-01 at 19:05

    RJ :
    Yeah the comedy team of Davy and Tommy strike again!

    I figure Davy and what’s left of RTC developed a new drill called Golden Age of Lying or GAL and Tommy is just robotically doing the drill

    Ha ha, RJ. So true. Robotic, inelegant and unimaginative. Not much meat there.

    Personally, I preferred the style displayed by Heber Jentzsch when he would suddenly launch into TR O (“TR Outrage”)with such Shakespearean grandiosity. 😀

    (sigh) Wonder what happened to poor Heber. I always kinda liked him.

  7. a certain uncertainty
    2009-11-02 at 04:09

    i don’t understand something and i please ask someone to tell me:
    if there are so many people testifying DM’s abuses, how come the police hasn’t arrested him yet?

  8. Maria
    2009-11-02 at 13:49

    To: TheProphet

    I really didn’t realize you were seeking individual viewpoints. Since you are curious, here is some of my viewpoint. I know many Scns and I believe they share this, at least in part.

    Before I ever studied Scn I had devoured hundreds of books on quantum physics, religion, spirituality, etc. etc. seeking deeper truths and enlightenment. I found truth in all of them, but was most moved by the teachings of the Vedas.

    The Vedas describe the soul of man as one’s true self, beyond identification with the phenomenal reality of worldly existence and Brahman is the all-pervading soul of the entire universe.

    Studying the Vedas, I learned that the individual soul in living beings is the “Atman,” a Sanskrit word which is interpreted as the “main essence” of man, as his highest self. In Sanskrit, the “A” in Atman means “the opposite” and “tma” means “darkness”. A related word, “tamas” means ignorance or spiritual darkness. Combined from these words, “A-tma” or “Atman” means opposite to darkness or shining.

    The Vedas taught that an enlightened soul is no longer in spiritual darkness, and is living in full awareness of existence beyond the purely physical, literally Atman. That’s what I sought from my Scn auditing.

    Auditing enabled me to experience and walk my own road to truth, casting aside self-deceptions, self-constructed barriers and limitations and self-imposed entrapment. I am still on that road to truth as it unfolds before me and I know there is a deeper truth yet, for I see the glimmer of it on my horizon.

    Step by step in my auditing, I became aware of my true legacy as an immortal spirit. I transitioned from belief to personal knowledge, experience and awareness with no further need of belief or faith. This was a deeply personal transition, and most difficult to describe. It probably can only be experienced.

    Right now, my world is brimming with emotion and thought and hopes and dreams, creativity and inspiration. I see you and others as entire universes, continually changing within and without our shared experience. I love life, I feel life, I share life and I am so alive. I continue on my road, deeply grateful to LRH, to Scn, to all my auditors, to you, to Geir, and countless others and to the world we share, for making it possible for me to walk this path. I’m so glad I came.

    • 2009-11-02 at 14:38

      Maria; You make a real and positive difference. Thank you.

      • Maria
        2009-11-02 at 14:58

        You’re welcome 🙂 Thank you so much for making it possible for me to even say it!

        And thank you to TheProphet for asking.

  9. Ishmi Bohn
    2009-11-08 at 20:22

    Hmm….would this not be an issue for cchr.org …? Ironicly?

    • 2009-11-08 at 20:39

      According to their charter, I believe it would be.

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