Announcing: OSLO May 16


OSLO: Operation Scientology Lineup, Oslo

I hereby announce a Scientology round table conference in Oslo on the 16th of May 2010.

The purpose of the conference is to see if we could make a plan for Scientology’s future. Independents and freezoners alike would be invited to a day of talks and to forge strategies to handle the current scene.

There will be no speeches and no set agenda except for the above. Each participant covers his or her cost (travel, room & board). No entrance fees (I will cover the conference space at a suitable hotel).

The following day, on the 17th of May you can witness the Norwegian national holiday – a spectacle worth seeing.

Oslo, 17th of May

If you are interested in a day of fun, meeting highly trained independent practitioners, OTs, former executives of the church and others interested in putting Scientology straight, simply drop me an e-mail:

You may ask for your attendance to be anonymous up until the conference day.

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