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Yesterday I had an enlightening talk with a good friend. He told me about an epiphany ha has had lately. It dawned on me that he may have spotted something very fundamental. Hence this blog post. Here goes:

It should be all about YOU

It should be about how you can reach your goals and dreams. How you can be a better father. Or mother. How you can be better in your profession, a better friend and reach your potentials. It should be about YOUR personal integrity, honesty and goodness of heart. It should be all about YOU.

What should?


What is more important, the hammer or the house? The tool or the product?

Scientology is a tool to help you build a better life for yourself. It is only the tool. It’s the hammer. Your life is the house.

As long as the tool remains the tool and not the subject of worship, the focus will remain on building the house. But when the focus is on the hammer, the house will suffer.

Scientology has become a subject of worship. The parishioners are there for Scientology rather than Scientology being there for the people.

Scientology should never ascend to a fetish. Neither should L. Ron Hubbard. Worshiping Hubbard is akin to worshiping the maker of hammers, and that is even further from focusing on building houses.

This I believe embodies the problem in Scientology today. It may have been the problem since the early days but the worship of Scientology has been increasing over the years. Is this the WHY for the cult-label?

Let’s get the focus back to YOU.

I think Jason Beghe hit the nail on the head with this one.

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