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Letting the hard core party-liners waste their own time


I have covered this ground before; Lack of differentiation, black-and-white thinking, intolerance and fanaticism. This is another short round for clarification in light of some recent communications I received.

The fanatical view that everything Scientology is bad, a scam and a con game is as stupid as saying that everything Scientology is all true and pure gospel. The truth is not contained in any fixed idea.

I have received some fanatical e-mails from hard core Church of Scientology party-liners, reeking of intolerance and group think, portraying any criticism of the church as pure evil.

Then there are the fanatical forum posts from hard core Critics party-liners, with the same dose of intolerance and group think, portraying any positive statement about Scientology as pure evil.

The similarities are striking.

And both camps will claim they are individual free thinkers and not toeing any party line. Ironic.

Luckily both camps of fanatics are a minority of the larger group in which they frequent. Most Scientologists I have talked to (even while I was still in) are in doubt because of the current scene in Scientology. Most critics of Scientology are tolerant of scientologists’ beliefs. Most people debating this subject are open to changing their own views about it – and that’s why many are debating Scientology. It is well worth spending some time discussing Scientology with these people to widen one’s own horizons.

But some have already made up their mind and are on a mission to convert everyone else to their own True™ beliefs. Why do I prefer to not spend my time debating with such people? Because it’s a waste of time. Instead I prefer to spend that time with my kids.

Chill. Life is a game. Enjoy.

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