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Not forgetting the positive efforts made…


…by thousands of scientologists world-wide.

There is a great amount of excellent work done by staff and public scientologists all over the world. Apart from seeking their own spiritual progress, there are many in the Church of Scientology lending their efforts to helping their fellow man – to free the abuser from drug addiction, to aid those in need, to help children learn to read and write and scores of other causes well worth dedicating oneself to.

This is highly commendable. It is excellent effort deserving applause.

That the church management is exploiting these efforts for money, PR, positioning and power does not take away the value of those individual efforts. But it is cynical to the extreme to take advantage of these good intentions to further a monopoly and to tighten the grip on the public parishioners.

The valiant efforts of many scientologists would be even more valuable without the self-serving management breaking human rights and going against Scientology itself.

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