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The Scientology Forum passes the 10000 mark


With more than 10000 posts after its inception 4 months ago, scnforum.org has established itself as a unique place on the Internet.

It is one of the very few places where people can freely discuss Scientology in a balanced environment free from trolling, mud-throwing and exposure to upper level confidential material.

The posts are of high quality – thought provoking and sometimes mind boggling – from detailed discussions on the e-meter, auditing tech, Scientology basics and wins from outside the church to discussions of the CST vaults, current church management and the current scene within the church and to discussions on logic, theta, reincarnation and subjective versus objective truth.

I take my hat off to the contributors. They have shown that it is possible to co-create a high quality forum for discussion on Scientology – something the current church will never approve of as they are firmly opposed to such free speech.

Thank you all, and a personal thanks to the moderators who have made my life easier.

The Scientology Forum

  1. Mary Jo
    2010-03-12 at 00:51

    SO VERY WELL DONE Geir! You are a trail blazer, an inspiration! Thank you and hugs-

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