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The abuses would go if. ..


…the church didn’t have monopoly on delivering Scientology.

If everyone was free to use, apply and make a living out of delivering training and auditing, then you would have a choice. If you then experienced heavy handed tactics, were pressured for time or money or threatened with loosing your spiritual eternity, you could simply walk away. And you could continue your spiritual journey elsewhere. If you found you were given consistent out tech and sub standard service, like in the church today, you could find friendlier and more standard delivery with someone else. And there is always the possibility of setting up a certification body to qualify and ensure standard delivery similar to most mature industries.

Ridding the church of its monopoly would solve forced disconnections, forced abortions, threats, duress and human rights violations. The prices would go down, staff pay up and service would be increasingly more friendly. Like in most private sectors of society.

To stop the abuses, we should work on breaking the monopoly.

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