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Identification and taking it personal


As you may already know, Mr. Orientation, Larry Anderson resigned from the church. The news was brought by the St. Petersburg Times along with Larry’s own recordings of a meeting between him and Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach.

You should really listen to the recordings. What struck me as odd was in the recording part #14, Tommy and Jessica was obviously offended by criticism of the leader of the church, David Miscavige. They weren’t offended by anything else, but when Larry Anderson indicated something negative about DM, they took it personally.


When a person identifies with something or someone, he is immediately vulnerable on that point. If you identify yourself with your car, you can then be offended by someone criticizing your car. If you identify with your body, you most probably will be offended when another calls you fat.

It seems Tommy and Jessica identifies themselves with David Miscavige. And this may be considered only natural, like the abused child identifies with his father. The suppressed goes into the valence of the suppressor. At that point, any criticism of the suppressor is easily taken personally by the suppressed. This may be completely unconscious by the suppressed.

I think Tommy and Jessica should do more TR 0 Bullbait.

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