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Elevating oneself to authority through criticism


It’s all too common to assign authority to someone simply because they are pointing out fault’s in others. A critic’s rise to authority by invalidation and introverting others may be a path to the limelight by stepping on those who really try to make a positive difference.

And it is so much easier to criticize than to get one’s but off the sofa and make an honest effort in helping an other person, an animal, the society or nature. But even so, we often look at the critic as someone in the know – someone who knows what he is talking about.

Is an art critic more of an authority than the artist? Would you ask the film critic how to make a movie – or would you ask Quintin Tarantino or Ridley Scott?

So where am I heading here?

David Miscavige. The leader of Scientology has never done the OEC or the FEBC admin courses. He is a pre-GAT class IV auditor without a valid certificate. Yet he is seen as a tech and admin authority within the church. Even by FEBC graduates and the Class XII auditors. By criticizing left, right and center he has introverted enough people in pointing out their faults. Even the Senior C/S Int is intimidated by this critic. He is effectively dismantling working structures and nullifying positive efforts of people who honestly want to help their fellow beings. He commands authority by being Scientology’s most outstanding critic.

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