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Swedish OT VII leaves the church


I just received the following message from two friends in Sweden:

We’re happy to say that we are independent. We like your website and doubt announcement very much and it has helped us in our decision.

Stefan and Katarina Tunedal

They sent me a link to their declaration of independence:

We are leaving the Church of Scientology

Living in Skogas, Sweden and married since 1995, Katarina is a photographer and Stefan is a painter.

We both studied Scientology for a long time and this has given us much joy and success in many areas of our lives.

Katarina is a TR:s and objectives completion and Stefan completed New OT VII. We will always be scientologists. But we can not approve of the latest development in the Church of Scientology. Our membership has been an approval of how this church has been acting, an approval we’re not willing to give. This is why we leave today. More information about us is available on our website www.kswsweden.org

Read Stefan’s detailed reasons for leaving in his Declaration of independence from the Church of Scientology (PDF).

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Stefan and Katarina Tunedal

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