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LRH and the tech (from scnforum.org)


After a long discussion on L. Ron Hubbard, one of the main contributors on The Scientology Forum, Vinaire sums it up quite intelligently:

How does it matter what LRH is or was?

Does the Law of Gravity depend on Newton’s character?

Does the Theory of Relativity would change depending on how Einstein is perceived?

The truth is that knowledge stands by itself. Knowledge is not belief that it is affected by a belief in the person who announced it. Most of us were attracted toward Scientology by its promise of clearing up our confusions, and NOT by the personality of Hubbard.

Attempts to tie the knowledge in Scientology to the identity of Hubbard, tells me the following:

(1) That person is trying to put a value to the knowledge in Scientology by evaluating the identity of Hubbard.

(2) That person lacks a datum of comparable magnitude to directly evaluate the knowledge in Scientology.

(3) That person got hurt, or did not get what he wanted from Scientology, and is looking for somebody to blame.

(4) That person is still confused, even after all that “Scientology” and feels betrayed.

(5) That person is still trying to handle what he thought Scientology would handle for him.

(6) Underlying this brilliant display of “critical thinking” lies a confusion, which, this “critical thinking” is unable to handle.

(7) THINKING, by itself, resolves nothing. Brilliant thinking only tells you where to look. It is LOOKING that ultimately resolves the confusion.

(8 ) “Failure” in THINKING comes from unwillingness to LOOK.

(9) People who are engaging in counter-arguments here are also failing to LOOK.

(10) LOOKING is senior to “critical thinking” any day of the year.

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