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The InterNatter – strike two. In come Scientology Facts!


I highly commend all the great people on The Scientology Forum for their contributions. I feel it has provided a higher density of facts and sound debates that most comparable places on the net.

It would be great if we could capture the facts in the various discussions of the forum and build a wiki of facts. Not opinions, but facts. Verifiable facts. A Scientology Wikipedia in the spirit of scnforum.org (same rules but without any opinions).

I could see compilations of useful references (links as not to poke the CoS Copyright tiger too much), facts about membership counts, facts about org stats (one page per org), facts about Ideal Orgs, pages for notable people (one page per person like Mary Sue, Ken Urqhart, Dan Koon…), historical facts etc.

What about scnfacts.org?

What do you think?

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