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I used to run U-MAN Norway, a WISE recruitment company, from 1990 till 2000. I was also the delivery manager (OES) for U-MAN International towards the end of my career there. The founder of U-MAN, Izhar Perlman has been a Scientologist for 30 years. After reading the Friends of LRH website, he now completed his Doubt condition:

I have been 30 years inside the Church of Scientology and resigned it by sending a letter to the Lisbon Org about 3 years ago.

It is only in the last days that I finally realized that I have been in and out of Doubt conditions for many years.

I remember the first time I heard a tape about the new management, and how Scientology is doing well, and the narrator was supposed to be LRH but I was sure it was not! That was in 1984.

Followed many incidents of strange and off tech Ethics handlings, unwise WISE handlings and arbitrations, and finally out tech on the upper OT levels.

I was declared in 1994 and then did the A to E steps back to good standing.

Three years ago I could not continue anymore to agree with the way things were happening inside the Church.

The last straw for me was The Basics, where DM actually accused LRH of doing a sloppy job of supervising the printing of his books for years.

I wrote my letter of resignation to the DSA Lisbon Org, and that was it.

But it was not!

Per the Doubt formula I got through to step 6 where I announced my decision to the Church but failed to announce it publicly to to the group I decided to remain part of.

This fact hit me a few days ago when I read the data on the site .When I read all the things I observed throughout the years, and the LRH quotes that demonstrate clearly that the actions of DM are suppressive and contrary to LRH intention.

For me this site ( clearly give all what is necessary to complete the first 5 steps of the Doubt formula.

I therefore want to announce publicly:

I have never doubted the Scientology tech or the intention of LRH regarding it.

The doubts I had was on the application of the data by the Church management and the staff that works for it.

I am a Scientologist as I follow as much as I can the teachings and processes of Scientology. I am against the Church of Scientology management and especially DM who I know to be suppressive of LRH Tech, staff and public.

By announcing this I finish step 6 of the Doubt formula, and never to get back into that trap.

I will continue to suffer on up through the conditions, and I hope I can help many of my friends to confront the truth and again live a life of integrity and happiness.

A short list of my friends include all the Scientologists I knew in Tel-Aviv, the ones I met in AOSH EU and FLAG, the ones I met when I had U-MAN and the ones I knew when I had the Trimlines network. I hope you read this announcement and if you have a shadow of a doubt check the site I wrote about above and see all the vast data that is available on the Internet.

your friend

Izhar Perlman

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