Questions about KSW1


In 1965 L. Ron Hubbard had not yet finished his spiritual research. He had not completed the Bridge to Total Freedom.

In 1965 LRH wrote the Policy Letter “Keeping Scientology Working”. It is the first in a series of policies and is commonly referred to as KSW1. It is the first policy letter of any major course taken in Scientology.

KSW1 forbids anyone to change, improve upon or extrapolate the technology of Scientology.

What if LRH had died in 1966?

The policy was reissued and strictly enforced in 1980. Ron had still not completed the Bridge. What if he had died that year?

What if the Bridge is still not complete? As KSW1 effectively puts a stop to any bridge construction, an unfinished bridge would stay unfinished as long as that policy is enforced.

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