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Geir Isene’s Liability write-up on the Church of Scientology


This write-up is the next step after my earlier published “Doubt write-up“. This is the closure on the support I have given to an organization that is acting contrary to the basics of Scientology and systematically violating human rights. The outpoints that I have witnessed is outlined in my Doubt write-up.

I became aware of systematic violations of Scientology ethics, technology and policy within the church since the autumn 2003. At that time a mission from the European headquarters in Copenhagen (CLO EU) came to Oslo and assigned the whole Norwegian field of public Scientologists the ethics condition of Treason. I was blasted for no real reason by the D/CO EU in a way that made me aware that something was rotten in Denmark. I was since made increasingly aware of the outpoints through my involvement in the OT Committee and in the OT Ambassador Programs. In the last two years before I left I spend approximately 1000 hours researching and verifying my observations. I then concluded, wrote up my Doubt formula and resigned the church on August 7th 2009.

Although I was never involved in perpetrating or promoting any abuses myself, I did in fact support the organization and feel I didn’t do enough to help stop the outpoints. This liability write-up addresses the period from September 2003 till I left.

This write-up follows the formula for getting through the condition of Liability as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard (LRH). As with the earlier Doubt write-up, this also follows the WOIM format (see the WOIM definition page).

Liability formula (LRH instructions in quotes and as main points in the list)

  1. "Decide who are one's friends"
    1.1. My friends are people of integrity who are willing to change for 
     what they consider better and help others to do the same.
     Note that this includes a great many people still in the Church of
  2. "Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has
   pretended to be a part of despite personal danger"
    2.1. I pretended to be part of a group that worked for the greater
     good, for human rights, for free speech and for the liberation of
     free will. I shut my eyes to abuses in the Church of Scientology to
     foster the illusion that it aligned with my purpose of freeing the
     will of man by applying the technology of Scientology. The church
     is not true to its stated purposes. I have since my departure from
     the church helped others realize the same. My Doubt write-up was
     broadly published, resulting in many leaving the church. Several OTs
     read my write-up and decided to leave, creating a ripple effect that
     has woken up many. Any exact number is hard to come by - but my
     write-up has tipped the scale for at least 10 other OTs. The signal
     effect of the only OT 8 in Norway leaving the church has been
     significant. After my departure, I have been in communication with
     thousands of people through meetings, phone calls, e-mail and my
     Internet activities. 
     I put up a blog (https://elysianchakorta.wordpress.com) that has had
     about 100000 views since I started blogging three months ago. After
     the number of comments on my blog reached 500 per week, 
     I decided to set up a forum, The Scientology Forum 
     (http://www.scnforum.org) to promote open discussions of Scientology 
     in a safe environment moderated by OTs. After one week of operation it 
     had more than 100 registered members and more than 1000 posts. 
     Feedback shows that Scientologists do wake up to the "out ethics", 
     "out tech", "out admin" and the abuses in the church through reading 
     my blog and The Scientology Forum and deciding to participate in the 
     open exchange of viewpoints. 
     Through several newspaper articles, one radio show and a TV broadcast
     on the main Norwegian news show on prime time, my messages have
     reached more than a million people. I took a firm stand in accordance
     with my personal integrity despite the consequences I knew would
     come; Most of my Scientology friends have disconnected from me and 
     my family, my company lost three offices in Russia and there is an
     ongoing black PR campaign directed at me in the church.
  3. "Make up the damage one has done by personal contribution far beyond
   the ordinary demands of a group member"
    3.1. My blog and The Scientology Forum has served more than the
     purpose of delivering a blow to the offending practices by the Church
     of Scientology. The forum promotes rational exchange of viewpoints and
     may very well already be the primary venue for courteous and open
     discussions of Scientology on the Internet. I have as well
     contributed to hundreds of people that has contacted me for help and
     support in sorting out their own situation with the church.
  4. "Apply for re-entry to the group by asking the permission of each
   member of it to rejoin and rejoining only by majority permission, and
   if refused, repeating (2) and (3) and (4) until one is allowed to be a
   group member again"
    4.1. This part becomes tricky as the group I ask to rejoin is the
     collective of people who are willing to change for the better and
     help others to do the same. It is clearly impossible to reach the
     majority of such people on earth. I have thus decided to publish this
     Liability formula on The Scientology Forum and let people there
     decide the fate of my re-entry. To vote for my re-entry, go to
     The Scientology Forum.
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