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If I could be granted one wish…


…it would not be to understand and avail myself of all of Scientology. It would not be the perfect bliss or the thrill of a lifetime. None of that. And it wouldn’t be to get SuperPower, the L’s and the rest of the Bridge in a split second.

There is something above all of that. Something that would transcend all of Scientology and all of any -ology. It would transcend religion itself. It could be contained in one book – the mother of all books. And still it would not simply be a book. It would be all over the Internet and any other Net not yet developed. Seriously, there is this one thing that L. Ron Hubbard didn’t give us that I wish he did.

He gave us Scientology. But he didn’t give us the recipe for how to create Scientology. Or any technology to better any condition anywhere. If I could choose to have Scientology or the recipe of how to create Scientology I would choose the latter any day of the week.

To ensure that wish come true could very well be the grandest adventure of all.

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