Adventure vs Total Freedom


Why does adventure outsell Nirvana?

People flock to the cinemas to experience a sense of adventure. Not only James Bond, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Hollywood caters for a wide audience with adventures of love, tragedy and everyday life. From Casablanca to Finding Nemo and Gandhi, there is the longing for excitement and for something different. Society is rife with antidotes for the dreaded boredom or the lack of game.

Thetans want a real game. Playstation can be a substitute for an exciting life. Live Action Role-Playing is as close as most people get. Some challenge death by throwing themselves out from cliffs. Others goes overboard and becomes mercenaries. Thetans want to create effects in a real game.

Have a look at what you want. What is the ultimate game for you?

Why then does Scientology sell “Total Freedom”? Total freedom is an all out Tone 40 – a “no games” condition.

The optimum level on the Tone Scale is 22 – Games. That’s a tad above action and that is where adventures are experienced for real.

Most people would prefer the adventures of Indiana Jones over continual serenity on cloud 9, watering plants and playing the trumpet all day long.

L. Ron Hubbard says:
There is only one way, really, to get into a state of living, and that’s live! There is no substitute for an all-out, over-the-ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living. Living does not consist of sitting in a temple in the shadows and getting rheumatism from the cold stones. Living is hot, it’s fast, it’s often brutal! It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions. If you are really willing to live, you first have to be willing to do anything that consists of living. Weird. But it’s one of those awfully true things that you wonder why one has to say it. And yet it has to be said.

Living is the game at hand. What Scientology can offer is for you to be a better player of the game you want. And that is what Scientology should be selling.

My greatest win on OT VIII was a surge in adventure – being able to fully experience and enjoy the games I play. To play the game for real and not just coping in life. I used to be dreaming about more interesting games. Now there is action and participation everywhere I look. The quote above is the real deal. It is life as I know it. I want adventure more than total freedom. Working toward total freedom is exciting. I just think selling a nirvana of sorts carries with it a lot of unneeded expectations.

I believe people want adventure. Handling the abuses and out tech in the Church of Scientology is an adventure worth engaging.

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