– the first week


The Scientology Forum has been live for one week.

In the first week, more than 100 members registered. And with more than 1000 posts in 7 days, the new forum has got a very good start.

Welcome over at and participate in enriching discussions. It is already the first and foremost open forum where people can join in courteous discussions on Scientology. – practicing free speech as advocated by the Code of a Scientologist point #10: “To work for freedom of speech in the world“, and by the Creed of the Church of Scientology: “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others“. The forum is a guardian of free speech and human rights – the very rights that the church is trying its best to suffocate.

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