Dear Scientologist


If you have seen abuses in the church, or tech corruptions, or if you feel the fun is drying up, then you are not alone. Most Scientologists I have talked to up through the years have seen this and more. And many harbor some doubt about their own situation with the church. This manifests in for instance not picking up the phone to avoid registrars, not attending IAS events to avoid the pressure and coming up with small white lies about being to too busy to be on course or not affording another set of the Basics.

And then you may wonder what trouble you encounter if you were ever to report all the outpoints you see. Or if you would get expelled or SP declared if you were to stand up, say “No!” and walk out the door.

If you are indeed working on correcting the outpoints you see, I highly commend you and the rest of this article is not intended for you.

Now, here’s the kicker: You inherit the condition that you do not assign and handle. If you stay silent, you tacitly condone the abuses, tech corruptions and the suppression of Scientology itself. If you do not help stop the degradation of Scientology, you are at best in a Treason condition. If you don’t try to handle, in any way, the outpoints you see, you will mount up some serious work on your future Liability condition. Making up the damage for not stopping the suppression of Scientology is no small task.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at what you are, who you really are and to do a real and honest Doubt condition before you amass to much amends work up the line.

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