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TSF and other forums

After I announced The Scientology Forum, the initiative has raised discussions on other discussion boards.

In the polarized world of Scientology, there are two major camps; The Church of Scientology, admitting nothing wrong, pretending perfection and the rabid critics chanting “it’s all fake, it’s all wrong!”, itching to start the book burning. Both camps are sounding like a broken record.

There have been those saying that the new forum is bad because it will be moderated and especially because I will not allow discussions of upper level confidential material. Some have questioned my belief in free speech.

This should make it clear: TSF needs to be safe for Scientologists to participate in civilized discussions on Scientology. That is part of its purpose. I will in no way limit anyone’s right to go elsewhere and shout and scream whatever they feel like. But not on my forum. I believe in free speech. But free speech has its common sense limits. I would not advocate another’s right to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater. And I would stop an asshole from saying certain things to my kids. Civilization requires civilized citizens. Critics with a Broken Record syndrome will find more suitable forums to frolic.

There is no need for TSF to end up as a competitor to the other forums and boards out there. Currently there are few places safe for Scientologists to discuss their beliefs, the tech, the church and the future without bumping into confidential material or getting chopped and ridiculed by an ass clown.

As for the main purposes of the new forum; commenters here wants a better solution for discussions than WordPress, and I want more time for my family. A match made in heaven.

The contributors to this blog have behaved amazingly civilized. I would love to have all of you participating on TSF. If the forum gets a life of it’s own, I will start blogging my discussion topics over there and leave my pure information articles here. Or something. We’ll see 🙂

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  1. merris
    2009-11-05 at 20:08

    I’m with you here! There’s lotsa places for the “wild and woolly”. We can throw “entheata lines” untill our keyboards turn blue….That’s focas on the problem… This place will give people a chance to comminicate and look for solutions. I hang out on this blog because there IS impartial moderation.
    Not everyone coming out of the church can confront the upper leval materials…they shouldn’t Have to…Free speech doesn’t have to, or need to be abusive…”do only those things that others can confront easily” or something like that (big grin) OOOOOOO! I made a quote!!!! (bigger grin)

    • FancyKat
      2009-11-06 at 04:54

      Hi Merris. I am one who did not like the constant moderation. It is not because I want it for a free for all. It is like how the church is, examination before the crime is done. AS I posted in the forum a test period of moderation for behavior is acceptable for me: being on the freecycle list everyone was on moderation till they proved they were not a problem. They are very strict about it too and guess what I am not on moderation. I did forget one rule and I got almost immediate notice I made an error which I said sorry about doing for I forgot to put my location in the post.

      I don’t like going to ESMB much any more because of the nastiness there so I do understand that but there is a middle of the road to be traveled. I am not saying to let those type of posts be in the forum either. One can moderate without constant moderation after a person has proved themselves.

      I as I said there done moderation for a very large forum with thousands on it. I know what I am talking about here and I been out of the church for a while and I know how that is when you first get out of it.

      Merris you know me and I think that every post being moderated is a bit much to use the forum. We been here before the new people came and saw what was and now we are being judged before we can even say boo. You judge on the intent of the post only. Not that I get judged before my post is even looked at assuming I am a bad girl to have to be looked at what I wrote. I know that is done here too and so does Marty does it but it is a blog so it is a bit different.

      We were here hoping for you guys to come out and see and many of us waited for years to happen and I gave up on it myself then it started to happen.

      I am not talking about free speech on the forum I am talking about being guilty before the judging. I don’t think I will wait all day to have a post show up that I posted.

      I will continue where I been hoping for the church reform for almost ten years. Where I have helped those so they can tell the guys in the church there is a problem. I saw the problem long time ago and I found it the hard way as many do.

      It is the owners forum to do as he wishes and I am sick of the ESMB attacks myself. I skip over 90% of the posts there now. A probation period on the new forum is the solution. I don’t want to talk of the OT levels even if I am told I may not be far from doing them. I have no desire to look or talk about them either.

      My name is Barbara and I went by Kheinsa when I first join the freezone and now I go by my kitty’s name Fancy. I been in the freezone since I wrote up RTC in the year 2000 and found the freezone in 2001. Don’t want to say the hell I went though at that time for there was no nice forums but some crazy freezoners like Mike and Virginia. Then I slowly found my current freezone friends and I have helped a great deal. I had to claw my way out of my deep depression, the betrayal I had and then confusion of the freezone. I did almost all of that with some good freezoner’s help.

      Merris I miss your emails. take care.


      • 2009-11-06 at 07:43

        Having people on moderation for a period will be considered.

        Apart from this, I do not consider regular quality assurance necessarily “inspection before the fact”. For instance, in the business world most any production facility does strict quality assurance before the product goes out the door. Witness Toyota.

        • FancyKat
          2009-11-06 at 13:43

          I differ with you here for they make things to break so you will buy more of it.

          Toyota may be an exception.

          Thank for the consideration for, it is “inspection before the fact.”

          What you say is justification as well. People are not things.

          I wanted a good forum to post in and their is another forum but the forum style is not easy to use by how you can find new posts so it is not used a lot. In fact there are two such forums. IFA has one which is not used and so does the other guy which is used sometimes.

          Neither does this and has the same rules as no upper level unless they are OT and they have a private section of the forum for that that no one else can get into. I know that can be done too.

          Like I said I done this and I set one up for IFA a ways back which the church had taken down for it was on a free server. We then did not care if it was for no one used it.

          Yours could be used but if one has to get approved all the time I doubt it will be used by many for past history of how the independents use public forums anyhow. they tend to like Yahoo lists. I don’t know why but they do for even I tried to get a forum going and so has IFA.


          • 2009-11-06 at 13:57

            Would examination of students be inspection before the fact? It is also quality inspection/control.

            As for the usage – I am just happy if I can move the 500 post/week discussion here over to scnforum.org 🙂

            • FancyKat
              2009-11-06 at 14:10

              The reasons far fine and students is not equal to just talking. Apples does not equal oranges. I know you have to take time to being out here and seeing how it works out here and I know why you would want to change that but in reality you are not changing it for there you approve all too so it is no difference so why have a forum if you are not changing the way you are doing things.

              I know I was like you when I came out of the church and I been out for almost ten years now. One can’t control everything in life for then you have no game.

              I do agree on watching for quality and I ran a forum before which was rather large. YOu can do that as well after the post and if you have good enough moderators that watch at all hours a post that is not good would not sit there very long for it will go to the dust bin for such posts. Yeah I just recalled they never deleted a post just moved them to where they are hidden from everyone for that is proof of the post if You delete it then there is no proof.

              I no longer want to be responsible for moderation of a group. My last successful attempt at it was I had to give it away after my co-owner gave it away without telling me. Teach me to have a co-owner I did not know. It was an art group that is still going today and boy that was when I blew my cork as well. I did not post my anger but the people involved got the full blunt of it.

              See after the church I don’t trust companies. I in fact a few years ago paid money for a good camera. Dang it did not last a few years and it is a very well known brand name. I did get another one by the same brand but this time I bought a warranty for it and if it breaks then that company will never be bought by me and it is a Canon.

              Moving the posts there is no difference than here given you approve each post. I guess you like a lot of work.

              Have moderators from each continent that can look out for the forum each hour of the day and a probation period then you will be just fine.


  2. Panther
    2009-11-05 at 20:20

    I wholeheartedly agree. I think some are confusing moderating with limiting free speech. They are NOT the same thing. Whilst without doubt the intentions are good, there is a strand of Anonymous that are vulgar and abusive in the extreme and with all respect couldn’t contribute much to such a forum. As an example of this I spent a week debating on a thread as Panther. It started when I pm’d one after a “night out”. [link removed due to reference to confidential material – politely brought up by the poster that the admin could indeed delete it] It was a useful debate though; we shared each others views!

  3. UnDisturbed
    2009-11-05 at 20:59

    And remember this part from the Creed of the Church: “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”
    Certainly we can do that with respect and courtesy to all. No need to shout down or drown out what others think. Geir has gone a long way to make that possible here.

  4. ExKane
    2009-11-05 at 21:02

    I lol’d hard at ass clown.
    With a name as generic as The Scientology Forum, I have a feeling that this thing is going to take off.
    As they say in the UK, Cheers.

  5. MR
    2009-11-05 at 21:57

    Ignore those critics, all they will ever amount to would is a fly in the room.

  6. Overdriver
    2009-11-05 at 21:58

    Your forum, your rules. Simple as that.
    If anybody does not like it he can ask for something politely or start his own forum – including me.

    • FancyKat
      2009-11-06 at 05:03

      I did that twice and I don’t want to do that again Overdriver.

      I had the best Alexander art list out there and I lost it to a betrayal. I built it up and a co-owner gave it away. Also I was moderator of Trek United who worked to save Enterprise – Star Trek when it was canceled and we raised about a million or so to save the show. I no longer wish to do forums and I am about to give up on most forums for the bashing I see. I almost gave up on a freezone list recently till the owner put a new rule in which is working. I do understand but as I am saying there is a middle of the road to walk. Banning is rather easy to do as well for I done it.

      So it is his rules but there is a standard way of moderating on the web. And It looks like I am not going to be posting on the forum for I am judge before I say anything.


  7. 2009-11-05 at 23:34

    Soo….how are you guys (and that includes posters as well as lurkers) going to promote this forum inside the orgs?

  8. 2009-11-05 at 23:42

    Will we have to use napkins?

    • 2009-11-06 at 07:28

      Of course. And lots of hugging. We love to cuddle.

  9. 2009-11-05 at 23:58

    is it going to be acceptable for the FZ to lurk your forum like peadobear in a kindergarten?

    • 2009-11-06 at 07:30

      Inappropriate. Yellow card.

      In the spirit of freedom, I should bar people from reading the forum? I censor myself from calling you names here.

  10. Nom de Plume
    2009-11-06 at 06:06

    Geir, I appreciate the gift of these last few weeks here on your unique forum.

    Hope it is as much fun for you as it has been for me.

    Looking forward to being a part of the new set-up. 🙂

  11. Barney Rubble
    2009-11-06 at 07:44


    You are correct. Your Policy is your Policy. Your integrity appears very strong. Thanks so much. Stay strong brother.

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