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A never ending contract

After Nancy Many’s book “My Billion Year Contract” was released last week, I came to think about another “contract” that is less visible but nonetheless enforced; The OT Ambassador pledge.

You see, being a public scientologist, when you attest to OT VII you are expected to attend the yearly OT Summit aboard the cruise ship Freewinds. This is the famous Maiden Voyage anniversaries where OTs come and get briefed on the latest expansion news and are given their marching orders for the next year, the OT Ambassador Program (OTA).

It is not a voluntary decision to opt in or out for this program. If you attend the week of events, you find yourself one night in the middle of a swearing-in ceremony where everybody raises their hands and reads the OT Ambassador pledge aloud. At the end of that meeting, each OT is given the OTA and are ordered to comply with it to expand their local orgs. Nothing wrong with expanding local orgs. But the way the supposed-to’s are Aikido’ed into the life of the OTs are interesting. Because even if you don’t raise your hand and don’t agree to the program, you are still expected to do it. When you are sworn in as an OT Ambassador, you are subject to command intention like never before.

And the contract isn’t just for one year. It’s not even a full 5 year standard Class V Org contract. Is it a lifetime’s commitment? Nope. Hell, it’s not even a billion year contract. The OT Ambassador contract has no limit. Or so the ED of Oslo Org and a few missionaries told me. The ED had cleared this well up the lines and he went to town with this newfound data to ensure I did his biddings. He demanded that I put in a Battle Plan every morning – a todo-list of what I would do on the program that day. And every afternoon I was told to report my production statistics. I asked “do I get weekends off?”. At which he answered “I suppose that would be ok.”

Needless to say I laughed hard and much to his dismay. Pushing me around tends to be futile. He wanted me to be his production machine and told me that I had an infinite contract to comply to.

This is the expectation level when one attests to OT VII in the church these days. Scientology is about free will. The Church of Scientology is about command intention.

  1. As-Is
    2009-10-31 at 00:47

    Your last statement is spot-on. All one needs to do is read a book on scientology such as fundamentals of thought and listen to a few classic lectures by LRH to understand that the church staff use just a couple of scientology principles, exclusively, and in an often counter-productive manner: intention and control. These are powerful principles that lead to effects for sure. But without integrity and judgement they result in negative effects and unwanted conditions.

    Thankfully the church scene is changing, conditions are improving. And when the reform does happen I’m sure there will be even bigger and better improvements towards the ideal scene on all dynamics.

    • El-Rol
      2009-11-01 at 17:01

      To As-is. When the change occur as a result of exposure and not really to carry LRH philosophy, it is undesired and fake. Exercise a bit more CONFRONT.

  2. TRUTH
    2009-10-31 at 00:59

    Very well put Geir! “Scientology is about free will. The Church of Scientology is about command intention”. Thank you!

  3. Margaret
    2009-10-31 at 03:24

    Unbelievable. The “Bridge to Total Freedom” has become the “Bridge to Total Enslavement”.

    Talk about evidence of 1.1 leadership.

  4. RJ
    2009-10-31 at 08:34

    Wow Geir I’m surprised they didn’t make you give a pledge of allegiance to Miscavige like Adolph Hitler did with the Wehrmacht!

    • 2009-10-31 at 08:59

      They sort of did just before my OT VII speech when they said: “And you must thank COB in your speech”.

      • RJ
        2009-10-31 at 10:55

        Man that’s just too funny.

        Yeah I’d to thank COB (Clown On Board) for screwing up the tech, the policy and destroying the organization!

        • Chris
          2009-11-02 at 04:21

          Well you could thank COB for giving you the honor of living in interesting times 😉

    • Jim Logan
      2009-10-31 at 13:50

      Remember what Sue Wilhere (the person who authorizes all issues from RTC and Upper Management including new versions of policy and bulletins, well, as a figurehead anyway) stated in her sworn affadivit recently: Miscavige IS Scientology. That’s even more than LRH ever claimed.

  5. StarsAwait
    2009-10-31 at 14:57

    If there’s any moment on a track where self determinism should be present it’s in your OT VIII success story. It might be that the actual success story is separate from the ones in the mags, but since the release of the basics, pretty much every one, maybe every one, devotes at least one paragraph to how the basics helped them. I’ve found that hard to believe that the same emphasis would be uniformly mentioned in all success stories, and it comes across as fake. I’ve had great wins with the basics, both with the old and new versions, but it seems as if they’re being coached to sell basics in their writeups.

    The first new OT VIII wrote about feeling no enturbulation for an entire year before attesting to new OT VII, and that’s really something. I feel enturbulation to some degree every minute basically. So I’d like to see less salemanship, and more stories like that first one.

  6. KSW1Fan
    2009-10-31 at 17:16

    How lucky I am that they took me of the Level. I would have never agreed to that Nonsens. Interesting that you didn`t mention that in your doubt formula. If people would know that in advance maybe they would think about going on OT 7 twice.

    • Maria
      2009-10-31 at 22:45

      Me neither. I didn’t re-sign on a staff contract years ago because I was tired of being pushed for products on a daily basis and being assigned constant low conditions and ethics handlings when I was already working 18 hours a day and doing my best to build up a Mission that had been stripped down to the ground by by crazy orders, rapacious recruitment practices and public rip-offs from multiple senior organizations. So now the OTs are supposed to figure out how to get new people in past the line-up of IAS and building donos, or else? Crap. This is so crazy.

  7. Mockingbird6
    2009-10-31 at 17:36

    To RJ:
    Well, I’ve been thinking how much this reminds me of Nazi Germany, for those of you who can remember what that was like either from this life or before…

    • Chris
      2009-11-02 at 03:09

      Mockinbird,random query here but were you ever in the SO?

  8. Mark A. Baker
    2009-10-31 at 20:48

    The concept of “command intention” is just another borrowed silliness from the SO, a group which has done more to impede the adoption of the subject of scientology than any other entity. As I’ve stated in another of my posts made elsewhere:

    “The SO has a completely separate set of internal agendas. It was expressly set up to be Hubbard’s plaything and personal means for constantly interfering in the internal operations of distant orgs and groups. These tendencies have made it wholly unreliable as an institution as well as being the single greatest source of the most egregious abuses and unethical actions conducted on behalf of the Co$.

    In short, the SO is institutionally corrupt and unfit to function, much less lead. The subject of scientology would no doubt have progressed much further had the SO never been created.”

    • Soderqvist1
      2009-11-01 at 08:07

      Sea Org is a joke!
      I have no need in my life to obey orders all the time, and live in accord with strict rules by others, since I am not an effect point. Yet I have no need to make it go away, rather it is the other way around, because it stimulates my appetite for life, it is just entertaining to see their reaction when I do as I will like a Star, which has its own rule of orbit!

    • Chris
      2009-11-02 at 03:28

      The SO statistically ran on it’s own merits till the takeover.I see no reason why we need to disband the entire unit.Downsize and overqualify,though? HELL YES!!!
      I don’t want teenagers in command stripes,at my auditing room throwing knives at my wall,but I DO want them keeping restimulation in check and getting ethics in.
      Besides,if we have a reinstated GO they’d be a nice counter balance.

  9. El-Rol
    2009-11-01 at 17:11

    Geir, I loved every single issue you brought up, WOW! these writings where all my ideas too and it is nice to know that someone else KNOW’S (“Thinks”) alike. We are definately on the same wave lenght and all of your comments are wellcome and your communication is on the Eastetics ban. Please continue informing us.

    • 2009-11-01 at 17:57

      Thanks. I will continue.

  10. Nom de Plume
    2009-11-01 at 17:39

    “…the ED of Oslo Org…demanded that I put in a Battle Plan every morning…every afternoon…report my production statistics…

    “Needless to say I laughed hard…

    “Pushing me around tends to be futile…”
    – Geir Isene

    Geir, was this the same ED that Miss Cabbage later wanted you to replace?

    If so, ha ha ha…what sublimely twisted irony! 😀 😀

    • 2009-11-01 at 18:00

      Indeed it was the same ED – he is still on post 😉

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