The Mike Effect

During my OSA ambush meeting, Kirsten Ceatano was tellin me how much better OSA was doing now that the big SP Mike Rinder had left. She told me that they used to be in constant war and that now everything is calm and fun. Is this the “Mike Effect”?

Kirsten went on to tell me that they used to be in constant court battles and that now, after Mike was gone, they had zero court cases – well except for the “no case” that Mark Headley was waging.

Let’s see: After Mike left, we got Jason Beghe’s exit. We saw the rise of Anonymous and the biggest protests against the church ever. We got a series of protest and activism like never before. We got the SP Times article series “The Truth Rundown” changing the whole game. We got ABC Nightline and Paul Haggis leaving the church. And the church is engaged in court cases. In fact, they just lost one in France. Maybe this is the “Mike Effect”?.

Three years prior to Mike Rinder’s exit, there wasn’t anywhere near as much happening as now. If frantic action is fun, then OSA must be having a ball right now. Former Int Execs are speaking out like never before. The statistic “OTs leaving” are in affluence and now with Paul’s resignation letter, the celebrity scene is getting the attention it deserves.

I agree with Kirsten in that I am glad Mike Rinder left.

  1. sherrymk
    2009-10-28 at 22:18

    It truly boggles the mind that Kristen would think for a minute that you would buy into that BS. I guess she didn’t bother reading your Doubt Formula. I wonder really what she was thinking her product would be meeting with you? Seriously, what was she thinking this “information” would do?

    • 2009-10-29 at 10:18

      She seemed to hope that I would at least stop talking/writing or at best get back into the fold.

  2. Tom
    2009-10-28 at 23:27

    Wow, what are they putting in the kool-aid at OSA?

    Kirsten sounds seriously out of touch with reality. (Of course, anyone that signs a billion year contract must be tracking a different reality.) But really, there is one very simple way to handle this whole scene.

    Make the stats verifiably available. If they are honest stats, and are all UP from when I was on staff, I will STFU and do my A to E.

    • John Peeler
      2009-10-30 at 14:17

      Why not just do your A-E, and join the Sea Org – the most “ethical group” on the planet?

  3. grace
    2009-10-28 at 23:49

    definitely the greatest good for all the dynamics.

  4. Koos
    2009-10-28 at 23:53

    So am I glad he left. I always find it quite amazing to see how people who were held in such high regard, are suddenly degraded and declared SP’s for finally coming to their senses about the wrongs going on in CoS.

    • John Peeler
      2009-10-30 at 14:19

      This isn’t new. It’s been going on ever since LRH was running the Church.

  5. Rafael
    2009-10-29 at 01:30

    Well, yes ! I´m glad too, and for one more reason, playing the NOT-IS game gets them real close to the bottom.

  6. Alex
    2009-10-29 at 02:04

    It looks like they were unsuccessful int their attempts at dead-agenting that point. Back to cramming!

  7. TRUTH
    2009-10-29 at 02:48

    Kirsten Ceatano,

    Are you sure, you know the inside situation with OSA? It doesn’t seem that you know what you are talking about or you really know Mike Rinder and his power. Since he left and joined the most Ethical Independent Scientology group out side the church, CoS has been going down the dwindling spiral.
    Are you keeping up with the world News? Maybe you should before you open your mouth or buy into what DM (SP) and Tommy Davis (DM’s mouth piece) are feeding you with. Instead LOOK deeply and THINK for yourself. Stop being a ROBOT for DM.

  8. RJ
    2009-10-29 at 03:19

    Yeah I know Geir, first it was blame it on the GO now blame Mike….ho hum

    Well at least they are narrowing the wrong target, sooner or later they’ll be saying the next why is god 🙂

    Have you read Thoughtful Steve’s piece on how OSA is currently “handling” people.

    Careful now don’t sit near the computer with a mouthful of liquids and make sure you tie your ass down lest you laugh it off:

  9. scooter
    2009-10-29 at 06:46

    The self-generated lies are just amazing – I never cease to be amazed at how a person can twist the facts to support a fixed idea.

    I know I used to do it as a “loyal scientologist” and obviously I’m not the only victim of that mechanism.

    But I would have thought someone up the food chain in OSA Int would have a better idea of what’s actually happening in the world.

    • John Peeler
      2009-10-30 at 14:24

      Hmmm, I’m sure that Kirsten and a lot of those in OSA know exactly what’s going on. OSA staff, especially those in intelligence are trained to lie. On the other hand, at the Int base, we weren’t allowed to watch TV, go on the internet or read newspapers. USA Today was available for a while in the canteen though, but only after the Time magazine article, as we were running major ads against the psychs and big pharma.

  10. Kat
    2009-10-29 at 08:02

    Now there is this:

    Nancy Many tells of her Black Dianetics auditing.

    Tells what she thinks of why did Tom Cruise jumped on the couch.

    There is a typo on the channel description which should be corrected.

    The book is, “My Billion Year Contract.” Nancy Many.

    Aida Thomas the interviewer is an Class 8 auditor in the freezone.

    [url=”″]YouTube – Aida Thomas Inteviews Nancy Many – Part 1[/url]

    [url=””]YouTube – Aida Thomas Inteviews Nancy Many – Part 2[/url]

    [url=””]YouTube – Aida Thomas Inteviews Nancy Many – Part 3[/url]

  11. Robert
    2009-10-29 at 10:29

    Some day these people will “cognite” on “not your item”. These people are constantly being given someone else’s item and are under enough duress to think it is their own. Whether it is GAT, or the congresses or the basics or Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, some else is feeding them THE item and they swallow it hook, line and sinker without even a glance to see if it’s true.

    That was one thing that really didn’t sit well with me when I was in. There was unanimous agreement about whatever was the big new thing with nobody really willing to look for themselves and give their true opinion. And that is why they will fail because they have shut off observation.

  12. KSW1Fan
    2009-10-29 at 10:49

    Check this:

    After two of the four original plaintiffs agreed to settle out of court, the case now centers on charges by two women who say they were preyed upon by the organization.

    Its an excerpt out of this:,8599,1901373,00.html

    How much ist the IAS paying now to handle the cases out of Court?

    • Overdriver
      2009-10-29 at 16:05

      This court story was really rather a witch hunt as far as I can see through information I’ve got from the press. And the above Time article is not precise the least in many ways.
      Although this was a direct consequence of the Church using force what creates ridges. So this court case was really the fruit of ridge-making activities.
      I would like people in OSA and on the lines to take a honest look again to the very basics of Scientology. Especially the Scientology symbol with the ARC and KRC triangle and the Creed of the Church. They should harmonize any other policies with these basic stuff. They should as well take a closer look to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the subject of their recent campaign. Things would than begin to change slowly for the better.

  13. Axiom
    2009-10-29 at 16:19

    “The Mike effect” is a hilarious naming of the consequences on incompetence from OSA.
    Great essay,Geir!:)

  14. Nom de Plume
    2009-10-29 at 22:36

    ’tis axiomatic that a closed mouth gathers no foot.

  15. Alex
    2009-10-29 at 23:45

    Do you know if Mike Rinder is going to come out more visibly and give US the Mike effect??

    • 2009-10-29 at 23:48

      Not quite sure yet.

      • Margaret
        2009-10-30 at 05:19

        I sure hope he becomes more visible. He is well-respected in Scientology, and I believe — done in the right way — his speaking out could have a major impact on reforming the Church (and removing Miscavige from power).

        • John Peeler
          2009-10-30 at 14:28

          Yes, this would be great for Mike to do. He knows so much about what OSA has been involved in the last 20 years or so. Especially all of the actions done to people who were speaking out about the abuses. He probably knows what was done to Shawn Lonsdale as well.

          • Margaret
            2009-10-30 at 20:09

            Per Marty, Lonsdale committed suicide. Marty said that OSA would hire PIs and lawyers, but “offing” someone was never part of the plan.

            However, if Mike could give detailed accounts of abusive life at Int and, on video, corroborate the eyewitness accounts of physical violence he experienced from Miscavige (as well as how, or if, Miscavige poorly directed the church’s and Mike’s PR choices), I think that would be useful.

  16. Alex
    2009-10-30 at 05:36

    Here is a good reference I found in the Milestone One lectures. Tape called Effort and Counter Effort. LRH says: “One of the primary things wrong with the early Organizations with which I had any vague connection with was the fact that their management did not accept the efforts of others but contested the efforts of others, even to a point of violence. And so nobody was accepted by these organizations, and their management, and so on, rather caved them in in this fashion, because they got the counter-efforts.
    What do you do to a revolutionary? If you were a government and you were beset at every hand by wild revolutionaries, how would you handle them? Would you shoot them? Mm-mm. Would you reprimand them? Mm-mm. Would you put out a lot of propaganda against them? Mm-mm.
    You find out exactly where they’re located and who they are, and you publish a proclamation to the effect that you’re terrifically anxious to contact them because they might have some ideas and can be of some help. And then you explain to these people what your problems are and ask them to look it over, look over your situation, and see how their ideas can forward the general good of the entire group. And having received their ideas and having them now with a clear view of what you’re up against, you take an area of action and give it to them. And there would never have been a revolution on the face of the Earth if management or government had always done this. You see how this could be?
    Of course, when one is below 2.0, one desires to succumb. And what is the fastest way to succumb? To select out all one’s potential efforts and elect them counter efforts, and one will succumb in a hurry. That’s a speedy process. Anybody who tries to help you, don’t let them; anybody who comes up and says a kind word to you, make them understand that it was an unkind word; anybody who wishes to use the same things you’re using, make it clear to them they can’t.” LRH

  17. Barney Rubble
    2009-10-30 at 07:38


    I know having been a 25 year SO Vet, and involved with Scn since the early 70’s, there are indeed lies on tis thread (less so, than others).

    But I am going to make a difficult comment/question or 2 here)…

    And I have been watching these for the past 3-4 months as a very careful observer,
    there is I guess a one quarter commenter’s who actually degrade and I get from detection wish Scn destroyed. That is a fact, it is based on history and factial events.

    They do this by cutting to the core of the subject material attacking Scn (labelling it a cult), LRH, and it’s doctrines.

    Again this website is the best of all, but it so rampant on many others. I am sick of it, and if someone really wants a just reform they wold be best not to pursue this, And BTW stop the J & D crap on the confidential materials. It has to stop.

    I was a NOTS Auditor for 10 years and I know the real original (non DM revised ) materials.

    They do work more than any other, and if most those true people who want reform they would stamp this out.

    Ask yourself this question, 1) Do you visit these websites everyday and and read these message boards? 2) What is your real purpose for spending your time doing this? 3) What is next?

    If you are true to your goals whether you are on either side stop dramitazing,and get it together.

    • 2009-10-30 at 10:36

      I can reiterate my own purpose line:

      1. Show the general public that Scientology is not equal to the Church of Scientology.
      2. Get those responsible for abuses to own up. DM in a court of law.
      3. Open the church. Free the tech from monopoly.
    • John Peeler
      2009-10-30 at 14:38

      For me it’s not really about the materials, but the product and what it has turned into. I witnessed many abuses at the Int base for the 10 years I was there. After getting out of the SO, and able to think for myself, I did my own research on the subject. I’d been in Scientology since 1977, and on-lines at orgs until joining the Staff and then the SO in the late 80’s. It was always about money, and making more of it. It has been througout it’s entire history. You may not like it, but the true history about the creator of Scientology is available, not the Church PR version. His own “Affirmations” are also available. After researching that for yourself, look at the VFP of the Church today. It all makes sense. As far as having anything better to do, I personally am a care giver for my grandmother who can’t move her body on her own, so in between helping her survive, I have plenty of time to expose the truth about what I witnessed and was involved in, and pointing people in the direction of truth. After recruiting about 30 others into the Sea Org, I feel it’s my duty to now help to recruit “out.”

  18. TheProphet
    2009-10-30 at 07:49

    They still live in that world where they think sitting down in private with someone and telling them stories will be enough to convince them that they are right, you were mistaken.

    Welcome to the information age.

    Sadly, this works quite effectively for people who have been convinced that the wog world is full of crimes and lies, those that truly believe that criticism against the church is always false and must have been invented by criminal minds, and therefore never read it.

    With fast and easy access to people who have first hand knowledge of the matter, such lies can be quickly dispelled. And it even seems incredible to those of us who truly are free that they spend their time inventing and presenting such clearly false pictures of reality.

    The Internet is certainly not truth, but it is an anvil on which the truth can be hammered out, and where lies can not survive for long. Between all the haters, extremists, trolls, paid agents, apostates, rejects, humanitarians, true believers and people trying to do the right thing, the truth can indeed be found if one looks for it.

    But within the limited worldview of the CoS, where free speech is a PR slogan at best, lies can not be countered and the truths that may be found suffer for it. When people are faced with the facts, they naturally find it hard to believe that anything so bad can have any good in it, they become bitter or disenchanted or reject it entirely before even experiencing it for themselves.

    This is why openness, transparency and honesty becomes not only the right thing but even a practical necessity for any organisation seeking to survive this age.

    • Margaret
      2009-10-30 at 20:16


    • Anonymous
      2009-10-30 at 23:18

      “The Internet is certainly not truth, but it is an anvil on which the truth can be hammered out, and where lies can not survive for long.”

      This is a beautiful statement – and no matter how hard the Church tries to instill anti-Internet propaganda in the minds of it’s followers, it’s pretty much a basic fact of our shared reality.

  19. loriu
    2009-10-30 at 17:31

    There is a new lawsuit filed by an Anon against the CoS for his assault in April at the hands of security for the grand opening for the Nashville Ideal Celebrity Centre.


    I wonder if Mike somehow pulled that in before he left? Was there a time machine involved? (Mike, if you’re reading this, can I borrow your time machine? I overslept this morning.)

    If I recall correctly, there have also been suits against Narconon since CoS and Mike parted ways, but I believe they were settled. Then there is also Laura DeCrescenzo’s case. There are probably others I am unaware of.

    • 2009-10-30 at 17:57

      It says “Charges dropped”.

      FYI: Mike left in 2007.

      • Margaret
        2009-10-30 at 20:23

        The “trespassing charges” against the protestor were dropped — not the lawsuit.

        In my opinion, charges against the church *will* be dropped and the security guards might end up with a minor fine. The $6 million that is being sought is ridiculous.

      • loriu
        2009-10-30 at 22:39

        “It says “Charges dropped”.”

        As Margaret said, the charges against the person suing were dropped.

        “FYI: Mike left in 2007.”
        That’s why I mentioned the time machine. 😉 Was being tongue in cheek.

      • Heather
        2009-10-31 at 07:17

        I think you missed loriu’s point re the time machine.

        For Margaret (below), the new case is a civil one, not criminal. So there are no charges against the Celebrity Center to be dropped. I can’t imagine the protester just dropping the case. Not with all the evidence he has.

  20. Maria
    2009-10-30 at 18:16

    I agree with the transparency issue in view of the openness of the Internet. I also think one of the keys to this entire effort is a misunderstanding of the definition of entheta.

    Entheta: means enturbulated theta (thought or life); especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group. (Technical Dictionary)

    This is how I understand entheta to work out in practical application.

    Truth isn’t always comfortable or happy. There are lots of facts or truths that LRH talked about that are extremely unpleasant and often hard to confront. People don’t get well if they commit bad acts and refuse to take responsibility for them. Neither do organizations. Whitewashing, shore stories, misrepresentations, outright lying, etc. about bad acts prevent correction by pretending there is nothing bad to correct and therefore are entheta no matter how pretty the package is or well-intended the purpose is.

    As well, when unpalatable truths do surface, that becomes betrayal. Betrayal is also entheta because it enturbulates the living daylights out of theta.

    • TheProphet
      2009-10-31 at 04:34


  21. loriu
    2009-10-30 at 23:02

    Margaret :
    The “trespassing charges” against the protestor were dropped — not the lawsuit.
    In my opinion, charges against the church *will* be dropped and the security guards might end up with a minor fine. The $6 million that is being sought is ridiculous.

    A few points for you..quick ones since this isn’t about that particular lawsuit.

    1. It isn’t a criminal trial, so there are no charges to be dropped. It could be thrown out, but that is unlikely given the apparent preponderance of evidence.
    2. The dollar figure is large, because the damages are sought to deter a corporate entity from engaging in that type of a behavior again. In the legal world, this is punitive damages.
    3. It is improbable that penalties will be solely against the guards because of a doctrine of law called Respondeat superior. Legal definition here. The short of it is that when you engage someone, you share responsibility for their actions w/in the scope of their employment.

    • Margaret
      2009-10-31 at 03:39

      Personally, I wish someone would go after Miscavige directly on something with real teeth in it. I wish a bunch of the guys that were beaten and abused (and those who witnessed it) would all get together and bring the guy down.

      It pisses me off that he’s still there and able to get away with this crap.

  22. Meccaa Anon
    2009-10-31 at 17:11

    Of course the subtext of this is, Mike’s exit is a symptom of the times not the cause. Organized Scientology has run out of stem in the form of good ideas, good people and esprit de corps. What they are getting right now is the retention of people who can’t survive in teh real world and the “leadership” of COB-DM which is like a moron trying to ride a dinosaur.

    Against all of the people Scientology has pissed off world wide they are bound to fail. The rats are leaving a sinking ship but the ship still has a few air pockets left.

  23. Nom de Plume
    2009-11-01 at 19:09

    Margaret :
    Personally, I wish someone would go after Miscavige directly on something with real teeth in it.

    It pisses me off that he’s still there and able to get away with this crap.

    Exactly! Time to cowboy up! 🙂

  24. Everlasting
    2009-11-03 at 11:56

    I agree with Barney regarding the dramatizing. There are many categories of people out there from those who are protech and concerned about the many issues involving the Church, to those who are among a true enemy line who wish for nothing more than to stop theta from expanding.

    Any suggestions Barney? For example, you say you are a NOTS auditor and you say that the NOTS prior to DM was better. What can you DO about this, as that info alone does not change anything nor does it inform of the difference between the program/processes.

    And herein lies the problem with making the necessary changes in tech or ‘justice’ policies …there needs to be an admin scale very intelligently done on how to create the changes that so many people feel need to happen. It seems that much confusion is blowing off as people are either disconnecting or simply “observing” and cogniting. I am not talking mutiny, but I am talking about an organized effort which is effectual. Those of us who really do care about bringing humanity up the tone scale and changing the theta/entheta ratio have a lot of work ahead, and it is clear that the Church is becoming its worse enemy and is dramatizing what it pretends to be fighting. Now what?

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