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OTs leaving – what’s the value?

Why is it important that OT VIIs and VIIIs leave the Church of Scientology?
How can this helps stop the abuses in and around the organization?

Quick explanation: OT = Operating Thetan; Used here as “those who have reached the highest spiritual levels in Scientology”. OT VIII being the highest OT level released.

Realize that OT VIIs and VIIIs are David Miscavige’s (DM’s) power base. They are the biggest donors and contributors in so many ways across the boards. They lead the OT Committees. They rally the public to action. They inspire others to donate for no value in return. And they carry a lot of weight with the other public scientologists. They are “opinion leaders” of so many. Scientologists know all this. Other readers of this blog may not be so cognizant of the inner workings of the church.

When the OT VIIs and VIIIs leave, this is effectively corroding DMs power. Sure, he has a lot of money. He has buildings and he has staff he can commandeer around through authority, force and intimidation. But without the OTs, he has no religion to lead. And I believe he needs to be the leader of a religion to play with the likes of Tom Cruise. There are plenty of billionaires, so that alone is not enough. He needs to be a worshiped leader to play among the “big boys”.

I reckon it will take some 200 top OTs leaving to see the real shift. That would be a turning point for the church. That is when the real desperation would kick in. It’s a guesstimate and we’ll see. There are many more in the pipeline leading out the front door. But for many OTs, the consequences of leaving are big, both with their families and their professional lives.

It’s a tough decision. However, the top OTs may have one advantage when considering voting with their feet: The may not be so scared of “loosing their Bridge”. They are pretty much up there as high as they can get for the next decade or so. While anyone can get the full Bridge from plenty of very advanced, professional and standard units and individuals, most scientologists don’t know there are alternatives. Many are scared to exercise their integrity even though they know there is something very wrong and they witness abuses. The OTs can more easily make the jump – and from my experience, they have gained much personal integrity and observational powers, so they are more apt to take action inside the church and when that leads nowhere, decide to leave.

The OTs are big on action, as demonstrated from what they do as Scientology public. When they leave, they can be real assets in exposing the human rights violations of the church and ensure the people responsible are made responsible. OTs are big on helping others. Help is welcome.

  1. sherrymk
    2009-10-14 at 21:54

    Dear Geir, This is exactly it. I could not have expressed it in better words. It is precisely the point. I understand how hard and indeed frustrating it could be and has been for others to really get the significance of an OTVll or Vlll leaving. Again, as you state, one would have to understand the inner workings of the church PR machine. Indeed it could seem that way too much importance is being put on the Vllls that have left especially when, over the years, others have done so much in exposing the abuses while being majorly attacked for doing so. It’s just the times that we’re in right now. Fortunately, DM continues to do the exact things that a psychotic does when he has deteriorated completely. His actions alone are pushing the OTs out, causing the field to be disaffected and undermining anything that good people have done in the last 50 years to build Scientology up. One of the best things we can do is provide a safe place for all these wonderful beings to come to. And we can only do it by banning together in support of one another. It’s the OT way and how we operate the best. And DM knows this in no uncertain terms.

  2. thatsnotmyname
    2009-10-14 at 22:22

    Agreed.It’s not with any malice or spite that I personally celebrate an OT VIII leaving; on the contrary it is because I know they are going from a dark place to a very sunny one. Although not at the top of the bridge myself, the re-gaining of lost wins and abilities from actually looking for the truth and finding it was momentous…and surprising. The community that is growing here and at Marty’s place is really a beautiful and revitalising thing. To continue the very apt Berlin wall analogy, right now we are hacking away with pickaxes and the cracks are big enough for some to come through. There is a lot more work to do though. I know I amm doing my bit in my area; I hope others are too.

  3. TRUTH
    2009-10-14 at 22:24

    Being a Scientologist is a doingness, it is not a title that some carry without LOOKING, OBSERVING THE OBVIOUS and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    Geir, Sherry Katz and Mary Jo are great example of being OTs.

    DM has kept staff and public scientologists in the band of fear on the tone scale. The Human Evaluation Chart clearly explains how one would behave when he/she is in FEAR.

    That is how Tommy Davis and his wife Jessica Feshback, OSA terminals and all the top execs in DM’s prison as well as all the orgs and missions staff around the world are operating in present situation. They’v lost their integrity and self respect under DM’s suppression and when they are confronted by any of us, their tone level come up to either 1.1 or 1.5. It is the way they handle any critics.

    Being in Fear blinds them from spotting the actual SP (DM) therefore they attack the wrong target (critics of DM).

    You are right Sherry, by saying that we have to create a safe place for all these people currently in fear to feel safe so they can join us when they leave.

  4. StarsAwait
    2009-10-14 at 22:26

    I think the out OT’s and the ones getting there should demand to see the Int stats. The ones not out can threaten to leave if they don’t see the stats. Also take Marty along and some former managers and have it approved and walk into the HGB and look at the stats on the wall and data files. Or this could happen at once in many locations at CLO’s. Also it would be needed to see the stats on a very long term basis to see if DM is indeed incompetent i.e. did stats indeed take the plunge only after he took over. OSA what’s with this covert game, surely you’ve thought of killing this movement yourself by doing just what I’ve thought of here?

    Obviously you could stop this in one swoop by showing us that that stats are in good shape. I can only conclude that you are on our side and so don’t show a private audience of OT’s and ex-managers the stats, because they actually are in bad shape. Because otherwise your overt is incomprehensible in magnitude, and you’re forcing us into big overts.

    Even if the stats show an ambiguous picture, you would have to that degree stopped us, because we are well intentioned and you know that. There is a core of people here who aren’t messing around and you see that. What I’m saying here makes perfect sense, and if you’re too brain-dead to think for yourself, show this post to your senior and so on until someone who has an analytical mind sees it.

    I don’t mean to rattle anyone, I attest that the stats were down as of late 03 at CLO EUS. I need to see the effects of the ideal orgs etc. in recent years. But this won’t stop me from continuing to post outpoints.

    • Alex
      2009-10-16 at 04:54

      I am an “off the level” OT 7. I personally don’t care what the stats are. I have gotten to the point where I dread being active in the COS as it is today. Constant orders to do this and that, constant demands for money, apparently not caring what is happening to peoples finances, make wrong etc, etc..

      I am very close to resigning from the COS. I do not consider myself some magnificent example of truth or virtue. I have tried a long time to do the right things in life and will continue. The COS has gotten too serious for my taste. It is always “we need to save this planet from the dwindling spiral” line. Yes the planet is on bad shape, but I have lost confidence in the COS’s ability to handle the situation. To me if we were just helping people and having a good time at it, I think that would be a lot better than what we have now.

  5. Miss Penguin
    2009-10-14 at 22:29

    This is like Christmas, having these OTs leave in a public way and sharing their stories. I’m looking forward to more. Geir have you or Sherry or Mary Jo made an attempt to contact the other OT V11s or V11s and share your KRs? I wonder about the ones in my area and if they know what is going on.

    • 2009-10-15 at 05:54

      I am mainly sharing via this blog. Also my doubt write-up has been passed from OT to OT via e-mail. Feel free to spread Sherry and Mary Jo’s write-up as well. Pass on the words.

  6. StarsAwait
    2009-10-14 at 22:33

    OSA, my email is boydh14@hotmail.com. I request to see stats, by myself or with a group. If anyone seeing this has knowledge of stats post 03′, please email me. I’ll take it for what it’s worth, I need to see them myself, but it would be helpful. I’m actually on your side OSA, ultimately. Prove my suspicions wrong. I won’t answer entheta from anyone. No answer and I’m stepping things up big time.

  7. Mary Jo
    2009-10-15 at 00:19

    Spot on you guys! I have a few thoughts to add to this:
    What comes to mind as well is the use of power, per the “Responsibility of Leaders” PL – by being vocal and public we are using power and we are not abandoning it.

    In fact, every Scientologist has power in this group and we are all OT as we can cause things (Vol 0- “OT Orgs”). So in this current scene, observing the outpoints for themselves, if each person sets their targets (which are very personal) and goes for attainment, to that degree we move up individually and as a group in the OT scale.

    The subject of human rights abuses within the church for sure was what tipped me in the direction of speaking out. It became more painful to remain silent while others suffered – knowingly and unknowingly.

    • Alex
      2009-10-16 at 23:15

      Hi Mary Jo,
      Have you been attacked by OSA since you put your write-up on the internet? If so, what has occurred?

      • Mary Jo
        2009-10-17 at 14:35

        Hi Alex,
        Nada. I am not worried about it either. I was more worried before about all the reg cycles, people showing up at my house, squirrel ethics…and what I could do about it. So my life is much improved since I decided to leave.

  8. 2009-10-15 at 01:19

    This is an awesome article, Geir. You have really put on the boots of responsibility and you wear them well.

  9. Margaret
    2009-10-15 at 02:05

    This is very true, Geir. And I hope a few more top celebrities are part of the mass exodus, as that will bring even more pressure to bear on Miscavige to step down.

  10. RJ
    2009-10-15 at 06:41

    You are absolutely right Geir. The OT VIIIs are now the highest profile Scientologists and even though many of us have been saying for years that there is something wrong with the Organization, when an OT VIII says there is something wrong, only then will many Scientologists actually look for themselves.

    So you guys have my support 🙂

  11. jason beghe
    2009-10-15 at 11:35

    I could not agree more, Geir. Another excellent article.
    I also think that the VIIIs (perhaps with you as the point-man) can be greatly effective as the next broadbased public/media whistleblowers. We have heard from the ex-SO, and that continues to do a lot to expose the truth and help others. It will very soon be time to hear from the informed, experienced Scientology public…. I think, if done correctly, you guys will prove the most effective tool in waking up those who are still caught up in DM’s cult. Additionally, it will be much harder for ‘them’ to dead agent their own best products.

  12. Tom
    2009-10-15 at 13:49

    It’s been a long time coming. There are many many lonely ‘trail blazers’ outside the church that have been blowing the whistle for years. The significance of the VIII’s publicly leaving is that the outpoints, off-policy actions and cognitive dissonance is no longer easy to ignore, even for them.

    But I always keep in the back of my mind that the purpose of ethics, is to get tech in. I wonder what the repercussions would be if the ‘still in’ VIII’s and VII’s just took over the orgs and ran them from a rational, humane viewpoint?
    In other words, throw out all of the RTC claptrap, Basic (non-LRH) books, etc, and revert to the last successful lineup?
    Could it be done, or is the SO presence still strong enough to marginalize independent thinkers and doers?

    • 2009-10-15 at 18:06

      There are many recent examples of OTs going on staff and failing in the face of the SO and their own lack of admin training.

  13. StarsAwait
    2009-10-15 at 19:13

    Tom that could be done if a whole org rebels, or just all the Exec’s. Management isn’t going to declare a whole org if they grow some balls and stop having off policy Int events for example. Admin training is a problem but most of these OT’s are pretty fast flow students.

  14. a simple observant
    2009-10-17 at 19:19

    the value is obvious: if their best product is abandoning what’s supposed to be their spiritual source of nutrition, it proves ‘the student as gone far than the teacher’ (the aim of education, the purpose of evolution: to produce better forms). it also means that methods are to be transcended and that the means are not to be the aims.

    once having been well led, one has to define his own rules and principles, by the synthesis of all one gets from outside sources and experiences, in a kind of inner cooking. that is for me to be an OT, a good understanding of the relationship between outside experiencies and inner processes.

    like a real SP, the church wants to be stopped and has produced the remedy to its own poison. a perfect self-healing system, would you agree?

  15. 2009-10-18 at 09:00

    “Cognizant” – I thought it was Scientologese, but looked it up and found : ” Having cognizance or knowledge “. ( Your English is very good. )

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