1000 comments in the first 7 weeks. 500 comments in the last week. At the rate this is going, I think we should consider moving over to a forum format. Maybe start the Scientologists Message Board?

  1. Someone
    2009-10-12 at 11:35

    hello Geir,

    the forum idea is interesting although i don’t know if calling it ‘scientologists message board’ would be the best, imagining there are people like me who don’t accept that label, or any other labels. despite what you call it, i will be (t)here for sure. this is an amazing job you’re doing, finally it is happening and i know many others will follow your voice and start speaking theirs, like i am doing, after a long time of silence. i was not in silence not for not being able to give voice to my thoughts but because as we so well know, it’s vital to have the right listener. having this condition satisfied, i will give my time and energy to this cause; i am excited the time as finally arrived and things are moving faster! thank God, thank’s to all of us, or who ever is the responsible for all this πŸ˜› hehehe… THANK YOU!!!

    • 2009-10-12 at 11:46

      The “Scientologists Message Board” is partly a joke (as we already have an “Ex-Scientologists Message Board”) πŸ™‚

      • 2009-10-12 at 13:40

        I like “Scientologist Message Board” if you can get away with the ‘Scientologist’ word. As long as it is open to ex-scientologists like me.

        • 2009-10-12 at 13:45

          Maybe “Scientology Message Board” is better. It may even invoke some adventures with RTC and trademarking πŸ˜‰

          • Alex
            2009-10-12 at 22:41

            I like the idea of Scientology message board. I think adding some color would be nice to brighten it up a bit. Oops, maybe I have overts on you!

            • 2009-10-13 at 05:13

              Colors?? What colors?

          • Margaret
            2009-10-13 at 00:22

            I like the idea of a “Scientologists Message Board” — I hope you do it!

  2. Cinnamon
    2009-10-12 at 11:39


    Being previously used to the Anonymous (www.WhyWeProtest.com) forum, I was getting a little frustrated by not being able to contribute new topics here. Your post, “What do you want to read about on this blog?” helped, but it might be nice to go with the flow, and expand in the direction it seems to want to go.

    But I like your style of moderating, of keeping things positive. I hope you will keep that up.

    • 2009-10-12 at 11:47

      I will keep that up – and only occasionally slap those who can’t obey the simple rules.

  3. Someone
    2009-10-12 at 11:57

    oh, that πŸ˜›

    ‘scientology for all’?
    i’m curious about the name you’re gonna give to it πŸ™‚

  4. 2009-10-12 at 12:39

    I too enjoy your style of moderation. Discussion of Scn has been suppressed for so many years that imo, you just can’t have enough message boards/blogs/etc. The more communication, the better!

  5. Soderqvist1
    2009-10-12 at 12:51

    Why not β€˜The Independent Scientologists Message Board’?

    • Alex
      2009-10-12 at 22:42

      This is even better!

  6. KSW1Fan
    2009-10-12 at 16:14

    Whats about the Keeping Scientology Working Scientologist Message Board?

    • Allen Stanfield
      2009-10-12 at 19:43

      How about the “Keeping OSA Working” message board???

      • 2009-10-12 at 20:08

        Now THAT’s funny πŸ™‚

  7. Smeso
    2009-10-12 at 17:02

    I like the Independent Scientologist Message Board, but that should be Marty’s board.
    You could call it the LRH4ALL message board, if you like, and maybe this will promote the idea of religious freedom in the sense of LRH materials available to anyone.
    (Though I would personally prefer that the materials be made available in locked pdf format, with limited printing rights – like only being allowed to print the actual auditing commands and correction lists, and, of course, no confidential materials).

    • Briana Volta
      2009-10-16 at 06:06

      Just a note of clarification for Smeso…

      When you say, “no confidential materials,” I assume you mean confidential upper Grade Chart materials (mostly, the OT levels).

      There is a lot of (LRH) confidential material in Scientology. For example there are confidential HCOPLs that are not in the Green Volumes, but are – nonetheless – senior Green on White policy. There are also other writings and briefings by LRH that are in the category of confidential or highly confidential, and these include a wide range of topics and areas.

      Scientologists have been affected amd influenced by these writings.

      Wouldn’t it be good – and healthy – for Scientologist to examine, or at least become aware of, this sizable, and (covertly) influential area of LRH writings?

      In a way, this is a kind of reactive mind of the subject of Scientology: It exists, (most) Scientologists are not aware of it (or only partly aware of it), yet it influences them.

      Could it be time to take the subject of Scientology “in session” and have a good and thorough look at the subject of Scientology?

      While also skipping – for now – the confidential OT materials, so Scientologists (hopefully) would be willing to participate in that looking?

      • 2009-10-16 at 08:11

        Excellent post. I agree.

        • Overdriver
          2009-10-16 at 08:52

          This sounds as if there would be a hidden data line… πŸ™‚ If this would really exist (confidential LRH briefings), that would be quite controversial. But how the authenticity of the materials could be verified?

          • Briana Volta
            2009-10-16 at 23:01

            Authenticity would have to be determined by your own study and judgement, based on your examination of Scientology documents,Court’s evidence, and accounts from former high ranking Scientologists.

            It takes time to locate and examine all this information, and – then – to “connect the dots.”

            I’m right on the edge of what is permitted here when I tell you that, not only was there a hidden data line, but that Scientology’s founder may have had a decades long hidden agenda. A hidden agenda that corrupted the positives of the subject.

            I’d suggest checking out ESMB (Ex-Scientologist Message Board) for links to sites, articles and e-books that may be helpful.

            You’d have to navigate through a certain amount of noise, but it’s worth it, IMO.

            That’s a start, but it seems to be outside the range of what is permitted here, and I’m trying to stay within the rules.

            • 2009-10-17 at 06:23

              From my 1000 hours intensive research, I have read plenty of speculation about Hubbard’s intention. I believe his intentions are better deducted from reading what he wrote in Scientology than the speculations on the net based on stuff he wrote well before he himself had serious gains from Scientology. Speculation on little material is speculation on little material.

              • Briana Volta
                2009-10-17 at 08:07

                My views are based on many thousands of hours of research, most of which occurred before the existence of the Internet. It involved talking to IRL people who knew Hubbard personally, and examination of thousands of pages of documents, including letters,and semi-confidential and confidential writings by LRH. I was fortunate to have been in a position to do that.

              • 2009-10-17 at 12:38

                Did you study Scientology itself? If I would include my study of Scientology in the numbers game…

          • Briana Volta
            2009-10-16 at 23:16

            P.S. If you go to ESMB, suggest using its search function.

            Start searching with “Hidden Data Line” and “Hidden Agenda.”

            And, re. the background and history of Scientology, you may also want to read “Opening Pandora’s Box’, by Alan Walter, Clear number 8, former Mission Holder, who audited L. Ron Hubbard, and also was on the first Class Eight Course on the ship.

            Hope this helps.

  8. Robert
    2009-10-12 at 17:36

    I too have found this site and Marty’s to be very refreshing. I’ve been at ESMB for a while and have been finding the constant chorus of nay sayers and anti-delusionists a bit tiring. I even saw one post yesterday discussing Geir and Marty saying “maybe one day they will realize what’s been done to them” – not exact quote but pretty close. I completely oppose the way the current church operates but if people are able to take the positive parts of scn and flush the rest down the toilet then I totally support their right to pursue that, and I support a place where people can have real a real discussion without being continually called deluded. I also think a more positive environment will attract a lot more still in Scios and let them know it’s safe to start stepping out of that North Korea style “Church” of Scientology.

    • 2009-10-12 at 19:19

      It is important that people leaving North Korea does not find themselves in the middle of lynch mob a second later.

    • 2009-10-12 at 21:07

      I totally agree. I think a platform where Scientologists can coordinate efforts to enforce reform from within would be really useful, and it seems there is enough momentum to keep such a forum alive.

  9. Disinfected
    2009-10-12 at 18:05

    I think it would be a great idea to create a forum for people that see worth in Scientology but are unhappy with the path the organization has taken, especially under current management. “Scientologists Message Board” is OK. One would no more have to consider themself a “Scientologist” to post than one would have to be an “Ex” to post at ESMB or “anon” to post at “WWP”. But aren’t we reinventing the wheel. I am not so experienced but isn’t that what the Freezone is? Is there not a Freezone forum? If not or if you think you can do it better then have at it!

    • Heather
      2009-10-13 at 10:07

      I see no harm in there being more than one forum for interested persons. The different moderators on each site, as well as the different purposes of each site, make for a different tone and membership. The freezone has been in existence a long time, and I expect their members are decidedly OUT of the church.

      There’s a fresh movement happening right now and it involves people who have left the CoS and others who are inside. I think it would be a natural development to shift the conversations here (and perhaps also at Marty Rathbun’s site) to a fresh forum. Such a forum, which includes current members of the CoS, would be far easier for other current members to consider joining.

  10. Inky
    2009-10-12 at 18:43

    I like “Scientology Message Board”. This would be a forum for the subject no matter what label people want to attach to themselves.

    • Elgin
      2009-10-12 at 20:03

      Hi Geir,
      Yeah, I think a real forum would be good. There are several issues with this one: Narrow text in replies, wrong placement of comments and (as I just discovered when referring to comments by number), the may number later change.
      Also, it will be great to have a possibility of starting new threads and easily following the replies.
      So many demands, let me extend a big thank you for putting up the web page and doing all the work of moderating it :-).

      • 2009-10-12 at 20:11

        I think I understand why the numbers change: When you submit a comment, you see a number. Others submitting a comment at the “same time” get the same number. Then when I get back to my PC to approve comments (what else do I do these days?), then it’s a matter of who I approve first.

        • Elgin
          2009-10-12 at 20:41

          Ah, okay.
          Geir, I can really appreciate what a work load you have with all this. I hope that your business and family doesn’t get affected too much.

          • 2009-10-12 at 20:44

            I’m keeping it all going quite well for the moment πŸ™‚ It does take a lot of focusing on doing what I do when I do it. I need to find ways of making it all more efficient, though – because if the expansion continues like this, reorganization is a must within weeks.

  11. Maria
    2009-10-12 at 21:18

    I like the idea of a forum, but I like the structure on this blog that you start the threads, and people reply to them. It’s what I like about this blog – its not a free-for-all melee of poorly thought out or angry vehemence. You seem to have given considerable thought to what you are posting, and it seems like you always have a definite and positive direction(whether anyone agrees with you or not).

    • 2009-10-12 at 21:28

      I agree that the free-for-all melee is unproductive. If I would go for a forum, it wouldn’t be the “pissing and moaning”-type of board where people would try to handle their BPC by random Itsa.

      • Margaret
        2009-10-13 at 00:27

        Maybe you could personally choose the topics Geir, and then have a special area where people could propose additional topics.

      • Elgin
        2009-10-13 at 18:14

        Lol, what an apt and spot on expression: “pissing and moaning” type of board :-).
        Yeah, there is a fair amount of that in many forums. Its quite tiring and unproductive with overly emotional and generalized criticisms of this or that person or org in foul language with several posters joining the choir.
        Its one of the things that I like about this website — the lack of it!

  12. StarsAwait
    2009-10-12 at 21:32

    That’s great Geir. We’re just getting started, I’m contacting people now. 10x what’s happening now and we’re unstoppable. Hopefully that’s just weeks from now.

  13. StarsAwait
    2009-10-12 at 21:35

    One target I’m going for is a very “in depth and engaging” 2010 maiden voyage. OT 8’s need to ask questions of Miscavige in their private meeting at that point, and not just one or two of them speaking up.

    • 2009-10-12 at 21:38

      That is a very good idea. The fact that OSA is reading this makes it interesting, though. Could we pull that off – get some of those who are mentally out to go to MV and ask direct questions. It takes balls, but that shouldn’t be a problem πŸ˜‰

  14. ExKane
    2009-10-13 at 02:51

    Yes it seems this site is experiencing a little exponential growth. The more the merrier. But eventually you’re gonna find it too difficult to moderate all the messages. I think a forum is in order.

  15. Soderqvist1
    2009-10-13 at 04:54

    TR0 is your stable datum at MV!

  16. Chris
    2009-10-13 at 05:18

    Not to sabotage Geir’s idea of a forum or anything,but anyone who wants a Pro LRH tech forum in the meantime only needs to head on over to the links section and go to the official PRO LRH TECH COMMUNITY MESSAGE BOARD.
    Thanks Guys!!!

    • Mike Hobson
      2009-10-13 at 17:16

      Better be a True Believer(tm), if you go *there*. No meaningful discussion of possible flaws in the system will be tolerated. That’s why I resigned from there.

      • Chris
        2009-10-17 at 01:32

        What if you ARE a true believer? πŸ˜‰

  17. Robert
    2009-10-13 at 05:18

    How about the “Scientology 2.0 Message Board”?

  18. Someone
    2009-10-13 at 15:38


    I think if freedom (of speech including and mostly) is the key point to all this, from my view point this forum would include a space to speculate about other religions, paralelisms, connections, similarities, discuss philosophycally about IDEAS in general, which all this is about.

    I personally don’t believe in one truth, in one path, and each one of us is a prove of that. It also scares me like hell a uniformization of thought, a common programming, and i also have a a personal hate for things that are too complicated, rigid and fixed. I believe enlightment is intuive, more that timed, pathed and structured. But this is humbly my view point, that no matter number of people adhere to the opposite, i will hold on to it, even if I have to live by the side of the society. I think stereotypes are too dangerous, as categories and group classifications. All of this is an evolution of the mind, not of the heart, the one that is so called ‘reactive’ so many times. That makes the heart insane, for it has to hide. And it gets insaner, smaller, and weaker.
    But anyway, don’t give much credit to this, I never really know what I am talking about, i am just lyrical.

    Even if I wanted to do things everytime the same way, using the same formula all the time, i couldn’t do it. Either i am too creative or to aberrated… but that will always be an exterior evaluation, I feel good with what I am. And speaking about ‘exterior’, I truly believe harmony and peace comes from being totally immersed in the body, where time and space meet. It scares me a world that rejects the negative as I know it’s in rejection the negative becomes stronger and that’s the main reason the world is like this. But i repeat, this is my humble opinion, and alone it’s worth nothing. It is solely for my selfish pleasure.

    Nice speaking to you again.

  19. Maria
    2009-10-13 at 17:03

    You could called the message board Elysian Fields πŸ™‚

    • Elgin
      2009-10-13 at 18:31

      Very aesthetic and nice — I like the ring of it πŸ™‚
      Only thing is that is doesn’t say much about contents, but then again perhaps most people would come here by being referred by others or cross linking rather than through searches on “Scientology”. As well, Geir might know how to get the website ranked higher based on other things than just name of the site.

  20. Elgin
    2009-10-13 at 18:37

    One good thing about a forum would also be that you could easily find and read the latest posts to catch up whenever you visited the forum, regardless of which thread or subject they might be posted posted under — a time saver, and I know that Geir likes those ;-), although I guess it wouldn’t make much difference for the moderator.

  21. StarsAwait
    2009-10-13 at 23:15

    With these new OT VIII’s speaking out, everyone here has to start emailing the link to Marty’s or Geir’s site. Email or facebook or myspace the page to them with the title in it, so it grabs their attention. Just contact people you don’t even know. Facebook almost shut me down for sending too many messages to fast so I’ve got to stop for a day.

    e.g. send them this:

    Urgent, read it!

    • Koos
      2009-10-16 at 18:44

      I agree wholeheartedly StarsAwait. I have also been posting the links on any discussion I find on the internet, which is open to comments. These usually have a few Scientologist speaking out in favour of the current leadership. Spread the links everybody!

  22. altruistichedonist
    2009-10-16 at 01:52

    Seems the consensus on ESMB is that a new message board set up by disaffected OT’s like yourself would attract more discussion from within the COS and REACH some of those “clinging” to Miscavige’s lies. Perhaps this should not be a jest ! You have the tech and the comm lines. There’s gotta be someone out there willing to moderate for you. So … What do you say ?

    • 2009-10-16 at 05:25

      I say I’ll put it on my list of priorities.

  23. StarsAwait
    2009-10-20 at 01:00

    Koos and anyone listening, another thing which I just thought of doing is you google “Scientology” and you’ll get the current news stories, which are read by Scientologists I’m sure. Like the France trial and stuff, and you post the link on the bottom in their comments section.

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