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An interesting meeting

One of the most interesting meetings I have had. This may get OSA busy…

Steve, Marty, Mike, Dan & Geir
Steve Hall, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Dan Koon and me.

  1. Alex
    2009-10-05 at 21:20

    What a great picture!! This looks like a dream team to me!!

  2. Linda McGinley
    2009-10-05 at 21:24

    Fantastic to see you guys all together. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  3. overdriver
    2009-10-05 at 21:24

    Hi there!
    Good to see you, Mike! 🙂

  4. Anon
    2009-10-05 at 22:46

    You all look quite likeable.

  5. Underground For Now
    2009-10-05 at 23:51

    5 very “Cocky”, very OT on purpose good looking Mavrick’s. You 5 are wearing the BIG BOOTS. You are making LRH proud. You are sure making me proud to be part of this Independent Scientology group.

    The future looks very bright.

    Thank You so, so much.

  6. Anonymous for a reason
    2009-10-06 at 03:06

    Congrats with a nice move, Geir.
    We are moving in the right direction these days.
    Trust me – I am. .)
    Good night and positive dreams for survival games for 10 dynamics.

  7. TRUTH
    2009-10-06 at 03:20

    Love it, Love it!!!! :O)

    You guys ROCK!

    • Someone
      2009-10-11 at 12:42

      there is hope for mankind, today more than ever ❤

  8. RJ
    2009-10-06 at 04:24

    Wow that’s quite an all star line up!

    I’m sure OSA is shaking in their bullet ridden boots 🙂

  9. Jim Logan
    2009-10-06 at 04:35

    Now that’s a group of happy lookin’ fellas.

  10. Nomnom
    2009-10-06 at 06:14

    What I see is 8-8008. The reduction of the MEST version of Scientology – from infinity to zero, and the increase of the spiritual version of Scientology – from zero to infinity!

    • Jim Logan
      2009-10-06 at 16:46

      Wow, is that an apt description.

  11. StarsAwait
    2009-10-06 at 06:18

    Exponential is the word of the day

  12. 2009-10-06 at 06:58

    Yep, just five middle-aged white guys after a tour of Room 217 of the Stanley Hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining!

    • Mickey
      2009-10-07 at 01:42

      So Dan or Geir….whilst in the grandeur of Colorado Rockies during the hotel tour with you “Fine Young Incredibles”, did you have any ghostly experiences? http://suewidemark.com/historyinfo/stanleyhotel.htm

      • 2009-10-07 at 06:54

        I think the ghosts were blown away by the theta 😉

        We were just in and out.

  13. thatsnotmyname
    2009-10-06 at 09:54

    To OSA; suggestion for a new recruitment Ad:

    [Heading] “Come join our team!

    Looking for a new challenge?
    Want to try defending the indefensible?
    Fancy harassing decent honourable people because you are told to?
    Love being cross-ordered and confused?

    If you are between 12 and 25 we might have the challenge for you! We are currently overwhelmed with projects involving the investigation of people who have had the temerity to speak the truth. This is truly rewarding work! You will be working with people who are experienced in borderline legal activities such as infiltrating discussion groups, covertly following others beacuse they have dared communicate, and writing wonderfully fictitious 80-page magazines full of amazing fantasy!

    Experience is not necessary, but if you are partial to sleep-deprivation and being continually castigated and abused this would be a definite advantage. Send you CV to…

    • 2009-10-06 at 12:28


      • thatsnotmyname
        2009-10-06 at 13:22

        well I was only trying to be helpful…they must be a bit overworked just now

    • Jim Logan
      2009-10-06 at 16:45

      Holy cow, THAT is a winner:-)LMAO!

  14. Tomas
    2009-10-06 at 17:03

    This is a picture that promise much. I do hope that your frienship,common goal and hard work will come true. It does remind me of the early 80´s big exodus from the CoS. I think you and all the others that are helping in this liberationwork will succeed this time. There is much more experience of suppressive acts now and internet is here.
    Good luck!

  15. Alex Castillo
    2009-10-06 at 17:30

    Mike Rinder!! Great to see you out there! You have put on a little weight but you look the same as you were back in the late 70’s-early 80s when I was an evaluator at the FLB, married to Maude. Remember me? I sure as heck remember you, but not in bad terms :))

    • Jim Logan
      2009-10-06 at 19:03

      Alex C,
      If he doesn’t remember you I do. That Eval Corps was the coolest thing I ever witnessed, first hand at Flag and through evals that worked.

  16. Inky
    2009-10-06 at 19:10

    Joe Howard :
    Yep, just five middle-aged white guys after a tour of Room 217 of the Stanley Hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining!


    You guys look great! The picture makes me smile 🙂

    • Alex Castillo
      2009-10-08 at 09:07

      Jim Logan, your name rings a big old bell but I can’t place you, it has been sooo long. Can you help me remember? Yes, it was a really cool job, but only for those who knew what they doing and only wanted to help things improve and not just find some poor “who” to bust!!

    • Alex Castillo
      2009-10-08 at 09:22

      Jim Logan, my e-mail address: castalex2009@hotmail.com.

  17. Chris
    2009-10-06 at 23:50

    Am I the only one who thought Mike Rinder would be a a little more taller considering he was the head of bloody OSA?!?!?!?!?!?
    I mean what with the Asthmatic Dwarf running around and everything this doesn’t suprise me but……

  18. Otto
    2009-10-07 at 00:32

    The Dream Team™. DM should be scared!

  19. Mickey
    2009-10-07 at 01:48


    Will you be letting us in on the reason and purpose of your gathering, what sorts of topics gone over, what might we expect to see come about as a result of this meeting of awakened minds?

    • 2009-10-07 at 06:52

      I may give more details, but later.

      • thatsnotmyname
        2009-10-07 at 10:40

        You tease…

        • Chris
          2009-10-08 at 01:37

          Oh lol.
          I smell a revolution of beingness being plotted 🙂

  20. altruistichedonist
    2009-10-07 at 14:00

    Precisely. Great pic! Create a mystery. Particularly for OSA.

  21. TRUTH
    2009-10-07 at 23:01

    Geir, Is Mickey trying to collect some data about your group meeting from you? Has he revealed himself to you, if not publicly yet? Otherwise, why does he want to know the purpose of your gather with the guys and the topics you went over?!!!!!

    • 2009-10-08 at 08:21

      Don’t know. OSA is curious. Others are as well. 🙂

  22. Koos
    2009-10-08 at 03:43

    What a happy bunch you are. It sure is good to see Mike looking good.

  23. Alex C.
    2009-10-08 at 09:54


    There is a lot of concern amongst ex-SOs regarding elderly and infirm Sea Org members who are still inside. There is talk that they are just being thrown out and sent to their families when they are no longer of use to the CofS, after having been used and abused for as long as 40 years of loyal service. If that data is correct, then it falls under the category of Elderly Abuse, which is a crime. So I wonder if you guys have picked that one up and plan to do something about it?

    • 2009-10-08 at 11:46

      I haven’t touched on this, yet. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

      • Inky
        2009-10-09 at 00:15

        What about Heber?

        • 2009-10-09 at 05:23

          What about him?

        • Chris
          2009-10-10 at 07:53

          Heber’s still at SP hall,I believe.

          • Inky
            2009-10-12 at 18:05

            Thanks for the confirmation. I heard this from one other person.

            • Chris
              2009-10-13 at 04:34

              You’re Welcome.

  24. Dominic O'Brien
    2009-10-08 at 12:38

    Nice one. This photo makes me happy! You guys look great! Keep up the good work.

  25. Cathy
    2009-10-08 at 23:56

    … Now THAT”S a group of guys that have something to smile about. ‘The Fantastic Five’ !

  26. OTambassadortoo
    2009-10-11 at 04:44

    I wish you the best to all of you! Keep smiling!! life is fun! splash on it!!

  27. Someone
    2009-10-11 at 12:37

    tons and tons and tons of real & effective ARC!

  28. D
    2009-11-18 at 16:20

    Dan Koon of the TRs film? I really liked that one, I hope the CofS still use it now that you have exteriorized?

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