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Today we exceeded 1000 comments to the articles/posts on this blog. That is more than 1000 comments in 7 weeks. It has also been a nice increasing curve.

To all those who have commented on my blog: Thank you for your contributions. It has been truly enlightening.

I will continue blogging. I hope you will continue commenting.

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  1. Alex
    2009-10-05 at 18:11

    I hope that I am 1001!! Of course I will keep posting this is really fun and I have been having lots of cognitions! You bring a lot of sanity to the party.
    Thanks again for what you do Geir!

    • 2009-10-05 at 18:17

      We are well past the thousand mark already – yours would be 1043 🙂

      • Alex
        2009-10-05 at 21:19


  2. RJ
    2009-10-05 at 19:52

    Congrats Geir!

    Here’s thousands more!

  3. TRUTH
    2009-10-06 at 03:22

    Geir! You are such a powerful and wonderful being!

  4. Inky
    2009-10-06 at 22:33

    Thanks for providing a safe forum.

  5. Otto
    2009-10-07 at 00:30

    My OT powers (obnossis) tell me this comment will be # 1164. Right?

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