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Update (2009-09-12)


Just letting you know there is a lot happening behind the scenes with me. There is motion and little time to blog as much as I want.

Tomorrow I will be at Hard Rock Café in Oslo (Norway) at 1pm to meet with anyone who wants to ask me questions about Scientology (or anything else for that matter).

I receive lots of e-mails with good proposals on how to handle the abuses in the church. Thanks for all the communication and encouragement, it is highly appreciated 🙂

I am uniting forces to the common cause of handling the current scene.

I am also working on my Liability formula, and I will publish it here when I feel it is done.

I will leave you with an article that outlines a way forward, a way that parallels my blog post LRH4ALL:

A new model for Scientology.

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