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A clarification on “donations”


There has been a question raised on my use of the term “donation” in my original Doubt write-up. I criticized the church for demanding donations for no valuable exchange back. To those who would say “Duh, donations are supposed to be without recompense”, I would point out that the write-up was written by a Scientologist (me) using the Scientology definitions of various terms. The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard introduced the term “donations” when talking about money spend for Scientology services. He was very particular that for the money donated, the church should give back “fair exchange” or even “exchange in abundance”. The use of the word changed in 1984 with the formation of the International Association of Scientologists. Since then the church has moved from focusing on service delivery to getting money for nothing. This may very well be the biggest income source of the church today.

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