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Current Sentiments


Viewing the landscape
Nuances abound
The sky is blue
The albatross multicolored

Without intervention
And with no stuck ideas
Ever improving vision
Continually revealing new vistas

Beauty and ugliness appear
Cherishing the beauty
Discarding the ugly
Discarding a church

Looking right through facades
Not critical, simply straight
Seeing what needs to be handled
Following up with action

A church turned prison warden – suffocating freedom
When it should have been the guide
Roads are still there
But the sniper must be gone

There have been lifequakes
More every day
A slow awakening
Some daring to challenge

Bring warmth and compassion
Not the cold matter of force
Love to cuddle
Ease the anger

Pulling together
To set matters straight
The target: Oppression
Freedom must be free

Freedom should not be taken for granted
Freedom should simply be taken

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