My Inbox has been busy. I have received a lot of responses in the last week since I left the Church of Scientology. The responses in personal meetings (after the usual auto-rejection from Scientologists) is that they admit several points in my write-up are true. Even the Director of Special Affairs in CoS Oslo admitted that he knew David Miscavige is lying (there isn’t 8 million Scientologists). E-mail, forum and Twitter responses have been 99% positive.

Through all the e.mails, there are those that speak of effects on people that have read my write-up. I will quote one that shows what can happen when OTs read it:

Within two days of my reading your doubt formula, I had phone calls, one from an OTV friend of mine and one from an OTVll. During the conversation with the OTV, she mentioned that she had gotten an email from an OTVlll with a doubt formula. She said that in the past, whenever she received emails with church ‘disaffection’ in it, she would print it and send to OSA and not read it. However, when she saw yours, she became very interested and said that she read the whole thing and agreed with everything you said and noted how well researched and thought out the formula was written up.

Then came the call from my friend on OTVll. She also mentioned to  me that she had been getting various emails with disaffection and not reading them but that this particular one had caught her attention as it was from an OTVlll. She asked if I had received the email (which I had). She told me that she read it all the way through and agreed with everything you said as she, herself, had observed these things but had no one to talk to about how she felt and thought maybe she was the only one who had observed the outnesses.  She said that she wanted to start doing her own research. I heard from her a few days later. She has sent in her OTVll materials and she is OUT of the CHURCH of Scientology.

If you have seen other effect, please post a comment.

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  1. concernedScn
    2009-08-19 at 19:52

    I want to thank you very much for your courage… I am a Scn in good standing in the SoCal area. I’ve been noticing a lot of outnesses and writing a lot of reports over the past year. However, it recently dawned on me that writing KRs on out-tech and abuse does little when this aberration and abuse is coming from the very top (Miscavige).

    Your message is being heard and it’s only a matter of time…

  2. Jim Logan
    2009-08-19 at 21:25

    The ‘boots in the sky’ are fitted for each and every Scientologist. I’m very happy to see you put ’em on, with integrity. If enough of us do the same we’ll actually change the current conditions and that’s certainly needed. It’s wonderful to see an OT with the courage to look and communicate and that is a a positive effect that will ripple along. I think you’ll see more and more results as the communication lag shortens. Well done.

  3. Yeahyeahanotheranon
    2009-08-20 at 14:59

    What I don’t understand and find amusing is how this (your doubt write-up, which is ace btw) is blatanlty ignored by OTs who are supposed to be able to fix stuff like this…with all the LRH tech training theyäve got an all.

    Is it really the organization as it is today that is the cause of this or is it the philosophy in it self that is built like a somewhat totalitarian system?

    From the things I’ve read that are Scientology course material and books it’s hinting at this but not enough to convince me.
    When I read the LRH memos to the GO/SO etc, it really REALLY starts to look like it.

  4. Rebel Too
    2009-08-20 at 21:58

    I also wrote stacks of reports, over 2 inches in a folder that I have, between last yr and the yr before on outnesses I noticed within my local org and management. Nothing changed except that I was labeled a trouble maker, “enturbulative” and had an interogatory sent out on me and a non-enturb order! And this began over reading tons of programs that came into our org that remain to this day incomplete but most of all, totally inapplicable to the resources and situations at our org. I called bullshit on them. As a trained administrator and auditor, I simply could not believe the amount of squirrel tech and admin being allowed to occur and little to no interest from the CLO that we pay money to each week for managment. You are right, Geir, there is no way to handle within because all orders are coming from the very top…the real SP, Miscavage.

    For “yeahyeahan”…most OTs are so scared that they will “lose their eternity” that to get them to realize what they are actually looking at is a tough endeavor. What it will take is enough other OTs who DO look to get the others to look. That’s the key..as OTs will listen, if not act right away, to what other OTs say. Keep at it.

  5. Nom_de_Plume
    2009-08-30 at 20:28

    I “voted with my feet” Summer of 2000, and quietly walked away.

    How do the remaining people think they can go up The Bridge in a fixed tone-level of fear?

    To the so-called “OT’s” who “left the church because they realized Scientology didn’t work”, and are now doing performing their duties in the army of the enslavers by tearing down Ron and the tech (like Tory Magoo), I say:

    “Do you think Ron has died and gone off to heaven somewhere?”

    Ha ha. I suspect (and hope) they will soon find out the truth on that one. 😀

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